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1. The dentist is never fun for me, my teeth suck. Actually my gums suck, long story short, I got some gum work done yesterday that was no fun. I can’t do yoga for a week, which stinks , but oh well!  I have to say though, I am glad this has not happened to me at the dentist, crazy!



2. Thank you for all the love and support on the big announcement yesterday! Yes, Glow Retreat has been a dream of mine for a couple years now, and it’s coming true. I am grateful for my girls Heather Waxman and Kasey Arena who are also part of the retreat. We all have been friends through blogs for a long time. and it is really awesome we are putting this together!



3.  We have GLOW on social media now too. Please follow the retreat on instagram , twitter, and like on facebook for the latest updates, info, and more!

4. Cutest packaging ever. The packaging alone sucks you in to buy it.



5. Sunny Bridge always hooks me up with an amazing smoothie, and none to go to waste. I was on a liquid diet yesterday, and got my favorite berry breeze smoothie. If you are local, check out Sunny Bridge for awesome groceries, smoothies, and more!



6.  This little man is 10 months old now, that’s cray! I really can’t believe he will be one in June, and I really need to start planning his birthday party. Oh, and I need to do a 10 month post, which will be up this weekend I hope!





7. Gel nails be GONE. I officially am giving my nails a break from the gel, and am excited to switch up my nail color more often again now. I miss painting my nails at home. Lord knows I have enough damn nail polish  😯



8.  Anyone remember wearing jelly shoes when they were little?! I used to love mine, had pink sparkly ones. I was a diva from the beginning, haha. But seriously, I loved them, and these are cute jelly slip on flats I adore. Only thing I didn’t like, how sweaty my feet got and blisters!

9.  Make sure you join in on my #meditateinmay all month long! Randomly pick a winner the end of the month to win a pair of pretty kate spade earrings. I am sharing daily mantras on instagram as part of the challenge. If we are not friends, please add me! Love meeting new friends on there!



10. And lastly, I really LOVE all of my wonderful readers. I appreciate you guys so much, and the positive ALWAYS outweighs the negative. I know you guys see negative comments on here and are so kind to fire back at them, but seriously, don’t waste your energy! I love that you guys do it for me, it means so much that I have that support, but not everyone is going to like you in life, and not everyone is going to be kind. I let the mean comments through always, because this is a public blog, and they have a right to express what they feel. Yeah, it sucks ass sometimes what they say, but I’m better than that to put them down by firing back and hurting them. SO, just remember the POSITIVE will always outweigh the NEGATIVE. Love all of you! Means so much, just wanted you to know! <3

Happy weekend!

I have YTT all weekend, so it will be a busy one!

Katie xo










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  1. says

    not sure i’m going to make glow this year, but maybe next year!? such an exciting thing and i know itz going to totally rock! i remember jelly sandals – they used to give me the worst blisters but i wore them all the time regardless! haha

  2. says

    Oh that’s so cool about the Glow retreat!! Congrats!!
    I hate the dentist too. It hurts and is crazy expensive – nothing good about that :-)
    Love the Mantra!! Meditation is key for me!

  3. says

    I hate going to the dentist. The squeaky sound the pick makes gives me the shivers!!

    I TOTALLY remember wearing gel sandals. My daughter asked me about them the other day and I said “they look really cute, but they are SO uncomfortable!”. haha.

  4. Katherine says

    Ugh, I feel your pain. I had a gum graft surgery done last October and it wasn’t the most enjoyable experience. I hope you heal well :)

    • Healthy Diva says

      Ughhhhhh, that’s the next step for me! Please tell me how bad it was! I am so nervous :p

  5. Katie says

    Hope your mouth heals up real quick!! love those pics of Rocco :) I also just took my nails off… They need some breathing time haha!

  6. Courtney says

    Where did you find the Wink ice cream? I have seen it on blogs, but haven’t found it in stores yet? Thanks!

  7. Adrienne says

    Can I ask a question; did you have gum graft? My 16yr old has to have it done, but first they are doing a gum cleaning next week. She is an awful patient. Not looking forward to bringing her-hoping you could lead some insight into what we have to look forward (or not) to.

    • Healthy Diva says


      No, not yet! It’s the next step for me and I am nervous! I had deep cleaning of the gums, and there were two teeth where the gums were not good after that. They had to actually pull the gum away from the two teeth, then clean in between, and stitch back. The gum cleaning is not that bad, they numb you up for it. It sucks of course to have to get shots to numb, but it is not too bad.

      My friend who is doing yoga teacher training with me, had a gum graft done and said it was not too bad. But everyone is different, so you always have to remember that! I am nervous too, so I am thinking of her! I know she will do ok! Sending her love! <3

  8. says

    oh god i looooved jelly flats. so cute. i’m pumped about the glow retreat bc it’s in my new state!!! i wonder if we could get you partnered up with the new company i’m working for. i could go to the event for “work” hahah. i’m with Krave, the healthy jerky company. not sure if you guys are looking for food sponsors, but let’s get in touch if you are.

  9. says

    I can’t believe Rocco is almost a year already! I feel like I was just calling it that I knew you were pregnant! 😉

    If I’m back up north in a few months (hint, hint!) I would LOVE to attend Glow Retreat! I think this is a great idea and I would be thrilled to attend. Have a great weekend love! I’ll be thinking of you in my hot yoga class tonight! <3

    • Healthy Diva says


      Oh, that would be awesome!!! I hope yoga was fabulous! I am sure it was 😉


  10. Kate says

    How soon will you have info up? Cost? Hotel options? Itineraries? Planned dinners? Group activities? Excursions (if any). I’d need to see if it’s truly worth it to give up my vacation days and I need to know soon! When is your web page going to be ready?

  11. Pua says

    I can’t wait to hear more about Glow! Although I won’t be able to make it — we return back to work AND I’ll be hugely pregnant — I’m so excited to see what you guys will have in store! Best of luck!!

  12. Nikki says

    I read about twenty blogs regularly in a week and you are more like me than any other blogger out there. I even have a husband named Mike as well. I am pregnant with my first rockstar due July 2nd, again around when you gave birth last year. I love your realness and your style of blogging. Anyway, I do have a question in all this. I don’t read comments very often from most blogs I read so I am not really aware of the negativity in the comments. What are some of your most controversial posts in your archives? I would love to go back and see the ridiculousness of the negativity and how others turned it into a positive conversation.

    • Healthy Diva says

      Hello Nikki!

      Too crazy! Congrats to you and your husband! Yes, we almost thought Rocco was going to be a July baby, since he was due at the end of June. Who knows, maybe you will have a June baby!

      Gosh, I really am not sure. I get negative comments weekly, haha! Last week I think there was some and on Fridays post there were a couple. I seriously don’t pull into that negativity, just not what I do. I keep negative people and energy out of my life, and really don’t make time for them. I think some people feed into too much, and this is why they cause so much unhappiness for themselves. Pretty sad.

      Thanks for saying hi! I am so happy for you!

  13. says

    I have braces so my monthly visits are lots of fun! 😉 I’ve never had work done on my gums but having braces as an adult is not ideal sometimes.
    I have been obsessed with finding new colors to paint my nails with! Something I haven’t done in years….
    Congrats on the Glow Retreat pretty lady! :)

    • Healthy Diva says

      Oh, braces are a pin for sure! I do want braces again on my bottom teeth, once I get all my gum stuff situated!

      Thank you so much!

  14. violet valencia says

    I’m pretty sure you will have to cancel it because not enough people will sign up. How much will it be? Who is an actual expert?

  15. violet valencia says

    Someone on gomi has some valid pass quesrions.(since you’re so disorganized, maybe this will help.you as a guidleine:

    have a few questions about this Glowfest.
    What time does it start? Is there an itinerary? What’s the schedule of events?
    What hotel do we book? When should we schedule our flights home?
    How much? Is a deposit required? Is there a website? What should we bring? Is food included? What about transportation?
    Should I rent a car? Are husbands welcome? Does the “fest” go for 24 hours? Is it like 9-11 a.m. glitter then a break 1 pm -3 pm sparkle, 5-7pm how to get free shit from companies?
    Someone get back to me before I book this train wreck. I got cash to blow, I’m a SAHM and I married a rich guy so I’m going to this. It’s like going to the local comedy club.

    • Healthy Diva says

      Oh Violet. As much as you wish I would fire back, get upset, or be hurt by you, I’m not. Not everyone is going to like me, and that’s ok. I don’t waste my happiness or energy on negative things or people in life, so I’m sorry I can’t with you. But, keep coming back and posting your negativeness as much as you please. I am just done responding, no time to waste on it. Go on GOMI to post negative stuff and join in with them.

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