What I Got { TJ’s } Wednesday


Before anything, breakfast was awesome.

Overnight oats in a jar with some oats, oikos vanilla greek yogurt, strawberries, and almond milk. Overflowing, how it should be. Now the only sad part, I used up my almond butter, but I fixed that problem as you will see later in the post.

IMG 6529

Breakfast, I love you.

Moving on from my breakfast affair ( haha ) I went to my favorite store yesterday after my hot yoga class. One dangerous thing about the yoga studio I practice/train at, it’s right near Trader Joe’s and Fresh Market. I pass them both all the time, but of course have to pop in too when I need some essentials.

Trader Joe’s always has the best stuff. I had to get stocked back up on a couple things, but of course got some other stuff as well  😉

The goods…

Strawberry yogurt o’s and Barbeque popped chips. I never had the popped chips, but I thought they looked pretty good, hoping I was right. The cereal, well that is crack and I can eat a box in a day.

IMG 6503

Dark chocolate covered almonds, ummmm yes! I thought these would be a great sweet treat, and also good on oats!

IMG 6504

My favorite brand of bread, food for life. I find it for the best price at TJ’s too, and I love their cinnamon raisin kind as well.

IMG 6505

Fuji apple freeze dried slices, YES! My favorite type of apple ( besides honeycrisp ) freeze dried!

IMG 6506

Clif mojo bars, we can never be without these in the house!

IMG 6507

Apple carrot fruit crushers, thought Rocco might like these.  I always buy him organic pouches, but these will be good to try!

IMG 6508

My beloved almond butter. Yessssssssssssss.

IMG 6509

Just beet it! Love beets, I even just eat these in a bowl, I don’t get too fancy with them.

IMG 6510

Avocados! Who could live without them?

IMG 6511

Butternut squash, yum! I am lazy, so I buy the pre-cut always!

IMG 6512

Cranberry almond grain medley was new to me. Excited to try this stuff, and thinking it would be good with crackers or on a bed of spinach.

IMG 6513

One of my favorites, tomato basil hummus!

IMG 6514

Frozen green figs, these were a new product find! Excited to use these in a smoothie, but trying to figure out the perfect combo  :mrgreen:

IMG 6515

Trader Joe’s rocks! I love so many of their products and the prices as well!

Happy Wednesday friends! Rainy one here today, which means a day inside for us. Only thing on our agenda is to go to the regular grocery store to pick some stuff up!

Have a great day!

Katie xo

What is ONE of your favorite TJ’s products?

What kind of smoothie should I make with the figs?

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  1. V says

    Who gives a shit what you bought? You’re just an uneducated SAHM who was lucky enough to marry a lawyer so you can sponge off his money.

    • violet valencia says

      I agree V, showing these pics with scrappy captions is pretty useless & a waste of time for readers. No content whatsoever. She can’t take constructive criticism even though she really needs it

        • Melissa says

          That’s what I’m wondering Kim? Did it make you feel better to put someone down just because they are trying to share their story? Show some class! Thank you Katie, I’m a 36 year old woman that is desperately trying to lose weight and learn how to eat healthy. I love being able to read blogs, finding new ideas, and health tips. I can’t not stand when people put other people down to make themselves feel better!

      • K says

        Exactly what piece of your criticisms have been “constructive”? Certainly your comments over the past few days haven’t been constructive. Maybe you need to look into what that term means. I feel sorry for people like you, that must be so miserable in their own life all they can do is put other people down. Putting someone down for thinking their own child is cute and saying it? Get a life, you’re pathetic.

      • N says

        You are both so negative. If you don’t like what she has to say/share, the easiest thing to do is ignore the post and move on. Why leave a comment to bring her down? I don’t normally comment on blogs, but I feel like your comments are just mean at heart and she doesn’t deserve them. Katie has obviously inspired and helped so many people. It’s one thing to disagree, but a whole other thing to hit below the belt and make a comment that is meant to hurt. Perhaps if you took some of her positive energy and put it into your own life you might not feel the need to put other people down on a blog….

      • Jamie says

        If you review the remaining comments on this post, it is clear that some readers do enjoy and relate to posts like this…

    • tara says

      Yum, love EZ bread.
      I also cannot leave with out the frozen Polenta w/spinach and carrots-great quick & easy side.

      Love the squash. My aunt use to make a casserole of mashed butternut sqaush w/sauteed onions and cheese-mix all together, place in baking dish. Bake for about 20 mins…sooo good!!!

    • Lou says

      Keep your nasty comments and opinions to yourself. There is no need for them here. If you have an issue just leave the blog and stop reading.Pproblem solved!! there is no need to gain satisfaction from bringing someone else down with nasty words.

  2. says

    Oh my gosh my favorite TJ’s product is their sunflower seed butter! I have always gotten the almond butter but I decided to try out the sunflower seed butter to switch it up (plus it is cheaper!) and guess what.. I loved it! Better than almond butter and peanut butter in my book! I just hope the rest of the world doesn’t discover this and make the price go up haha

  3. Maggie says

    You actually got me hooked on one of my fave TJ’s products: Greek Yogurt Guacamole. I also can’t get enough of their dark-chocolate covered pretzels.

  4. april says

    my tj’s shopping trips look really similar to yours – i usually buy a bag of avocados, ezekiel bread or tortilla wraps, protein bars, and lots of fresh produce. i love buying pre-cut butternut squash, too, because i’m terrified of cutting off my finger while trying to slice into one! haha :)

  5. says

    Love the dark peanut butter cups at TJ’s and last me a good 3 to 4 months :) I think you should try a chocolate or green smoothie with the figs and let us know your smoothie recipe. Love exploring TJ’s! Happy Hump Day :)

  6. says

    we have a lot of the same staples. definitely avocados!!! ok so the butternut squash, i buy allll the time. i steam mine for like 10 minutes and mash it up with salt and pepper and damn it’s good! and sometimes i add a bit of butter bc it makes it all the more amazing. :)

  7. Kristen says

    I do my weekly shopping at Trader Joes!! I love it there!! Wyatt loves their fruit pouches, apple carrot, apple banana and apple strawberry! Whenever I take one out he kicks his feet and screeches for them!! I know Rocco will love!! Happy Wednesday beautiful momma!! 😉

  8. says

    I LOVE Ezekiel bread and you are right… TJ’s always has the cheapest price on it! I am a major fan of their almond butter, too! Now if I could only break my habit of Justin’s maple and vanilla flavors…they are just SO good!

  9. says

    Sigh…bad, bad question, Katie…how about everything from TJ’s? No? Okay, one thing….I’d have to say their almond butter because it’s legitimately good, creamy, healthy, and soooo cheap! I always try to find cheap ab but I think theirs is the most reasonably price.

    • Healthy Diva says

      Haha, hard to pick just one thing 😉

      Yes, their almond butter is priced well, and I love it!

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