MIMM #105 Rocco’s Birthday in Wisconsin and More!

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

We had a great past week at Mike’s moms house in Wisconsin, visiting family and celebrating Rocco’s birthday with them on July 4th! We made our way back home Saturday, long 9 hour drive back, but better than the drive in. We decided to drive in the day, so we left early morning hoping Rocco would do ok, even though he would be up most of the time.

Luckily little man did awesome! He is seriously such a good baby, we are SO lucky!

Anyways, we are just glad to be home and trying to get back to our routine over here. It was nice to visit, but always good to be home and man did we miss our little home!

Today, is not going to be a marvelous day, due to Rocco getting his 1 year shots  :-(

But, going to make the best of the day and hope he doesn’t have a bad reaction from them or too much pain.

So, let’s focus on the marvelous even though that is going on! Marvelous highlights from Rocco’s birthday party, how we celebrated being home, and a cute video!


Mike’s mom had a nice birthday party for Rocco on July fourth at her home. Was so nice to celebrate with Mike’s family, some who were just meeting Rocco for the first time! We are so glad we got to get out there so he could meet his great grandpap , great grandma, and other family!

Anthony was not with us on this trip, as some of you might of wondered where he was! Nope, we didn’t leave him home alone, haha! Anthony is 14, and he had lots of fun plans for the week and especially on July fourth here at home with family and friends. We gave him the choice to come with us or stay behind with family here, and he wanted to stay. I was at first thinking I should just make him go, but he is 14 and this is his summer break where he should be having fun. I knew it would be boring for him if he went with us, so that is why he was not there!

We missed him, but he did have a fun week and had a fun fourth of July with my family. I was glad! He deserves to have as much fun as possible this summer, before it’s back to the school grind!

Some pics from the celebration in Wisconsin….

and Rocco decided he did not want to wear his shorts, so he is pants-less  😆




Great grandma!




Have to thank Uncle Mike for the food! He got it all catered, was so awesome of him! There was even more food than this, but here is just a quick pic I got!



Tried to get a pic of the little ones, but didn’t work out too good! Mike’s cousins kids with Rocco!




Birthday cake for Rocco and dad! Mike’s birthday is July 20th!





Great grandma, grandma, Mike, and Rocco! ( great grams boyfriend Ron photo bombing in the back! Ha!)





A little happy birthday singing video  😀




Saturday we got back late afternoon from our trip, and we were so happy to see our house, relax, and Rocco was excited to play with some new toys!

He loves his tunnel set he got <3





And we got some take out from our favorite place Bean Curd Saturday night to celebrate being home and a great past week!




A great past week and weekend for sure. So many things and people to be grateful for in my life. Rocco was so good with his first big trip and is such a big boy now! I still can’t believe he is one years old!

Hoping the shots are not horrible, wish us luck!



Happy Monday, friends!

Katie xo


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  1. says

    Yay Happy Birthday Again Rocco! Mommy and baby, be strong today with those shots….we all know that they aren’t fun for either party!

  2. says

    Shots are never fun. The only upside is that my little guy usually sleeps really well the night after. He starts to get really fussy near bedtime… I think the Tylenol helps!

  3. says

    Good luck with Rocco’s shots! Eleanor did well the 1st day, but about 10 days later everything set in and she was pretty miserable! He’ll do great with mama’s comfort though :)

  4. says

    I remember being Anthony’s age. When my parent’s first gave me the option to stay home or go on a family trip, I was more than excited to stay home “by myself” and enjoy plans of my own. Those were the days :-) Happy Birthday Rocco and Mike! Glad to see you had a marvelous holiday <3 <3

  5. Dyanna says

    I so remember the first time I got to stay home when my family went on “vacation”! We live in Alabama but all of our family was is Texas. (dad was with the Gov. so we had to move for his job) I was so freaken excited that I didn’t have to go! Looking back now I wish I had gone, but dang was it fun to think I was able to make my own decisions lol. The last picture of you and Rocco is just precious!!! Fingers crossed the shots won’t be bad!!!

  6. says

    you’re such a good mom. I know both boys love and respect you! and glad you all got time away with rocco and other family. That’s so important. Good luck with shots friend. hugs!

  7. eisha says

    OMG! Happy Birthday Rocco and Mike! It’s so amazing they shared their bday together! And omg! I loved the video – he is such a cute baby!!!! Do you think you will post more videos of him?

  8. april says

    sounds like a marvelous long weekend! you can seriously tell that it was full of fun and love! you’re such a great mom, katie :) rocco and anthony are lucky boys!

    i still can’t believe rocco is already one. so crazy! he just keeps getting cuter and cuter, though :)

  9. says

    I still can’t believe it’s Rocco’s first birthday already. This might be an old people saying but isn’t time flying by incredibly fast?? Either way it looks like you had a great birthday weekend with Mike’s family. The video is really cute and that last picture of you and Rocco is totally adorable.
    Happy Monday and I hope those shots didn’t hurt too much for your little man.

  10. says

    I can remember being 14 and just wanting to do my own thing and not miss out on any friend activities, so it was nice of you to arrange for Anthony to stay home with fam. And that take-out from Bean Curd – YUM! I love me some seaweed salad.

  11. Pua says

    Wow, did Rocco grow up overnight? What a cutie! I love the color of his hair! I hope he survived those shots. :-(
    Have to ask… were those cucumber rolls? They look delish!


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