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Thanks for all the comments on the 24 week bump! I am really feeling good and I credit that to staying active and eating healthy. Doing what is best for me and Baby G  😀

So, I told you guys yesterday I would share my TJ’s goods of the week, well I didn’t fib. I got the usual favorites, gosh I need to buy that tomato basil hummus in bulk. No really I do.

I also went to the regular grocer, but here is just a cart view of that…



Trader Joe’s highlights this week were favorites and I also got some apples, veggies, and spinach that are not pictured.















That’s all folks  😉

Oh and that chicken meal from TJ’s is a yummy and fast meal to have on hand when in a squeeze. Mike and I enjoyed it the last time we got it!

Have a great rest of the day!  I have to move a couple more things out of the nursery to get it ready for being painted tonight! I am so excited, ordered another thing for decor today for the nursery on etsy. You will see how this will look in that room soon! I got different colors too, not the ones shown in pic!

See you in the morning with that awesome giveaway I mentioned the other day!

Katie xo





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  1. says

    I <3 TJs…and I love seeing pictures of people's TJs purchases…I told Joe he has to be incredibly excited for our first home for good TJs trip on Saturday. He rolled his eyes and said he is…he's a good one 😉

  2. says

    Just caught up on your baby update post, and am just in awe over how glowing you look!
    Dang, we really need a TJ’s here!
    What the heck, you can get hard boiled eggs like that!? I had no idea haha.
    Can’t wait to see more of the decor:)

  3. Maggie says

    LOVE Trader Joe’s trips! And that trail mix is the best! Also, not at all trying to be negative, but that is a lot of plastic you go through; sure hope you recycle!

  4. Stacie Daniels says

    Hi Katie! Congrats on your expected bundle of joy! I noticed that you mentioned you had purchased your shower invites. Would you mind sharing the link where you found yours? I am expecting also (18w4d) and am looking for some options for my own shower in June. Thanks so much!

  5. says

    all that food i wish i could have >.< when will trader joes get it's butt to australia! everything is so "pre-made" and simple there.. oh by the way do you not like boiling eggs? and do the packaged eggs taste different? O.o

  6. jenna says

    etsy is seriously like a drug!!! as well as tj’s hahahha! i still havent gotten a chance to try their chunky guac! i really need some!

  7. says

    love seeing all the fun stuff you grab at TJ’s. It’s the best priced and most varietal grocery store I’ve ever been in, you never know what you’ll find and I am obsessed!

  8. Erica Morais ( Maddie's Warrior Mom) says

    Love all the new add ons to the TJS bag. I’m going today =) Happy 24 weeks beautiful. xo

  9. says

    I am a spoiled girl who lives at home and makes my mom hardboil eggs for me but once I move out I am going to be all about that bag of pre-boiled ones. So easy and convenient!!

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