Feel Younger, Be Vibrant!


Disclosure:  “I received product and additional compensation from Institute for Vibrant Living in exchange for writing this post to help promote the Feel Younger, Be Vibrant campaign. The opinions of the products mentioned in this post are my own. Any results I experienced from using these products are my own.”   Happy Tuesday! Today I am excited to share with you Read More »

MIMM #169 A Just What We Needed Weekend!


Happy Monday! Welcome to a new week and a fresh start! I start PIYO today, and I am SUPER excited! I have my current challengers in my challenge group doing PIYO or 21 Day Fix., and I am excited for them to start today! I can't wait to see their results weekly, and to have some fun in my challenge group as well! They are always fun and so powerful! This past weekend was Read More »

Diva Spill Friday


  1.Watching Rocco play is the sweetest thing. Oh the imagination of a child, so precious! He lovessssssss his trains! 2. Ummmm...whoever is giving these out for halloween, I am coming to your HOUSE trick or treating! 3. And the scent of fall begins to take over the house, one candle at a time! 4. Wendy's actually has some pretty decent options for a healthier Read More »

Those Funks…


Embrace them. Embrace the bumps, the not so great times, the not so great days. Sometimes you just need a good cry, and that can be the best medicine. Man, I cried a good cry the other day and I needed it. You have to do that, it releases so many emotions and feels so good. Not every day is good, but always see the good in each day. Some days you just need some Read More »

My Favorite Frozen Protein Treat Giveaway!


Guys! I love you all! Yesterday was one of those days where I should of just stayed in bed and locked my door. Lol. We all have those days, and we all have to embrace them with a laugh and open arms. Really though, I have not felt like myself since before vacation, and I hope to feel better soon! We all go through times on our lives where we just don't feel so great. But, Read More »

Truth Tuesday


      Thanks for all the love on great grams passing. Yesterday was beautiful, we celebrated her life and it really was a sad, but beautiful day. Truth Tuesday... Truth- I have never felt SO overwhelmed and overjoyed at the same time. My blog business is busy as ever, and so is my coaching! Yesterday was one of those days that I just felt like work Read More »

MIMM #168 Last Of Vacation Highlights!


Today we are saying good bye to great gram, and I will be busy most of the day with Anthony and his dad's family. Thank you all for the love and prayers, means so much <3 I wanted to share the last of vacation for MIMM, with a spill of pics! Hope you enjoy them, and man I miss vacation. This vacation was a real relaxing one, where I didn't worry about work and had time to Read More »

Quick Check In Friday

Our internet is not working , and it hasn't really been great at all this week. We are headed off to go home this morning, and I have to say it will be nice to have my internet again. I feel SO behind with work! Although it was a fun vacation, it was hard as great gram was going to pass any day. We, she passed yesterday and I a glad she's in peace now. But, it's been tough Read More »

Igniting My Fitness with Puma Ignite XT


    You guys know I loveeeeee tennis shoes. Ok, I have an obsession! I really love shoes for training in, since I do most workouts at home and most of my workouts I need a good tennis shoe with support, lightness, and for training! I was SO excited to receive these PUMA Ignite XT sneakers, as part of a campaign through FitFluential. Puma sent me their Read More »

Some Days Are Meant To Be Lazy


Yesterday was one of those days that was meant to be lazy. I wasn't feeling so great, and we didn't have much planned. Mike surfed yesterday for most of the day, and Rocco and I pretty much were bums. Rocco and I were going to walk, but it was SO hot out that we skipped out on that. We did play outside a little, and he loves this white rocking chair. I want one for Read More »