Almond butter combo win, Exciting News , and More!

Monday was good over here. Yoga, bff time, planning, almond butter, and more. Some days I feel like I don’t get anything done, but yesterday I felt accomplished. I really need to slow down and tackle one thing at a time. I tend to want to do a million things at once, and that is a recipe for disaster.

Monday highlights…

– I might just have the cutest little boy in the world. His 9 month photos we got done turned out SO damn cute! He is a little model, melts my heart.

IMG 6495

– Best friends, justins vanilla almond butter and thomas cinnamon vanilla english muffins. Could there be a better pairing? These english muffins are SO good, I think I even love them more than the pumpkin spice ones.

( I get the squeeze packs off and you can use my code MOD834 if you are a first time customer, you can save money! )

IMG 6487

– Sometimes I just need a diet coke, last night was one of those times.

IMG 6496

– Starbucks, girl talk, best friend kind of days are refreshing. So happy my bff Cassie could come over yesterday to hang out!

– Simple dinners make me happy, and I have been on a sweet potato kick nightly. I might turn orange, that’s ok  😉

IMG 6494

– Mommy and Me Yoga is always a great time. Rocco has really grown so much, and now is everywhere all over the place while I am doing yoga. When we first started going, he would stay close to me or want me to hold him. Now he is crawling all over and playing with the other little ones. Love going with him weekly!

IMG 6484

– How well does my sister know me? Perfect magnet for me.

IMG 6488

Happy Tuesday! Rainy one over here today, which stinks since I wanted to get out for a walk! Oh well.

I have yoga at 9, then some errands, and home to do more yoga stuff! Yoga all damn dayyyyyyyy!

Katie xo

Diet coke, yay or nay?

Favorite thomas english muffin?

Have you ever tried Justin’s vanilla almond butter?

One more thing….

I have been thinking about lots of ways to do more over here at this little blog. Newsletters are one thing I am thinking of, and it would just be a weekly one that shares some inspiration and more. I also have something in the works long term, on how to release YOUR healthy diva. How to be a healthy diva, which means living the happiest, most confident, and healthiest each day!

That one is long term in works, but something I always wanted to offer on here for a small price. Kind of like “happiness coaching” instead of life coaching. There has been a little snag that hopefully is resolved soon so I can plan this out. Good vibes! Let me know YOUR thoughts!

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  1. says

    Those pictures of Rocco look so cute!! I like the flavored diet cokes. Haven’t tried the vanilla almond butter but I’ve tried the maple one, so good!! I think the happiness coaching is a great idea!! A lot of people (like me) could really benefit!

  2. Kanoelani says

    Ahhhh I’m so excited for your announcement. Still sick over here but I’m taking today to really rest. No real rest bc I’ve been so sick but I took off work again today & said we are resting. Smiling & happy still even though week has been rough. Oh & happiness coaching??!! I’m down for that too lol! That would be so fun to be involved with ;-).Yay for happy hehe!! <3 you!!

  3. says

    i saw those english muffins and was curious! might have to pick up a bag. i have not had that almond butter but definitely need to pick up a jar. totally had a diet coke last night and am also on a sweet potato kick. the one good thing about turning orange is…we’re not pale. hahah

  4. says

    That black and white photo is so adorable!! I used to be a hardcore Mt. Dew drinker. My day started with a Mt. Dew and a chocolate chip granola bar, lol. When I stopped Mt. Dew, I quit soda all together. In the last two years I’ve probably had four sodas…but they’ve all been Coke 😉 Sometimes a girl just needs a Coke!

  5. Tara says

    I was never into diet coke. I did however, LOVE Fresca! I havent drank soda in over 10 years!

    Thos pics of Rocco are adorable- of course!

  6. april says

    ahh tomorrow? you’re such a tease! haha i’m sure the announcement will be worth the wait, though! :)

    i’m craving a sweet potato right now! definitely having one with dinner tonight. i go through phases where i eat them daily and i’m always worried that i’ll turn orange, too 😉 hehe

  7. Meg says

    I would sign up for the newsletters. You affect my attitude in a MAJORLY postivie way! I have made such changes since following you on Instagram and your blog <3

  8. violet valencia says

    I know your baby is very cute, but you come across very braggy. Think about it, if you were on a play date & one of the moms keeps saying how cute their own kid is, kinda sounds weird, right?

    • Healthy Diva says

      Your comment, really makes no sense. I am not on a play date, nor do I say it on play dates with other moms or friends. They are the ones saying Rocco is cute, and I am saying how cute their kid is. Babies are ADORABLE. My baby, any baby, I gush about them being cute. I am sorry if you think I am braggy, but you have a choice to not read here, so you can choose not to.

      I am grateful for my kids, think they are pretty damn cute, sorry I am so bad for that.

      I respect your comment though, no hard feelings.

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