Happy Happy!

Happy Birthday Gina! Sister is getting old!  😉

Big 22! Damn, I feel like don’t even remember when I was 22 years old! Oh how time flies!

Cake was had, a beautiful cake it was too!


IMG 3047

Of course happy birthday was sang with candles lit, always do that no matter how old in our family!

IMG 3053

Jamison was pretty excited about the cake  :mrgreen:

IMG 3049

We had a great celebration, Gina had a really nice birthday surrounded by her crazy family! Hehe! Well, all families are cray, right? Mine is! Makes it more fun, I love them!

Angela even made her a cotton candy drink, she loved it!

IMG 3038

IMG 3042

Happy Birthday sis!

Take one…..screaming baby, oh Rocco!

IMG 3027

Take two.….much better! Rocco looks shocked or he just crapped his pants look, lol.

IMG 3032

And sister love!

IMG 3036

After birthday celebrating I came home to put Rocco to sleep, and have my own kind of cocktail….

Suja lemon love, this is so good and addicting. Sweet but with a spicy ass kick too with that cayenne!

IMG 3054

Mike and I watched some tv while I was waiting on some sweet potato to steam up, another batch for Rocco. I just did some sweet potato with cinnamon, his fave!  I like to have options for him of course! Right now we have pears, sweet potato and banana, and peas in the freezer.

IMG 3055

Off to bed I was after! I knew little man was going to be up at some point in the night so I wanted to get as much sleep as I could.


This morning started off cold, no like frigid cold…

IMG 3057

Anthony has no school today, and they may cancel tomorrow too since the temps are going to be frigid tomorrow as well. We have no plans today, except that I do have a dentist appt but I am debating rescheduling it. I just don’t want to drag Rocco out in this weather if it is not really needed. We will see!

And breakfast of course had to be hot with this cold, no smoothies today!

Quaker oats, a fast breakfast which was needed this morning!

Off to cook this up, and top it with some nut butter of course too.

63095f62880f11e390c1121497f657e7 6

And there just may be a giveaway involving some quaker oats goodness coming up this week, FYI.

Have a great Tuesday friends! See you later for some #TTMT !

Katie xo

Healthy Diva Asks…

  • What was your favorite birthday? I would have to say one of my favorite birthdays was my 30th when Mike and I went to Vegas, but I also loved my 13th birthday! I remember thinking I was so cool I was officially a teen, haha!
  • Ever tried Suja juices? I have only had this lemon love one, but want to try others if I ever want a fast juice fix!
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  1. says

    i love suja juices – just wish they weren’t so expensive! all birthday are fun :) they’re especially fun now married to jonny because our birthdays are five days apart, so we literally celebrate for like a week… no joke!

  2. Katie says

    I haven’t tried those juices but I would LOVE to! They look yummy. Favorite birthday either.. my 20th which was my golden because I went sky diving & had a wonderful night out with my best friends otherwise my 21st because Josh & I celebrated together downtown Madison & things got a little out of control 😉

  3. says

    Happy Birthday to your sister! :-) My favorite Birthday was my 30th – my husband and I went to Mexico for a few days and had a great time.

  4. Jennifer says

    Happy Birthday, Gina!!

    Your pictures are so great – Rocco has the best expressions!! And Jameison is getting so big!

    I’m with Linz – my birthday is 8 days before Kris’s birthday, so they’re all great now. I think as much as I initially dreaded it, 30 was my favorite. It’s the year we got engaged (married at 31 and now I’ll be a mommy for my 32nd this year!) so I think 30’s are great!!

  5. says

    Poor Sweet Cheeks:( Beautiful Cake:) I would have to say my favorite birthday was my 16th. Slumber party, getting to watch the Dirty Dancing movie and homemade pizzas. Happy Day!

  6. says

    I love how much your family celebrate events together, you seem like a really close group, everyone needs that. What happened to Rocco in the second picture? Too funny, although those red cheeks look sore, poor little guy! My best birthday was last year, when a friend had a party for me at her house, and some made a happy birthday song for me! It was lovely!

  7. says

    I have tried a couple of Suja’s and they weren’t my favorite juices I’ve ever tried. I particularly did not like the Vanilla Cloud one, which I thought would be the most delicious. I definitely think that the Lemon Love is my favorite flavor. However, a local grocery store by my house makes fresh juices daily, so I am a bit spoiled I guess 😉

    Actually we had a “cold day” here as well. This is the first time since 1978 that the University of Michigan has cancelled classes, so it was kind of a big deal. The whole morning it was -15 to -10 haha. It is too cold to function out there, let alone walk all around campus to class!

    Wish your sister a Happy Birthday from all of us bloggers! :)

    Have a great day!

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