Things I Know Tuesday


Things I Know Tuesday….

I know that a great workout started the week yesterday. I did a weight workout at home, strength training is my favorite and I have been doing it constantly during pregnancy too. Keeping my arms nice and strong, booty too with squats and lunges!

Oh my gosh Becky, LOOK AT THAT BUMP! ( haha, name that song that says that but it says butt instead! )

IMG 7023

I do love wearing my polar ft40, the strap is still fitting for now, haha!

IMG 7022

I know that I think this is the CUTEST site ever, baby clothes hung up! I started hanging Baby G’s clothes in his nursery closet. I am going to get some cute storage bins too and organize the closet real nice on top and bottom.

IMG 7033

I know that this stuff is a staple in our fridge, not ketchup but sriracha!

IMG 7041

I know that I am feeling amazing and I hope this continues on for the rest of pregnancy, if not, that is ok too. I will suck it up, all worth it!

IMG 7026

I know that ground turkey taco meat can be awesome on a sandwich instead of in a tortilla!

IMG 0619

I know that I love my overnight oats for breakfast this morning, they were layered with whipped cottage cheese goodness. SO creamy and SO good this way.

Seriously, try your oats this way. Whipped cottage cheese you just take 1/2 cup cottage cheese, stevia, little almond milk and blend up!

IMG 0623

IMG 0625

I know that this was my view for most parts of the day yesterday, but I got so much done including baby shower invites, nursery stuff, and more done!


IMG 7015

I know that I have 5 winners to announce for the Clif Crunch Bar Giveaway…..

#57 Laura, #23 Anna, #151 Devon, #25 Bethany, and #12 Danielle! If you are one of these lucky ladies, email your shipping info at

I know that I want all of you to have a fabulous Tuesday, so make sure that happens, mmmmmm k?!

See you later!

Katie xo

Healthy Diva Asks..

  • What do you like more, strength or cardio?
  • What is ONE thing you know today? 


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  1. says

    Uh, depends on the day. Sometimes Cardio, sometimes strength…..
    Your overnight oats look SO good! I love whipped cottage cheese, eat this so often. You look gorgeous with your bump girl!!!
    I know that today is SPRING!! We have sun and over 10 degrees °C, I can cycle without gloves and winterjacket – waited for that so long!!

  2. says

    This is hard! I love the feeling after a great run, but I love the empowerment I feel as I lift. I have to say both! I guess lifting would be my choice if I haaddd to pick! Don’t wanna lose these muscles I worked so hard for! I know that today is going to be a great day because I woke up and had a fantastic sweat session!

  3. says

    You do not only feel amazing but look just like that, too! Aww, Baby G will look adorable in all of his cute clothes. Shopping is fun already but I imagine shopping for baby clothes to be even more addictive if that’s possible :D.

    Today I know I’m so happy I want to sing and dance all day long for many reasons :).

  4. Tara says

    Baby clothes are just too cute (and addictive! They are so small you want to buy lots!)

    Hmm, I LOVE weights, I love to see my muscle! But I also like how I feel after a good run-but if I had to choose one over the other, always weights!

  5. says

    Oh tough one! I love cardio in the form of spinning, but love strength in the form of pilates. I can’t choose between them I don’t think!
    Loving the baby bump pictures! You are simply glowing, so exciting!!!
    One thing I know is that I’m excited to spend the day with my Sister today!

  6. says

    cardio 😉 And one thing I know is that I had a great run this morning and have had a fun time with the boys thus far…fingers crossed it continues 😛

  7. says

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I have DETESTED cardio lately. I am so much more of a strength girl. I think once the weather warms up, I’ll spice up cardio by taking it outdoors.

    I know that turkey chili you posted is making me crave it!! Like a pregnant lady! 😉 And your bump is too cute for words!!!

  8. Katie says

    I love me some Sriracha too! Staple in our house as well! I know chips are not healthy by any means but you have to splurge sometimes right? Ummm, have you tried the new Lays Sriracha chips? Obsessed….like ” Hunny, do an intervention and take these away!” I love them and thought I would share since you seem to love sriracha as much as I do! “I put that ish on everything!” 😉

  9. says

    Your bump has grown – how exciting – thanks for sharing:) I love cardio, but need to be strong to do cardio too:) I know that TODAY will be GREAT!!!

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