Mango Tilapia { guac } Wrap

Afternoon! The day is flying by!

THANK YOU so much for the sweet comments about my second bridal shower! I agree, small and special is the best!

I have been getting so MANY Wedding things done today! I feel amazing!

–  wedding reception dress found! Do you want me to share?

– Final Food Selections for each person almost done!

– Transportation day of wedding, Done! We are going School Bus / Party bus style!

–  Rehearsal Shoes came today!


I am in LOVE with them! They will be perfect for the rehearsal dinner! Only prob is, I have skinny heels, so a little big in the back, but Im thinking a shoe insert could help!


Guess what? I have been so un-creative with lunches, well basically lunch and dinner lately, so I made  up for it TODAY!


I spotted this at the grocery store today, and I knew I had to buy it and use it on something!


I decided to use it with lunch  😀


I created a Mango Tilapia and Guacamole Wrap!

I took a Whole Wheat Pita Wrap, spread some guacamole, mango pico de gallo, and topped it with a piece of Tilapia ( frozen tilapia but still amazing! )


It was So good! Actually it was amazing  😉 I say this is a perfect wrap for summer!


Veggies as well  😉 have to eat plenty of veggies in my daily life! Love them!


Oh and while I was at the grocery store ( super walmart ) something slipped into my cart  😉


Essie did ……..woops! Don’t tell Mike! ha! He might send me to nail polish rehab!


Do you love a good wrap? What is your favorite wrap combo?


Off to get some more stuff done!

Will be back to share the reception dress! Cookie bags too! They came and look awesome!!

Katie xoxo

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  1. says

    This wrap looks so amazing! I love wraps. I just like throwing in a ton of veggies and avocado for creaminess. I think you must have every color of polish that Essie makes! You’re too cute.

  2. says

    Omigosh I love your shoes! Nude shoes are so versatile that I bet you will wear them a lot after the rehearsal too! I have that same problem and tend to walk out of shoes, so sometimes I will add an insert or I think they make special heel ones? Let me know if you find one that works! Can’t wait to see your reception dress!

    • Katie says

      Thanks girl!! Yes I need to go look for a shoe insert!!

      Congrats on winning! I got your email!!! Will send it off this week!!

  3. says

    that wrap looks great – I love mango with grilled fish, and avocado completes it! YUM. I want to come to your house for lunch…

    and I laughed out loud at the nail polish – just jumped into your cart, right?? 😀

    • Katie says

      Yeah it jumped in and I decided not to fight back and let it stay! : ) ha!

      U may come over anytime for lunch!

  4. Katie says

    Yes! Party bus style! woot woot!

    I have never tried a sunshine burger yet! I need to! I always buy boca’s!


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