Worthy Or Worthless?



We all have choices in life, we all have different paths in life, we all have our own beliefs.

Sometimes, we forget important choices we have, and it can destroy our happiness or make us miss out on our dreams or goals.

Owning your WORTH is a big part of being happy. Sometimes we forget how amazing we are, doubt ourselves too much, listen to what others think of us or tell us what we are, or fear we can’t do big things!

Are you worthy or worthless?

Seriously, where do you stand right now?

Is someone making you feel worthless? 

Is that voice in your head saying you’re worthless?

Do you compare yourself to others and feel worthless?

Did  you fail at something and feel worthless because of it?

Well, get that “worthless” state of mind out of your head.

Get rid of that person or the people who make you feel worthless, they are no good for you.

Erase that voice from your head that is telling you that you are not worthy.

Stop comparing yourself to others that you feel are worthy, and making yourself feel like nothing compared to them. You are WORTHY.

Don’t let a failure make you feel worthless. Trying is not failure, you are amazing and will fall a million times, but always get back up! 


Just a friendly and positive reminder from me  😉

Katie xo

Own your worth and show the world what you’re made of, every day!






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  1. says

    I am OWNING IT!!!

    I feel a little hopeless when it comes to my professional life, but that just means that the time is not now and to let it go and let it happen on its own :)

  2. says

    Thank you for that great reminder! I find yoga is very helpful with feeling like I have worth, particularly when I truly get into it and stop caring if I’m not as flexible as the other people in the room.

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