Clif Crunch Bar Giveaway!


So today I don’t have any exciting things to share or any recipes to share either. Hmmmmmmmmm.…..yeah recipes to share, that has not been happening over here. I am just not a recipe all the time gal I suppose, I just post what my little heart desires to post daily. I like thatΒ  πŸ˜€

I do have a great giveaway to share and the giveaway involves CLIF which is one of my favorite companies!

Clif Crunch Bars are made with organic ingredients and whole grains, CLIF CRUNCH granola bars are a convenient and healthy snack that set a new standard in taste and texture, and, with 6 delicious flavors!

They have some pretty awesome flavors too, not just your basic pb granola bar flavor!


Clif is letting me choose 5 winners to win a variety pack of clif crunch bars! Pretty awesome! Very awesome too if you have never been able to try this clif bar!

To Enter The Giveaway

( US ONLY and NO P.O. Boxes )

  • Tell ME what your favorite snack is lately?

Yup that’s it! Nothing crazy to enter, I like to make things simple when I can! Good Luck!

Contest will end Tuesday March 5th, 2013.

Happy Saturday! <3


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  1. Amy says

    What a great giveaway- these look good and I haven’t tried the Clif Crunch yet! For snacks lately I am loving apples with Coconut PB, fresh pineapple, and carrots and celery with hummus. These look like a great bar for pre or post running for me!

  2. Crystal says

    I love trying new bars! My favorite snack lately has been a green smoothie. I can sip on the go and it is a good way to get those greens in!

  3. Lee says

    My favorite snack lately has been the YoCrunch vanilla yogurt with crushed cookies. It’s just enough chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth and keep me away from the vending machines at work.

  4. Amy H says

    My snacks lately have been Special K Granola Bars in Chocolate Peanut Butter, Organic Banana Chips, Caramel Cashew Trail Mix (from Target!) and Cuties.

  5. Alison E. says

    These bars are so good! My favorite snack lately is an apple cinnamon rice cake topped with Sun Butter, sliced bananas, and drizzled honey. It’s so good!

  6. Erica Morais ( Maddie's Warrior Mom) says

    Happy Saturday! This giveaway is super awesome. My snacks are Luna & Quest Bar’s as well Rice cakes with sunflower butter =) Good luck to everyone. Enjoy your day. =)

  7. jenna says

    ohh happy saturday, babe!!! what a great giveaway! im clif obsessed, but ive never had the crunch ones! right now my favorite snack is brad’s kale chips (i love all the flavors) or fruit mixed with chobani if i want sweet. oh, and if it’s an on the run snack, ive always got my luna or quest!

  8. Jasmine Hott says

    Love trying new bars these look great! Haha. My favorite snack lately is strawberry banana smoothies, or nepalotin frozen yogurt!

  9. Danielle says

    My favorite snack lately is a fruit smoothie. I freeze whatever bananas are left over at the end of the week and then browse the sales to find any yummy fruit mix ins that are healthy but budget friendly.

  10. Mary M says

    Hip, hip hoary for the weekend!! My favorite snacks are Greek yogurt with PB, strawberry smoothies, or edamame (sp?). Fun (and yummy) giveaway- those bars look good and flavors sound delicious! Enjoy the rest of your day!!! Ps, congrats on finding your stoller! πŸ˜‰

  11. Julia Yaccich says

    These look so yummy! I always see them, but haven’t tried them yet. My favorite snack lately has to be either chobani raspberry or pomegranate with a tablespoon of cocoa powder! It really takes care of my sweet tooth and is really healthy! Thank you so much for this giveaway! I hope all is well with the baby! :)

  12. Marissa says

    My favorite snack is chocolate brownie quest bars (: they’re to die for and I eat one everyday. But they’re so expensive!

  13. Kaitlin says

    My favorite snacks lately are greek yogurt and Quest bars! Would love to try these Clif bars though… I’m always looking for healthy bars for on-the-go

  14. Joanna Hernandez says

    I’ve never tried These bars but the flavors look great! I’m currently 23 weeks pregnant so my snacks change day to day but my favorite snack is cottage cheese with cinnamon, vanilla, Splenda, and a mix of berries and when I want something on the sour side I’ve been going for cucumbers with lime and salt! Good luck everyone and to you on your pregnancy!!:))

  15. Sophia says

    Oh my gosh! I have been wanting to try these! Good idea for a giveaway :) at the moment my favorite snack is plain non fat greek yogurt mixed with vanilla extract and stevia then topped with chia seeds, agave, and mixed nuts!! Sooo yummy :)

  16. Karen says

    I never liked peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But ever since I got pregnant, I can’t get enough of them!!

  17. Heather @fitncookies says

    I love Clif bars! My favorite snack has been the Clif Z bar because I’m a kid at heart (and a picky adult!) these I’ve never tried the granola Clif bars so I’d love to win some!

  18. Anna says

    Yum! I’d love to try these bars :) Lately I’ve been eating fresh fruit with cottage cheese, and greek yogurt dip with veggies and pretzel crisps…tasty stuff!

  19. Rachel W says

    my favorite snack is Banana Nut Muffin Quest bars right now…im literally obsessed and can’t get enough of em. I must try the Choc Chip Cookie Dough – i used to be obsessed with Cliff Bars, but switched it up :)

  20. Bethany says

    My favorite snack lately is tortilla chips. Usually it’s nachos, but the snacking of the chips alone has been ideal these past couple weeks.

  21. Megan says

    I’ve been buying the Food Should Taste Good chocolate tortilla chips so they are my current favorite snack, but I have a hard time not eating way too many! I’ve never had the Clif Crunch bars but am a fan of the regular and z bars

  22. says

    Mmm yes please…I love trail mixes and pb pretzels right now for snacks! Easy to pack up and gives me a nice variety of things to munch on :)

  23. Taylor says

    This bars are amazing! My favorite snack is usually plain Greek yogurt with one of these crushed up on top and fruit ! (Had this for breakfast this morning too actually

  24. Billie Jean says

    I love these! They are like little treats, yet not as bad as eating a huge cookie! My favorite snack lately is crunchy cereal. Barbara’s Vanilla Almond shredded oat squares!

  25. Clarice says

    Lately my favorite snack has been a handful (or two!) of trail mix and also protein bars. They are so easy to keep in my dorm room for a quick snack!

  26. says

    Um yah- sometimes i have a recipe…sometimes not so much ;). I love these bars. Ive been doing a lot of homemade granola bars and apples lately

  27. Jennifer says

    I’ve had the plain honey and oat crunchy Clif bar! They’re pretty good! My favorite snack lately would have to be a single serving healthy chocolate cake mug! I just wip up the ingredients and pop it in the microwave and BAM! I have my own chocolate cake. I top it with peanut butter and any type of fruit! So yummy! :)

  28. Rachel Olsen says

    My new favorite snack has been coffee & quest bars! I’m obsessed with them! & together the coffee complements the bars perfectly!

  29. Karina Lee P says

    My favorite snack is a dip made of on and vanilla yoghurt with apple slices for dipping, fresh mangos or frozen chocolate dipped bananas!

  30. Lindsey says

    I love all Cliff bars! I have a variety stash in my desk so I can choose depending on my mood. Hope I win and can try these!

  31. Josie says

    My favorite snack lately has been yogurt with fruit and granola, can’t get enough! I also adore Luna bars….haven’t tried Clif yet, though I think they’re made by the same company so they should be yummy! :o)

  32. says

    I have a hard time finding Clif bars around me, but when I do I stock up! yum
    My favorite snack lately is chocolate pudding and strawberries, mmm

  33. says

    Gahh, I’d love to win these Clif bars!!! Just because… Well.. Clif’s ZBARs have become my go-to snack lately before/after track practice and also throughout the day! I’ve never tried their Crunch bars yet, though, and would LOVE the chance to try ’em! ^_^

  34. says

    awww how fun! I’ve never tried these bars. Lately I’ve just been reaching for a Chobani or a piece of fruit since I’ve been working out after work :)

  35. Katie S. says

    My favorite snack lately has been pumpkin seeds, cashews or kind bars. The dark chocolate with sea salt has only 5g of sugar and is soo tasty

  36. says

    Lately my favorite snacks has been Special K Vanilla-Almond cereal (dry or with almond milk!) and Flat-Out wraps with almond butter! <— Sounds weird, I know, but it's delicious!

  37. says

    my fav snack is either greek yogurt or fiber one bars! I’ve never tried the crunch clif bars before, but they sound delicious!

  38. Kelly says

    My favorite snack has been annie’s honey wheat pretzel bunnies dipped in almond butter or TJ’s greek yogurt guac. Those bunnies are so good!

  39. Rachel says

    I have never tried these Clif bars but I would love to! My favorite snack lately is either quest bars or larabars with some type of nut butter spread on top. :)

  40. says

    Ooo yay! I love Clif Bars, they just get too darn expensive sometimes. (I know, I’m a cheapskate. I’m all for the value pack!) My favorite snacks have been carrots with salsa, FRUIT, PB2 with sliced apples, individual nut packs, and olive oil popcorn!

  41. Victoria Morgan says

    I have been having 1/4 cp 2 percent Daisy brand cottage cheese mixed with PB2 and sweetner with sliced strawberries on top of it.It is so good Enjoy!

  42. stephanie says

    Popcorn is my daily go to snack. However, it would be nice to try something new. Never had a Cliff Bar. They look amazing.

  43. Lisa Jones says

    My favorite snack lately is Simply 7’s Sea Salt Hummus chips. They remind of Bugles. So yummy!

  44. Raya says

    My favorite snacks lately are mandarins and greek yogurt (especially the raspberry Chobani bite) but I just found the Popchips tortilla chips at the food store today and I think that’s going to be a new favorite too!

  45. kolya says

    Arctic Zero ice cream has been my go to snack for months now followed closely by random apples…I have a fetish for trying new varieties (:

  46. Taylor says

    My favorite snack right now is flavored almonds (especially butter toffee or cinnamon) and fresh fruit!

  47. says

    My favorite snack lately is health bars in general!
    I’ve been eating a lot of Larabars and Luna Bars lately, and also some Think Thin Bars
    I am addicted!
    I would love to try these too though!
    I know that I love Nature’s Valley bars so these must be even better!
    Clif knows good food

  48. Mollie K says

    my favorite snack is either hard boiled eggs or a mix of egg whites, pumpkin and a little almond flour to make a muffin bake type of thing!

  49. Emelia says

    All those favors sound yummmmm-myyyy!! I’ve never tried this kind so winning a variety would be awesome! My favorite snack lately is the 100 cal packs of wholly guacamole and some pita chips to go with it :)

  50. Kristina m says

    Right now I’m on a big strawberry kick! Anything I can put with them I’m happy, salad, yogurt, cereal or a smoothie.

  51. Iris says

    Lara Bars have made a comeback for me – I forgot about them for a long time but happily rediscovered them a few weeks ago, and now I never go without one in my purse. :)

  52. Molly says

    ahh i would love to try!

    lately i’ve been snacking on fruit salad– i just mix up some grapes, a sliced banana and a clementine. so good!

  53. Paula says

    Favorite sweet snack these days: graham cracker with butter, yep, plain butter, topped with thinly sliced apple and sprinkle of cinnamon. Savory snack: cracked pepper and rosemary almonds and some grapes!!!

  54. Carrie says

    I love any and all Clif products!!! My favorite snack lately has been whatever kind of box of Cheerio’s I have open and almond milk.

  55. Lindsey says

    My favorite snack lately would have to be turkey rollups with dill pickles and sliced provolone cheese!

  56. Kylie b says

    My favorite snack has always been ice cream and lately I have been liking the chobani bite coffee flavor! Good stuff!

  57. says

    Ahh I have been DYING to try these! My favorite snack lately is greek yogurt + cool whip + pumpkin + sunflower seed butter! The cool whip makes it so delish!

  58. says

    Lately, my favorite snack has been either a brown rice cake with PB2 and Waldon Farms Raspberry spread or Wasa crackers with that combo! So yummy and filling!

  59. says

    I’m going to be completely honest. Lately, my snacks have not been as healthy. They have been chocolate and frozen yogurt. These bars may help change that??!!

  60. Karen Collett says

    I bought the cliff crunch bar in wholefoods market and they were the best protein bars that I ever had!! I really love the chocolate chip and chocolate peanut butter flavor!! I think they are the best one yet in the market!! And they are all natural too!! Gotta love cliff!!!

  61. roselyn page says

    My favorite snack right now is protein peanut butter pudding, I love Clif bars although have not tried the crunchy ones yet, they look yummy.

  62. Sara says

    Those bars look so good! My favorite snack has been Giant Eagle peanut butter filled pretzels. So addicting!

  63. Casey says

    I love Clif crunch bars! As of lately my favorite snack has been quest bars. I just tried my first one a week ago and have had three since then.

  64. Pam says

    My fave snack recently has been almonds.. I like flavored ones- cinnamon, coconut, cocoa, pumpkin.. Yum..

  65. Kanoe says

    Favorites snacks hmmm lol! I have tons but some of my favs have been hummus & veggies(LOVE), fruit & cottage cheese, Greek Yogurt & Love Grown Granola( I love them), Nut butters in general HAHA( on apples is best :-). There’s more but I don’t wanna go cray cray LOL! Ooh hope I win I love Clif bars πŸ˜€

  66. jeanne says

    Lately I’ve been really into grapefruit since the weather got a bit warmer where I live. I also like Greek yogurt a lot!

  67. Maggie Shaw says

    I love a toasted/slightly burnt multigrain waffle with chocolate chips, almond butter, and wheat germ or Grape Nuts cereal. YUM YUM

  68. Carli says

    I love snacking! Greek yogurt, fruit, nuts, and cereal are some of my faves! I love Clif bars too (especially the Mojo), but have never tried the crunchy ones!

  69. *Andrea* says

    fantastic giveaway!!! lately, my favorite snack is dried figs with a schmear of almond butter on each:)

  70. Kelsey S says

    Oops, I’m getting addicted to candy again! I guess I’ll have something healthier to snack on if I win this giveaway!

  71. Sroberts says

    So don’t judge but cottage cheese with kashi go lean cereal mixed in- maybe a sprinkle of almonds!

  72. Kristin says

    My favorite snack lately is some greek yogurt with granola!
    I would love to try these bars! They would be great for keeping in your purse :)

  73. Jen says

    My favorite snack lately is an apple sliced and dipped in peanut butter. Nothing crazy about it but the combination is so good!

  74. Nicole says

    I love snacks in general. But my go to snacks are greek yogurt with flax and chia seeds or an apple. I think have those two things most in my life. I am really starting to try and get veggies in during snack times so humus is now my best friend! Cliff bars and luna bars are a definite go to grab and attack kind of snack for me too!

  75. kristin says

    Cliff Bars are so good; i was just eating the energy bar.
    My favorite snack has been a few different things – blackberries and powdered sugar, KIND bars, cliff and Cascadia farm granola mixed with yogurt,

  76. Nicole says

    Love clif bars! Esp the mojo ones!! My favorite snack lately has been carrots and hummus and as always, bananas/apples with PB or AB! a staple :)

  77. Lisa says

    I have been loving greek yogurt mixed with a little peanut butter, honey & vanilla…tastes like dessert!

  78. Katie M says

    I can’t get enough oranges lately. As soon as I peel and eat one, I crave another. Something about the tang followed by the sweetness is really appealing to me right now.

  79. Nicole Esposito says

    I love clif bars! There delicious! Bars are my go to snack! My favorite snack right now would be quest bars or greek yogurt topped with peanutbutter and crushed pb puffins!

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