Diva Spill Friday

1. Best way to start the weekend, pumpkin overnight oats in a jar, and they are topped with a little bit of chocolate fig yum. Will the oiaj love ever die for me, probably not.

IMG 2129

2. Rocco has all of a sudden become a stomach sleeper, and it made me nervous at first thinking all these crazy things with him sleeping on his stomach. But thank god for the mommy group on facebook making me feel better at 11pm last night. Rocco was flipping on his stomach a couple times this week, and I kept flipping him back, yeah no more of that! Mama needs sleep, baby needs sleep, and he is fine!

3. Speaking of Rocco, he is so damn cute. Little damn living baby doll he is.

IMG 2121

4. My beautiful sister ( not real sister, but to me she is one ) is getting married in October, we went and tried on bridesmaid dresses last night. Amy actually has 8 bridesmaids total, here are just 4 of us, with Amy in the middle! These are not the dresses she decided on, the ones she did are gorgeous! A midnight blue is the color that the dresses will be, will look so beautiful! Excited for her big day!

IMG 2114

5. I am getting a new profile picture taken for my blog Sunday, and a couple other pics to have for social media, more blog stuff, etc. Ummm can the pimples that popped up on my face please go away by then?! K, thanks, bye!

6. Workouts this week were….

M- Cardio for 35 minutes

T- strength training for 30 minutes

W- strength training + little yoga

T- Cardio for 30 minutes

F- Not sure yet what is on the workout agenda! Maybe rest, we will see! I have been having fun checking in on instagram with the new FitFluential #FFcheckin hashtag. If you have no clue what I am talking about, read here.

IMG 2103

7. Sauteed kale is so good, I have been eating it all week! I like to saute with coconut oil, little water, and sprinkle with Mrs. Dash salt free garlic and herb seasoning. Yum!

IMG 2112

8. Love this quote I found on pinterest.

IMG 2084

9. I used to love golden grahams when I was younger, and now I see one of my favorite cereal brands came out with a golden graham healthy style. Thank you.

IMG 2078

10. Spongebob is loved in our house,  daddy brought this little surprise home for Rocco the other day. Rocco loves the theme song the most, he pops up from whatever he is doing and directs his attention to the tv if he hears it playing. I should probably just play the theme song all day in the house  :mrgreen:

IMG 2045

Ok, ready to start this day! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Have a wonderful day friends! TGIF!

Katie xo

What are you up to this weekend? Tonight we are having a movie and relax night, tomorrow will be cleaning, organizing, and maybe chiptole dinner! Sunday is my shoot!

Do you have a favorite cascadian farm cereal? I like the cinnamon one they have, and the chocolate o’s too!

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  1. says

    What a beautiful post! So many adorable pictures! Your life looks like there is such an abundance of happiness…you shouldnt need that quote :) I am inspired by you, hoping when I have kids I can be as positive of a role model as you are! Right now I tend to do what is best for my running career, and only that! Hopefully one day I can drop it!

  2. says

    Excited to see your new pictures! Love that Rocco is in love with Spongebob! That’s so funny! hahah Great job on the workout front. Such a super mom you are! I actually woke up sick so I’m thinking a relaxing night tonight, and a game night with the fam tomorrow!

  3. says

    I am going to be studying this weekend for my NASM personal training certification…not too exciting but neccessary. I also hope to bake something and catch up on blog posts! :)

  4. says

    I feel like a few weeks ago I was just talking about how much I LOVED Golden Grahams cereal – it was one of the best parts of being sick. Going to grandmas, watching cartoon network and eating golden grahams. Oh those were the days! 😉

  5. says

    Ahh that cascadian crunch is my favorite!! I can eat a whole box of that stuff in one go 😉 definitely a sweet treat i enjoy every now and then! Have a great weekend love!

  6. says

    Happy weekend! ugh, I just woke up with a huge pimple too! like where do they come from over night? lol. Either way you’ll be beautiful! cant wait to see them :) I also tried on my BM dress this week for June, can’t wait! lot’s of planning to be done :)

  7. Tara says

    Who doesnt love spongebob?!?! (patrick is my fav though)
    What is that choclate fig you have there? Do tell!

    Weekend plans are a chillin’ tonight, long run Sat, out for pizza/bowling Sat night, errands Sunday with a trail run, Patriots game out with friends, and NOTHING on Monday, since its a long weekend , yay!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. says

    He IS like a doll, no question. It’s insane how cute your little guy is!!

    And with the bridesmaid dress, midnight blue sounds like a lovely colour but I also have to say, that red looks amazing on you! You should have almost bought it just to own for a fancy shmancy night out haha

  9. *Andrea* says

    Rocco is the cutest kid i’ve ever seen. He is so adorable I want to pinch his cheeks on the screen haha

    The only cereal I’ve had really lately is Kashi – love the crunch and heart-to-heart. I also love quaker squares. I should try Cascadian!

    This weekend I have grad classes on saturday 7am-530pm so i plan on catching up on sleep after a long work week too. I caught the head cold that’s been going around :(

  10. says

    Have fun at the photo shoot- how exciting! My husband is a cereal monster and I picked the same one up last week! It’s pretty darn good. Have a great weekend!

  11. says

    Good luck with your photos…I’m actually meeting with a photographer next week about setting something up. I have like ZERO pics of myself and feel so vein getting them, but I’m building a new website and need something more than a phone selfie lol

  12. says

    Rocco is such a doll! Those cheeks! I had to work today, but after that I am just going to chill out and enjoy the sunshine. Catch up on the DVR too. :)

  13. says

    I’ve had a productive weekend! Found my new apartment, in the city I’m moving to next month. It was fun choosing, but now I’m exhausted. Sunday will be all about preparing for the week, and a trip to the gym. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  14. says

    I have yet to try overnight oats in a jar. Am I like the only one that hasn’t had them yet?! Probably.. (Get with the program, Natalie..) Congrats to your friend! A midnight blue sounds gorgeous! I’ll have to try out that sauteed kale. I’ve never tried that before; only raw and in smoothies. I think I may have to go search for that cereal. :)

  15. Sonya says

    Have you done any sleep training with Rocco? My girl is 6 months and I’m scared to try. Doing research now, is there a post about it?

    • Healthy Diva says


      Not really, we just started a routine early and it seems to work for us! I mean, he has his rough nights, but he is a good sleeper!

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