Super Salad


Happy Thursday!

The day got really busy in the afternoon yesterday with some errands,  family issue that arose, and a wrestling match I went to for my nephew.


I did manage to squeeze in a workout late morning, by squeeze I mean squeezed into my polar strap too, haha!



I did a routine of weights and cardio bursts, similar to one I made up on Sunday! I like to makeup my own fitness routines sometimes, just go with the flow! Great workout!



 Family Time

Ellis is a great wrestler, Canon Mac won the match and it was fun to see the boys kick butt!

IMG 6109

My other nephew sat by my side during the match, isn’t he the cutest ever?

IMG 6105

He also sat by his mom and posed for me while his mom was recording Ellis’s match, haha! Look at that smile!

IMG 6113

We had a fun time, always nice to see my boys!

Oh and sidenote, doesn’t my sisters phone case rock?! She loves skulls as well  😉

IMG 6110

I was hungry while at the match so I busted into my luna bar there, funny how it matched the school colors!

IMG 6115

Quick Fact ….

Luna Bars rock and are especially GREAT to eat during pregnancy since they contain folic acid, calcium, iron, and vitamin d!

Dinner last night was put together fast and easy, thanks to a super salad combo in a bag, grilled chicken , broccoli, and potatoes!

I picked this bag salad up at the store yesterday, pretty awesome stuff! I love that it had a variety of super foods in it!

IMG 0104

Super salad mix for sure  😀

IMG 0105

It was a great salad and a little more powerful than my typical salad, which was nice.

Last night I passed out early watching some Real Housewives of Atlanta and Top Chef, got to love Bravo. I sure do


Breakfast this morning is overnight oats with some dried pears, almond butter, and cinnamon on top. I am ready to dig into this!

IMG 0053

Can you tell I like cinnamon, woops!

IMG 0061

Time to fill the preggo belly and start the day!

Please send prayers to my family, just need some right now and nothing I want to discuss on here at the time. Thank you so much in advance <3

Happy Thursday friends and see you later a giveaway! It’s FIBERLICIOUS *hint hint *

Katie xo

Healthy Diva Asks…

Has anyone tried the new Starbucks vanilla drinks?  

I tired the vanilla blonde roast yesterday and loved it! I saw the spicy vanilla latte too, but was scared to try because I wasn’t sure if I would like it and lets face it, lattes are not cheap!

IMG 0096


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  1. Amy says

    Oh, I love Luna bars! Always my go to snack between classes and such.

    That phone case is so full of bling! 😉

    Haven’t tried the new Starbucks vanilla drinks yet but since I have so many Starbucks here I’m sure I will soon and report back.

    You and your family are in my prayers at this time <3 I hope everything works out all right and just know that you are amazing inside and out! Xx

  2. says

    your salad looks so freaking delicious !!!! and this coffee as well ; I love caramel macchiato, it’s my fav’ :):):) …. sadly, can get some only when i’m in Paris (I’m living in a town which doesn’t have any Starbucks at all ;(

  3. says

    I love vanilla flavored coffee (not vanilla flavor added, but, you know, vanilla beans), but when I tasted the Starbucks Blonde Roast I don’t remember loving it. I wonder if somehow the two combined would please my palate?

    That salad blend looks amazing! I’m loving roasted Brussels in my salads lately.

    [Bravo is the only thing I miss about not having cable. It’s probably a good thing, however, since I would watch way too much of it. Now I have to be at the gym on the elliptical to get my ‘fix.’ ;)]

  4. Deanna says

    Sending good thoughts and prayers to your family! I did not care for the vanilla spice latte at all. It was super strong! I want to try the vanilla blonde, did not know they even had that.

  5. says

    The spice vanilla latte is good! A cross between a vanilla latte and a chai latte. Pretty sure they just puts some pumps of chai in a vanilla latte! My vote would be try it!

  6. says

    Big hugs, hun. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts <3 Hope what ever it is isn't to serious and resolves itself soon.

    I often joke that I eat my cinnamon with a side of food. I use a ridiculous amount because I love it so much, but I learned the hard way that you can definitely get too much of a good thing 😆 And I haven't tried any of the new vanilla drinks, but I'm curious about the blonde roast!

  7. Erica Morais ( Maddie"s warrior Mom) says

    I love Luna bars =) Great snack when you are on the go. I will pray for your family. xo =)

  8. says

    Lemon is def. the best flavor Luna bars make!
    Since I am a huge Starbucks lover, I always get the skinny vanilla latte. The tall is only 90 calories. I haven’t brought myself to try the spicy one…yet

  9. says

    Bravo gets me through my sad days. The new Starbucks vanilla spice latte is AMAZING. It’s the best if you get it as a frappuchino. I got mine with an extra shot of espresso, soy milk, and no whipped cream. So freaking delicious. Praying for you<3

  10. gayle says

    many blessings and prayers sent to you and yours always. I love the healthydiva! you are the best way I start the day and have been my inspiration to seek out happiness and healthy living everyday.

  11. says

    Lots of love and prayers to your family Katie, I’m sure it will all be sorted – you are such a wonderful and positive person and I know you’re able to tackle any obstacle in your way. Or that of someone you love. That salad bag looks amazing, simple and so good for you. Have a great day!

  12. says

    AwwwI love when parents put their kids in activities like this! I remember when my niece was in karate and flipped a boy over; I was such a proud aunt haha

  13. says

    Ooh dried pears sound good! I’ve never seen them here – I’m a fan of dried apples though! Love the phone cover! Man oh man I wish we could get Luna bars in Ireland! What’s your all time favourite one?

  14. says

    Sending lots of prayers and good thoughts your way, love. Lemon zest luna bars are my new favorite flavor…and your nephew is absolutely adorable :)

  15. cathy says

    Hmmm potatoes in salad. Might have to try that. I know you love sweet potatoes. Next time you make some wedges/fries mix them with broccoli slaw and some Newmans own sesame dressing. It’s delish!

  16. Ashley Koehn says

    Prayers to you and your family, Katie. It’s so difficult to go through difficult times, but be gentle with yourself, and trust that everything will work out :) Lots of LOVE & big HUG!


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