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I am excited to wear lots of tanks,  sundresses, maxi dresses, lighter clothing, and flip flops. I went through my closet a couple weeks ago, got rid of a bag full of stuff and donated it. I realized I hardly had that many clothes for spring. Some of the dresses I had were outdated, and some I just didn’t love anymore. Donating is great, always makes me feel better to do that. Sure I could of probably sold the clothes, but someone else can love them like I did once.

I realized too, I was pregnant last spring, so my clothes were maternity or bigger sizes I bought to grow with my bump.

So I decided to go to Target to pick up some new clothing to add to my spring wardrobe.

I am loving these flowy pants, they are so fun and comfy for spring! Target had some really cute printed ones, I love the ones I got.



This bright high-low dress with the open back I thought was so bright and fun! Would be perfect to wear for cinco de mayo actually  😉



I get SO many basic tanks at target and love the price on them. They last me a long time, I have tanks 2 years old from target that still look great after many washes.

These lace tanks they have right now are simple but pretty. I decided on pink, but want to definitely get a couple more colors. I wear tanks so much in spring/summer.




And the last article of clothing I got, this lilac lace dress.

I love the color purple on me, it is actually a color that complements my skin tone and hair so well. I love the style of this dress, very classy. I have a big chest, so some dresses do not look great on me. I look like a hooker in certain styles, lol. Back when I was young I could get away with the lower cut dresses, but now that I am old ( hehe ) I feel more comfortable in ones that don’t show too much cleavage. Or none at all, like this one.

So pretty, and I am thinking just a pair of silver sandals would look cute with it.



Some cute stuff I will enjoy wearing for spring, and even summer!

I love spring/summer clothing so much, even though I do love my sweats too.

Have you done any spring shopping yet?

What is your favorite piece of clothing to wear for spring? I love maxi dresses the best!

Do you love shopping at Target for clothing? I always seem to find some really cute stuff at Target, and the prices are not too bad either. I really love their basic tanks and tops. Great prices on those and I wear them all the time.

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  1. says

    Yes, I do love target!!! I have a few other stores I frequent, including thrift stores, heh! But target is one of them. You know that blue dress I’ wearing in my Easter family picture? It’s from Target. 😀 And that reminds me…I should start cleaning up my closet and perhaps send them to the rescue mission. It feels so much better than buying them, for sure. Huge warm hug <333

  2. says

    Love your finds – makes me want to go shopping:) I also find dresses hard due to being well endowed on top and it takes some time to just find the right one at times. So I am more into skirts that are long and flow. I have almost lost 40 pounds since this time last year and NEED to do some shopping, but do not want to spend a lot of monies either because I am still adjusting and going down in size. I love wearing tank tops, but it drives me a little nutso to have the bra straps showing. It is bad enough I do this in the gym.

  3. Pua says

    We don’t have a Target anywhere nearby, so I’m hoping that they’ll have those pants on their website. They are CUTE! I love anything that’s easy and flowing right now.

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