HTC One X Phone Giveaway!


I am feeling SO kind today. I feel kind every day so that is not really anything different!

I am feeling kind in a giveaway a sweet phone kind way.

A phone that I enjoyed having until I washed mine and it died ( worst day ever! ) but since you guys are more responsible, I want to give one of YOU a phone.


A phone that you can have to….

– instagram on ( add me! hehe! )

– Facebook your life away on

– download sweet apps in the app store

– take amazing photos! Who needs a real camera now  😉

– Take awesome videos

– and more!

Need a phone with a bigger screen?

Got you covered  😀

Seriously whoever wins this brand new phone, will be so lucky and I will be jealous since mine is dead.

AT&T is letting me giveaway this phone as part of their It’s What You Do with What We Do campaign. How nice of them, I know!

Before I start this giveaway there are some things to know…

– NO service plan is included! If you are with AT&T you can just add this phone to replace your current phone. If not with AT&T, you will need to activate a service plan with AT&T.

– This phone is brand spanking new in the box, ready for you!

–  Could be a great christmas gift for someone you know that has AT&T for a phone service!

How To Enter….

Tell me what you would use this HTC One X phone for the most, besides talking and texting obviously!

I will pick a winner on Monday October 22nd! So hurry up and Enter! Good Luck! Happy Saturday!





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  1. Lara F. says

    I’d use this for using apps like Instragram and for watching TV shows (via Hulu Plus) at the gym. I love that big screen! Hope you have a great day. :)

  2. Carly Wickum says

    I would use it to go on Instragram, Use it for School, Social Networking. I dont have a phone right now, and my boyfriend just joined the Air Force, and calls 1 day out of the week so I would be able to actaully have a phone he can call me on!!! :) That would be great! Have a great day girl! Love you and everything you do, and post! :)

  3. Marie says

    wow, what an awesome giveaway!! the phone looks fabulous and since my digital camera just died (boooo!) i’d use it to take photos :)

  4. Dee says

    Downloading fitness apps, since I have the most basic non-smartphone right now and have been looking for an excuse to upgrade :)

  5. Jennifer says

    I would download my running apps and use it to track my runs, listen to music and to stay in touch with my mom and younger sister via Skype and picture messaging. I’m sure my 5 year old would love an app on there for her also !

  6. Anastasia says

    I would use it to take pictures of my new baby and send to family. The phone I have now isn’t a smart phone and it takes horrible photos that I can’t send easily. It doesn’t even have the ability to take video so this phone would be amazing!

  7. Jackie says

    I would definitely use it to take pictures. I always forget to take my camera with me, so I would love a phone that takes a nice picture. What an awesome giveaway!

  8. Andrea says

    My parents just moved to Oklahoma and my brothers are in optometry school in St. Louis and I am in Kansas….. I would use this to communicate with my family! They are so important to me!! I would also use it for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, duh! :)

  9. Cheryl says

    Lists, lists, and more lists. I’m seriously into organizing apps and would use it as a planner for my entire life, including workout apps, food logging, etc. :)

  10. Billie Jean says

    What a beautiful phone! Compared to mine that is… I dropped mine a few months ago and am (being the penny pincher I am) waiting for my contract to be up so I can get a new one! The screen is shattered with tape holding the pieces in, and the screen goes balck every time I make a phone call and the storage is broken, so no photos! Any way… I would use maps (I get lost very easily) and the camera, I live in such a beautiful area and try to capture the sunsets every night!

  11. Rachel says

    Facebook and reading blogs (obvi)…they are what gets me through delays in airports when traveling for work :) Thank goodness for all the airports sprouting up extra outlets…

  12. Michelle says

    Running! I would use it to train for my Bridge to 10K, Nike Plus, Daily Mile, etc. Keeping track and having access to my training at my fingertips would be amazing. Google Reader, Instagram, and Facebook are some of my current fav apps :) I would love to take advantage of the screen real estate :)

  13. Sarah B. says

    I would use it for taking pictures! My phone now doesn’t take good quality ones so this would be amazing! Would download tons of apps of course :)

  14. Erica says

    First off, I Love your blog! Inspiring and Encouraging! Second, I would use this phone for pictures, and GPS! Any phone would be better than my current situation..still rocking the Verizon env3! lol

    Take care! and thanks for doing what you do lady!

  15. Amber D says

    I would LOVE to have this phone so I can actually keep up with the blogs I follow during the work week. We aren’t allowed to freely use the internet at work and my phone screen is so SMALL it makes it hard to keep up with my favorite blogs. I have really been wanting to start a healthy living blog, but I need to invest in a good phone for pictures and such. I would also love to be apart of the Instagram craze. :)

  16. marci says

    O what a blessing this would be for us our daughter is in need of a new phone and we can’t not upgrade for her at this time, what a great giveaway!

  17. sarah s says

    I’d use it to catch up on blogs… Just like I’m doing now :) a bigger screen like the one on that phone would make reading blogs fm much more enjoyable !

  18. Emily says

    I would use this phone to take pictures! I’ve found most phones like this take better pictures than actual digital cameras!

  19. Andrea Gordon says

    I would give it to my nephew. My brother is a single dad and they do not have a cell phone plan, I have already added an additional line to my service and was going to try to find him a phone on eBay. This phone would be the best Christmas gift and best of all it would truly be from Santa, Santa diva that is 😉

  20. Kris says

    I would use this phone for email! I don’t have a smartphone and end up out-of-the-loop throughout the school day as I can’t get instant emails the way most people do. I would email my professors, check grades and homework, and keep up with my parents and family. Also I could use it at the gym to find and complete new workouts!

  21. Lindsey says

    I have been wanting this phone for a long time! Since I currently am still rocking the iphone3GS (dinosaur), I’d be most excited to start using the camera!

  22. Lisa says

    I would give it to my dad who is currently in an nursing home and needs a new phone. It would be a lot easier for him to see pictures / messages on than the phone that he has now.

  23. Natalie Rae says

    I use my phone as my life line as an on-the-go new mom. It is my camera, my directions, my link to communication, and my link to my Husband at work. Currently, my phone shuts itself off, refuses to answer certain calls, the touch face acts like a ghost is touching it, and basically makes life harder- I would love a new phone!

  24. Kim L says

    Im using it to keep up with my favorite blogs on health and fitness and nails all my favorite interests, keep in contact with my son who’s away at school on google talk, load apps to pay my bills, and balance my bank acct, apps for coupons while Im out and about and foursquare, to let me know where all the happening places are and gives me tips and reviews. Once I upload my pics and playlist I would wi-fi direct them to my bf who has a better phone than I do currently.. annnd Happy Sweetest Day! :)

  25. kolya says

    Okay…this is amazing! I would give this to my mom who needs a phone since she is homebound and I worry because sometimes the landline doesn’t work. Maybe I’ll give her my old one and keep this one instead since she might get freaked by all the features (:


  26. Sheila says

    I would give the phone to my mom. She’s always doing nice stuff for my family and me and since I’m in college, I don’t often have the means to do nice things for her. Her phone is an old school flip phone that is barely hanging on for dear life (haha) so this would make her (and me!) incredibly happy.

    Love your blog btw!

  27. Katie K says

    OMG. I still use a FLIP PHONE. This would be like Christmas in October. Touch screen? Camera? I’d do many things with this phone :)
    Crossing my fingers for this one!!!!!

  28. Cassie says

    This phone looks awesome and I definitely need an upgrade!!! I would probably be attached to the phone and use it for taking pictures and texting all my favorite people! :)

  29. says

    wow! awesomee!! I would use it took pics of my daily life and then post on my blog and twitter. I also will use Fitness APP to record my daily calories intake and exercises! hope the lucky one is me>3<~~!

  30. says

    Am I crazy? I totally thought you had an iPhone…. ha!

    Anyway, while I’m major iPhone user, I do truly believe in trying new things and that my sister should get with the times so I’d probably convince her to use it and join Instagram. :)

  31. Stefanie Gladden says

    I would use the HTC One X to listen to music! I love to listen to music when I’m bored or working out! it always puts me in a better mood!

  32. Karina Lee says

    I would love to have this phone! I would use it to stay updated with my pinterest addiction, healthy diva eats addiction, and facebook addiction! I would deffinately take more photos of family, friends, new recipes that were a success!, and all my wonderful craft projects! I would take advantage of all the organization skills that this phone would teach me. This would be such a lovely accessory to carry with me in my crazy busy life! Hopefully i win so i can indulge in a luxury that I probably would not buy for myself!

  33. Stacie says

    I would use it to contine to work on getting a healthier lifestyle. I use my fitness pal to track everything. I’d be interested to check out other apps and use the camera while out exploring!

  34. Kristyn says

    Oh My! I’m Loving the big screen!
    i would do EVERYTHING on it lol! i would take lots of pictures, get on instagram and actually be able to get on the web and do pinterest and check my email!
    awesome giveaway thanks!!! 😉

  35. Yuli says

    I would definitely use it to replace my current phone which is slower than a turtle :( and as we’ll to keep in touch with everyone else!

  36. says

    KATIE! Here are three AWESOME reasons why you should choose me!

    -I JUST BROKE MY ATT iPHONE :(( boo and now I need a new one. replacements are like $200 (no thanks) and I would love to try out an HTC

    -I love your blog! I l.o.v.e. your health philosophy–and it sounds like you have been through a lot to find such a happy, balanced life.

    -My birthday just passed, I could always use a late birthday gift.

    Please please please give me this phone, I would use it for INSTAGRAM and reading your blog 😉 and I would download some awesome new FITNESS APPS I’ve been thinking about getting :)

  37. Gisele says

    Well I am battling hyperthyroidism so I would definitely use it to do some extensive research on my condition, what to eat, what to avoid, etc. In short I would use it for health purposes because this should be your number one priority. Thanks in advance. :)

  38. Gayle says

    Im going on vacation to see my parents and nephews that I havent seen in 3 years and would love to take tons of pics and videos to share the memories with them when Im gone.

  39. Sharon says

    I would give it to my daughter for Christmas ….she is a traveler and avid outdoorsman and would get the most use out of the GPS feature for finding landmarks, using hiking apps, locating campsites, taking pictures of her adventures ….the uses are so plentiful for someone with a lifestyle like hers. Plus, she could stay in touch with mama too!

  40. ericko tandayu says

    I will use the phone to take beautiful pictures of my beautiful newborn daughter, made a digital album collections with instagram and facebook. Telling the whole world how happy I am being a father and how proud I am to have her in my life.

  41. Emelia says

    Besides texting and talking 😉 I would use it most for Instagram and taking pictures! I love that big screen!!

  42. says

    I don’t know much about the HTC (at least not until now!). I love my iPhone and don’t need a new line myself…however, my brother lost his phone 2 weeks ago. He disabled it, but he didn’t want to dish out the funds to replace his iPhone, and he’s sans phone right now. It’s kind of irritating, but he’s a boy, and he’s lazy and cheap. If I happen to be the lucky one, I’d give it to my helpless brother! It sounds cool, I like the big screen. I’ve been with AT&T for over 4 years, and they are awesome. This giveaway is proof that they are top-notch! =)

  43. says

    I would give it to my brother. He just came back from hiking the whole Appalachian Trail, it took him about 5 months. Now that he’s back in the real world, he needs a phone. It would be a very nice reward for him!

  44. Paul L says

    Well, I’m no techie, but I’d use it to keep active,
    I do my best to stay fit, healthy, maybe even, attractive.

    Will build healthy habits with another App like Lift,
    You know, actions speak louder, if you get my drift.

    Eat lean, gluten-free, track carbs, count calories,
    Schedule breaks, time to meditate, a daily run, man I’m late!

    But time is precious, and life a gift, not to mention,
    So I’d make it a point to stay in control, of my awareness, my attention.

    Doesn’t mean, I’m not as keen,
    As y’all to win this here we’ve seen.

    But to reflect, on the source of experience, only takes a sec,
    To be more present, more in the moment, and live without regret.

  45. Ali says

    I would give this phone to my friend who just arrived home from the hospital. It is her birthday in two week, and she has been struggling in her battle with leukemia. It would definitely brighten her day!!

  46. says

    There are so so so so many apps I would love that are useful and productive…gahhhh….(I don’t have a smart phone)

    But I’m-a have to say the majority would be instagramming and blog stalking lol.

  47. lacy says

    I love HTC phones. I am a single mom of 2 small kids and cant afford a computer or cable so my only way to the outside world for me is threw a phone. My phone now is awful and has no memory. I love trying a lot of different apps. Plus I take a lot of pics of my kids and love using photo editor apps. The phone will be Well used

  48. Terez Bradshaw says

    To keep in touch with my mother when i’m about to use for business and to look things up when i’m not by an computer.

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