Rocco 8 Months Old

8 months old….

Getting cuter, bigger, and more personality by day!



interacting more and jibber jabbing to his friend  😉





Just can’t get over the fact that we are blessed with this little man, or the fact that he is 8 months already!

He seems stumped by the fact that he is too  😉



So how is little man doing?


  • He is 18 lbs and 26.5 inches long. Rocco sure is a little guy, but he is a solid and strong guy too!
  • Two bottom teeth! Thank heaven they decided to show up, what a very rough patch that was. The two top are starting to come in now, so we are in another rough time. Weeeeeeee!
  • Hair is starting to grow in where he had his bald spot, so cute! Rocco I feel is going to have thick hair like me, lucky guy! Haha!


  • Sits up on his own, as he  has been for a couple months now. He is really a pro at it now though.
  • Claps his hands, so cute!
  • Blows raspberries non stop. That’s a skill right? Lol.
  • Gets up on all fours! He is SO ready to crawl, any day now! He slides, crawls backwards, but does not yet go forward. He spins around too when he is on his stomach.
  • Throws stuff! He will be sitting in his bumbo or high chair, and throws his toys off every time. He likes to play go fetch mommy  😉


Eating your foot is a skill too  :mrgreen:




  • He eats 3 solid meals a day, and 3-4 bottles as well!
  • Rocco loves happy baby yogurt bites, gerber vanilla puffs, and ella’s kitchen vanilla cookies. He can grasp them and feed himself, but likes me to feed him them too. He cracks me up!

 Food schedule…

Breakfast – Oats with a fruit and formula mixed in. We tried scrambled eggs this past week too!

Lunch – Fruit and a veggie!

Snack – yogurt, puffs, biscuit, or yogurt bites.

Dinner – Fruit and veggie as well!

Favorite foods – sweet potato, peas, broccoli, apples, pears, carrots, yobaby yogurt, puffs.

Although I do make most of his food, we do like the happy bellies food recently, and I will share more on those soon!

We are going to start trying more solid foods with Rocco, so that will be fun! I am going to read up on what is some good solids to introduce to him! He loves his puree food I make, but he has been chomping lots and I know he is ready to chew so me food up!

This kid eats like a pro, and would eat all day if he could!

Would let me feed him like this all day too, haha!


And I seriously can’t wait for him to use these plates and cup someday soon  :mrgreen:



  • bath time, he absolutely is a little fish in the water! We can’t wait for swim lessons later this month!
  • His jumper, crawl and play car,fisher price tool bench toy, and his fisher price play and learn table.
  • Fake coughing, it is hilarious! He does it and laughs when I fake cough back.
  • Blowing raspberries!
  • Mickey Mouse , LOVES him.
  • Rolling around all over the floor and getting into his toy box.
  • Mommy, daddy, and big brother! Well, he LOVES us, not like!
  • His swing! ( he is almost too big for it and I am soooooooooooooo sad! )
  • Being sang to, he will just sit there and stare at me with the sweetest face when I sing to him before bed, or anytime!
  • Reading books, he loves when we read books, He is fascinated by the pictures! He tries to eat the books too, lol.



  • Getting his face wiped!
  • Wearing pants, he has been loving the just diaper style.
  • Not feeding him fast enough, lol! He has this grunt he does, it is so funny!
  • Teething pain, nobody would like that!
  • The vacuum, he still cries every single time!


Rocco only naps about hour and a half-two hours a day now. Some days he will do just one nap for almost two hours, and some are an hour in morning and an hour in the afternoon. Just depends!

Night, he goes to bed around 6:30-7pm and wakes up once for a feeding. Sometimes it will be 11pm, 12 am, or 2 am. He always does wake up just once though, and gets up in the morning about 7 am. Last night was rough, he was up a couple times, and got up at 5 am! Teething  😯

Other Things….

Rocco giggling and blowing raspberries, just had to show you how adorable!


Be crawling any day now, and we need to baby proof the house!



Love seeing these two, the bond is beautiful. Rocco is so lucky to have a great big brother.


We are so blessed. Sure do love you little man  😀

Can we clone you?



Mike and I talk every day about how kids are everything, what life is about. We are so grateful to have 2 awesome kids, and definitely plan on another one day too. I always wanted a big family of my own, Mike always has as well. Plus, we make damn cute kids, so it is a must  😉

Happy 8 months!


What solids did you first give your baby once they were able to chew? Any tips or suggestions appreciated!

How many kids do you have or do you want to have? I know some people can’t have kids, and that being able to is a true blessing, Never take that for granted, always be kind.


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  1. says

    He is too cute! My son turned 9 months last week. The first foods I started giving him whole was bananas. I would slice then cut them in fours. I also did avocado, although and little messier . I then added carrots and sweet potato. I would steam them very well and then slice into smaller pieces. We did chicken this week and it’s absolutely his favorite!

    • Healthy Diva says

      Thank you! Congrats on your little man, and happy 9 months to him!

      I appreciate these ideas, thanks so much!

  2. april says

    rocco is so cute! i just love his chubby cheeks :)

    i don’t have any kids yet, and i would love to have 2 someday. a boy and a girl would be great, but honestly, i just want healthy and happy babies!

  3. says

    May I ask where you bought your glider? We are in the market for a white wooden glider with neutral pads–and yours looks just like what we’re looking for!

  4. Katie says

    Haha! Oh my goodness.. That video! Reminds me of when Drake started doing that. He is so stinkin’ cute… Oh how I wish him & Drake could play!! :) Drake really likes when I mix in nut butter with banana! Plus it’s easy to chew! hehe

  5. says

    That face! Those cheeks. Makes me want to have another!!! I have 2, but I definitely want one more. Because I have twins, I never got to have that one-on-one bond so I would like to have a 3rd so I can finally get to experience that (watch I’ll have twins again).

    When mine started on solids after purees I remember they liked whole wheat toast with cream cheese or nut butter, banana-egg pancakes, cheese omelets, dry cereal, steamed carrots, sweet potato, squash, any type of white fish and all fruits. We don’t have a history of allergies so I gave eggs and nut products early.

  6. says

    My little one is 8 months old as well and we are on 3 meals a day. I know that grunt…I get it to. It’s as if he is used to the continuous flow of the bottle and now expecting the spoon to do the same. Love this time of our lives!!!

  7. says

    We have done a bunch of stuff with E and it has gone great! If you want I can e-mail you some of the recipes/mixes I have done with added texture. It’s so fun when they start eating what we eat :)

  8. says

    I made Thomas some veggie pasta and he LOVED it!! you can purée up the veggies and then add the pasta (get those super small pasta shells)… they are soft and he will love it!! Rocco is super cute as always! xoxoxo

  9. Jenna says

    STOP the cuteness!! How can he be 8 months already ?? Feels like we’re watching him grow right along with you! Slow down baby boy, slow down!

  10. Dana says

    Love how you ended this with always be kind!! Everyone should remember that. Your boys are so blessed to have a mother like you!

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