Diva Spill Friday


  Happy Friday! Don't forget, Lesser Evil Giveaway will end tonight! I will announce winner Monday! 1. My moms birthday dinner celebration was great on Wednesday night! We went to one of her favorite places, called Napoli's" for dinner. The cake was beautiful my dad got her, the wine ( apothic red ) was amazing, and always a great time with Read More »

{VLOG} Diva Approved For July!


Happy THURSDAY! I am so excited for the weekend to be close and so happy I am feeling better! Thanks for all the well wishes! Boob is doing ok, haha! I just pray it stays good  8-O Since I want to do vlogs once a week, I decided to do a "Diva Approved" vlog style! Also, I might of said "seitan" wrong and I am an aholeeeeee. LOL. Sorry! Ok, enjoy the goodies I am loving Read More »

Lesser Evil Giveaway!


      Hey, friends! All went good yesterday, even though it was probably the most painful thing I felt in my life, besides natural labor. Haha! The doctor has high hopes that my left breast is now ok, and I will go back in two weeks to see if it is still staying ok. Praying this worked! Thumbs up after getting shizit done! So grateful I have Read More »

Truth Tuesday


  Happy Tuesday!!! Truth- I am scared as eff to get my boob procedure done today! Hey, nobody likes pain, it is natural to feel. I just hope they can fix it and I will not need surgery again. Fingers crossed! I am keeping a smile on my face and going to be happy when it's over! Grateful to be healthy and for each day I get in life. This is nothing! Truth- I Read More »

MIMM #158 Dinner that Left Us Wanting More


Happy Monday! Although I am not too excited about this week, due to my doctor appt tomorrow to possibly pop my left breast. I am excited for a fresh new week, happy to be alive, and grateful for all in life! Damn we had the BEST dinner of our lives on Saturday night, seriously I want to eat there every day. Sharing the dining spot that stole our hearts, and more weekend Read More »

Vlog – My Skincare Routine and Cystic Acne Miracle


MainGuys! So happy the video upload worked today! Weeeeeeeeee! Here is my vlog sharing my current skincare products I use,  my routine, and my cystic acne miracle! If you have ANY questions, please leave them in a comment! I am so happy I was able to do this vlog and share my skincare routine with you guys! Have a lovely Friday and cheers to the weekend! Main Read More »

Dear Body…


Today I wanted to revisit this post from 3 years ago. I have come so far and I am SO proud. I have found a healthy relationship with my body, I get a regular period,  my body is strong, and I had a healthy baby that is now two. This road was not easy,  nothing worth it is. I have never been more confident or more in tune with my body. I don't have a certain cheat day, worry Read More »

Want To Go Back Wednesday


Can I go back to sangria and sunshine by the pool?   Can I have a whole gym to myself again?   Can I wear fancy socks in a comfy as ever bed that is made for me every day again?   Can I walk down this amazing hallway every day?   Can I take cheesy pics with my sister again?  :lol:   Can I have all the Read More »

Truth Tuesday ( Omni Resort Girls Trip Rocked )


- Drinks by the pool, and relaxation. - No worries, just sangria!   -  Sister time is the best time!   -Cheese plates with honey from a local beehive! YES! Amazing!   -  Sister selfies <3   - Dinner at Crystal Room, amazinggggggggggg.   - I am not a chocolate dessert fan, so my sister made up Read More »

MIMM #157 Holiday Weekend Hashtag Style


I am currently on a girls getaway with my sister, savoring every moment! I have a facial appointment this morning, will be glorious! We had an amazing day yesterday and great dinner last night, I will share all that in a recap for sure! For now, I have to share some love for MIMM! The best day of the week! I love seeing all the blog link ups, you guys are AMAZING! Thanks Read More »