What I Ate/Made Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Damn, it has been a while since I hopped on the WIAW train, and I decided today would be a good day to. Well, technically it should be what I made Wednesday, since it’s recent recipes I cooked up! I ate them too, so that counts obviously, just not all on Wednesday.

I love Jenn, and excited to join her link up again!



Remember I shared dinner on Sunday night for MIMM? Well that was a meatloaf recipe I got off pinterest, and tried.

I went off this recipe here, but I added just spinach, one egg, garlic and herb, coconut aminos, and laughing cow garlic and swiss cheese!

Oh, and I only used 1lb ground turkey too!

IMG 2270

It turned out really good!

IMG 2269

I will be making it again! I am proud I finally made some recipes I have pinned, since I have soooooo many I want to make. I often go on pinning sprees, and can’t be stopped.

Yesterday it was a snowed in day, and I had two very ripe bananas to be used for something. I decided to go to pinterest to see what I could make, found this recipe I recently pinned. Perfect!

Now mine did not look like little balls, more like oat cluster cookies. SO GOOD!

I used this for chocolate since I am out of chocolate chips ( very sad )

IMG 2343

The recipe made 9 cookies, so delicious!

1 cup oats, chocolate chips or crushed up chocolate, 2 ripe bananas, and a big spoon of pb!

( I actually used my real camera to photo these, need to use it more! )

IMG 2977

IMG 2979

They are awesome, and easy as ever to make! Will be making these again!

Last thing I made, well can’t consider this homemade….

I got some pretty awesome protein pancake mixes to try this past weekend, I will be making some pancakes with some of the other flavors I was sent. I decided to do some donuts with the banana hazelnut mix I got, since it is not National Pancake Month yet! Look for me to be celebrating that with FlapJacked next month, excited!

IMG 2350

All you do is combine the mix and 1 cup of water to make some yummy pancakes, bread, or donuts…..

IMG 2352

They came out great! I had three this morning for breakfast topped with a greek yogurt pb frosting, mmmmmmmmm!

IMG 2356

IMG 2357

FlapJacked I am hooked already, can’t wait to make some awesome pancakes next month with the apple cinnamon and buttermilk flavors!

I would say that was a successful “What I Made/Ate Wednesday” for sure!

Wishing all of you a great day, temps are below zero over here so we plan on staying in. Unfortunately I do have to run my car to the dealer for yearly inspection, but after that is done I will be hibernating, and meditating/yoga at some point too.

IMG 2967

See ya later!

Katie xo

**CORE POWER WINNER –  #12 Becky Johnson

  • Anyone else go on recipe pinning sprees, yet never quite get to making the recipes you pin?
  • If you are on pinterest, what do you pin the most? I pin lots of recipes, inspiration, and beauty stuff!
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  1. Becky Johnson says

    Yay I won! I am so excited. I really wanted to win that!! Thanks Katie. How do I get you my info?

    I’ve been eyeing the donut pan. Looks like fun. Have fun with the snow. I wish we had just one snow day. We don’t ever get that. Ha!

  2. Tara says

    I love turkey meatloaf. Sometimes I will make them into muffins so i can grab them for lunch or a snack when I dont have time (or make and freeze).

    I have made those banana oats balls, and mine came out looking just like yours! And they are soo good, I didnt feel guilty downing 3-4 at a time since it was so healthy!

    have a great Wed!

  3. says

    All your stuff looks great hun! Turkey meatloaf is one of my favorite comfort meals when it’s cold out like this week! Very creative use of pancake mix too! Never would have thought to turn them into doughnuts 😛 I am on pinterest but I’m horrible with it, and usually end up forgetting it’s there ha. I’ll use it for quotes or gifs or something I need for a post, but I typically forget about the workouts or recipes I pin haha. Something to take another look at I suppose!

  4. says

    Yes I LOVE pinterest! I could spend (and do) spend hours pinning recipes and women’s fashion. Oh, and I love looking up tattoos! My goal this summer, once I’ve graduated from college, is to start making some of the tonsss of recipes I’ve pinned. Between not having enough time and a small kitchen here at school, it just isn’t feasible to make a lot of those meals. I will eventually though :)

  5. says

    I bought a donut pan and have yet to use it. I’m super excited because I move into my own place and will then have access to a full-sized oven!

  6. says

    Oh yes, Pinterest sucks me in every time! I really need to start actually looking at my pinboards and making some of the recipes!! Lol
    The meatloaf looks delicious, but I am drooling over those pancake donuts – so yummy!

  7. says

    Mmmm those donuts look great! I can’t wait to put my Flapjacked mix to use! I actually use Pinterest quite a bit for my dinner ideas. Whenever I see a recipe on a blog or on Pinterest that looks like a good recipe, I pin it to my “Dinner Ideas” board and always go there each week for inspiration. Other than that, I pin fashion/outfit ideas, home decor inspiration, & activities/crafts for when Hunter gets a little older.

  8. says

    This all looks so good. I actually have some bananas to use, and these cookies will make a great change from banana bread (which I love, but have had a piece every day this week to use it up!). Stay warm!

  9. says

    I totally get on pinning sprees! Sometimes it’s recipes, sometimes it’s outfits, and other times, it’s cool graphic ideas, but there’s never enough time to pursue everything that inspires me. I think I’m going to give a couple things a try this weekend. Here’s to hoping at least :)

  10. says

    Ahh, all of your creations look so good! The load savory and the donuts and cookies balls as sweets. I will definitely need to make some recipes from some pins on m Pinterest. I do go on those sprees. I think maybe a little too often.. 😉

  11. says

    I am the same way with pinning! I have so many boards and recipes that I pin and have yet to make. I have a question, how do you make those doughnuts? Do you have a doughnut maker or do you form them into the shape? They look absolutely amazing.

  12. says

    I pin all the time and never get around to trying all the things I pin. I’m trying to make it a goal to try out some of those pins. I haven’t tried anything from Pinterest that I didn’t like.

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