Friday Favorites!

Happy TGIF!

I am so excited the weekend is here, and the fact that it will be above freezing this weekend too. Spring will be here soon!

Switching it up today over here, no “Diva Spill Friday ” today. I got some Friday favorites instead  😉


– Rocco has the best expressions EVER. We tried a new teething cookie yesterday from Plum Organics, and he loved it. Let me say it was a big mess, but little man was happy.

The cookie faces, haha!

IMG 4473

Karma, Karma, Karma!

IMG 4446

– Iced green tea from starbucks, the best. Did you know that they are starting to carry teavana tea now too?! My starbucks had it advertised, but it is not there yet. Coming soon, and I am excited! I love teavana teas!

IMG 4437

– A baby sleeping on my lap, so sweet.

IMG 4436

– Cardio workout yesterday afternoon while watching The Doctors, a favorite show.

IMG 4448

– Target favorites this week. The bunny feet, I die.

IMG 4451

– Girls night ready, but someone was not happy mama was leaving. Girls nights are a favorite and needed for sure!

IMG 4463

Juniper Grill dinner with my sister Mindy. Wine, soup,  a delicious salad, and mint creme brulee while having a fabulous night of girl talk. The food is always amazing, as you guys know, I go there often.

IMG 4466

IMG 4467

IMG 4468

IMG 4471

– This song on the way home from girls night, I just never get sick of it.

IMG 4472

– This.

IMG 4452

– Oreo mint donuts from DD. Whattttttttttt!?

IMG 4447

-Hair favorite, this stuff makes my blowouts last longer and my hair so smooth.

IMG 4349

Have a happy Friday friends! Wishing you all a great weekend!

We are going to have a great one over here, and of course my little sidekick will be by my side all day today to kick it off! Blessed <3

IMG 4454

Katie xo

**Giveaway coming up later too, be on the lookout!

What is on your weekend agenda?

Do you love mint chocolate? Let me just say, I am needing the mint oreo donut, shamrock shake from McDonald’s, and an oreo cookie mint blizzard from dq! So much mint yum, so little time!

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  1. says

    i do love mint chocolate! not sure about on a donut though…. i like more of the cream filled donuts and sprinkles haha weekend plans include baby shower this morning at work, hanging with a friend tonight and her littles, babysitting my niece and nephew saturday, and watching some of my girls play basketball on sunday!! :)

  2. says

    happy friday!!! i am so happy the weather will be in 40s/ 50s! AH! this weekend we are having a belated bday brunch for myself and “early” bday for my sister since we leave for FL next week!

  3. Katie says

    Sushi date with my love. Marriage retreat tomorrow & hoping to get outside on Saturday :) Love mint chocolate !

  4. says

    Lover of mint chocolate too and can so go on overload on it pretty quickly – ha! Heading to a Beer Fest this weekend and looking forward to ESCAPING the 4 walls at work and the 4 walls at home – have not travelled since October – way too long in my opinion. Happy Friday – Happy Weekend:)

  5. Jenna says

    You always have the greatest pics on your blog and IG! Always make me smile!! LOVE mint chocolate anything! DQ blizzard especially!

  6. says

    I love your Karma Made Me Do It shirt, where is it from? So cute! I have that Bruno Mrs album on a loop at the moment, can’t get enough of it! Rocco’s cookie faces are brilliant! Have a great weekend!

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