I {handled} it


The fro-yo loving in Colorado now  continues in NYC!

As I told you guys before, I always have to try new fro-yo places when traveling and I have been dying to try 16 handles!

After the Fitblog NYC event, Ashley and I went to get our fro-yo on, she was so sweet to show me the way there!

This place is the ish, I am telling you! Hands down the best fro-yo place I have been to since yogurtland in Maui!

Waffle bowls as an option, heck yes! I should of got that, rolled with a regular bowl though!

SO many flavors to choose from and each one had a screen that showed the flavor and the nutritional stats! Pretty cool! I did not pay any attention to the stats, haha! Good to know though if you wanted to know the details!

TOPPINGS!!!!!! The BEST part!!!!

Rainbow cookies for JULIE! <3


The finished product……

amazing right? I always go BIG! No other way to go with fro-yo!

It was amazing! I got graham cracker and peanut butter fro-yo with toppings galore as you see! Dark chocolate sauce to top it all of as well! 16 Handles, PLEASE come to Pittsburgh! I will keep you in business!

Fro-yo makes me happy  :mrgreen:

Oh and how perfect is this card?

So maybe that should be my name too  😉

Ahhhhh fro-yo I love you!

Who wants to go on a fro-yo world tour with me? 

Let’s do it!

Happy Thursday and see you beautiful friends in the morning! I am home and ready to smoosh my boys with love! I missed them so much!

Katie xoxo

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  1. says

    I wonder if I can convince my boyfriend to make a trip to Menchie’s tonight. 😉 And hey, I need soy milk, and Whole Foods is conveniently located in the same shopping mart. Hmmm…

  2. Hillary says

    Hey girl, can you do a post on how to eat healthy while traveling? I am gone 3 weeks this month with only a carry-on, living in hotels, and on a lot of planes. Would love to hear your ideas!!

    • Healthy Diva says

      Hey girl! I could for sure! I mean I do travel and bring healthy snacks with me or additions to add to something like almond butter squeeze packs! Sure I can do that!

  3. Gina B says

    I recently moved, and a 16 Handles opened up near me like a month after. I had never heard of it, but now we go at least once a week. I feel super-spoiled when I go to other froyo places and I wonder why there aren’t more flavor choices or rainbow cookies! :)

    • Healthy Diva says

      RAINBOW COOKIES are the jam! I died when I saw them , haha! I get a little too excited over things like that 😉

  4. says

    Heck yes! A place called Menchie’s just opened in my city (first fro-yo place!), been open for 7 days and we’ve been twice. Now I want to go tonight after seeing your photos!

    • Healthy Diva says

      YES! Let’s start in NYC and then go from there! Great seeing you as always! Hope to see you soon! <3

  5. says

    I’m totally down for a fro-yo world tour. I tried to g get my fro-yo on tonight. But, the hubby insisted on going to the nearest place which was a frozen custard place. Not the same! I was craving Yogurtland and mochi bits.

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