Crop it Out {Style}

by Healthy Diva on April 2, 2015


I am currently sick with a bad head cold/sinus junk, blahhhhhhhhhh. I came down with it yesterday morning and hoping to kick its ass since I have the most amazing date night with my love tonight. Yes, tonight is the Beauty and the Beast play! I got the tickets for christmas, if you remember this […]


What I Love Wednesday

by Healthy Diva on April 1, 2015


So much to love, so little time. What I Love Wednesday… These Yasso Coffee Chocolate Chip greek yogurt bars. OMG, if you love coffee and chocolate, boom. These are my favorite Yasso bars yet, get your face to the store and get a box!   I always love to share fitness apparel I love, this […]


Hashtag Style Tuesday

by Healthy Diva on March 31, 2015


Happy Tuesday, friends! Thanks for all the sweet and wonderful compliments on my new look! I am really digging it, too! Definitely still catches me off guard when I look in the mirror. Rocco is used to it already, so that’s good! He was very confused at first, now he knows mom just went cray […]


MIMM #143 I’m Blonde and Birthday Cake Obsession!

by Healthy Diva on March 30, 2015


Hello, Monday  How lovely we meet again and how lovely it is to meet when there is MIMM involved. I’m just going to dive right into the weekend highlights, especially since I am extra excited to share my new do! I just have to give a HUGE shout out to my BFF Cassie who worked […]


Diva Spill Friday

by Healthy Diva on March 27, 2015


1. So my hair is effing cray. I am talking rat hair, like fro style and crazy hair that is thick as ever. Hair that causes a shower drain to clog, a plumber to come, and being out 100 bucks. Oh, my husband loves me SO much. Hey, it was the first time it clogged […]


The Little Things

by Healthy Diva on March 26, 2015


Yesterday was a day of not really focusing on too much, just hanging out with my little man all day. I am grateful I can be a mom and grateful for all the little things in life, for they are the big things. I think sometimes in life, we get too busy and forget to […]


What Ya Know About Me Wednesday

by Healthy Diva on March 25, 2015


    Here are some little things, you may or may not know about me…. I am an early riser and LOVE getting up and having my quiet time before anyone else in the house is up. I also can’t deal with anyone else being up and trying to talk to me before coffeeeeeee. So, […]


Diva Approved Style Tuesday

by Healthy Diva on March 24, 2015


Happy Tuesday, friends! I got a busy one ahead, well a busy change that I will fill you in on this week. Change is good and change is how I roll, never stop evolving in life. This is no life change, just a fun change! Today I have some recent Diva Approved things I am […]



What a weekend! A birthday celebrating weekend over here. Anthony turned 15 yesterday, I somehow managed to not drink too much wine the night before while crying myself to sleep. I tell ya, enjoy EVERY SINGLE DAY of life, it goes way too fast. I swear it was yesterday I was a 17 year old […]


Diva Spill Friday

by Healthy Diva on March 20, 2015


1. Weekend is here! A full weekend we have over here, too. Chipotle kind of night as always on Friday, tomorrow I am taking Anthony out to his favorite place for his birthday for dinner! Since it is tough taking Rocco out to eat, Anthony and I are just going to dinner and then getting […]


Goldfish Goes Gluten Free Baked Puff Style!

by Healthy Diva on March 19, 2015


**Disclaimer- This post is sponsored on behalf of Pepperidge Farm. While I was compensated and given free product, all thoughts and opinions are my own.   I was so excited to see one of my favorite snacks when I was younger, come out with a new snack that is a blast of cheese and puff! […]


What Wednesday?

by Healthy Diva on March 18, 2015


Happy Wednesday! No spring like weather here today, enjoyed it while it lasted on Monday for sure! Well, today will be cold and we have plans to head to Barnes and Noble for story time. We might head to the Disney Store as well, Rocco loves to just look around in there. Little kid heaven, […]


Outside Finally and Free Ice Cream

by Healthy Diva on March 17, 2015


    Yesterday was one of the best days everrrrrrrrrrrr! You know me, I get excited and happy about the most simplest things! Yesterday the weather was finally nice and very springlike with temps in the 60’s.  A park and walk outside was on the agenda to go enjoy the weather and sunshine! The stroller […]


MIMM #141 Eats and Easter Bunny Surprise Stop

by Healthy Diva on March 16, 2015


    Happy Mondayyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Another week to kick butt and to look forward to! And, it is going to be 65 here today! I am hoping Rocco and I get out for a little walk, as we have an appointment in the morning and hope to get a walk/park before lunch. The weekend weather wasn’t […]


Diva Spill Friday

by Healthy Diva on March 13, 2015


1. Anyone else shocked it is March 13th? Oh, Friday the 13th as well I just am realizing! Crazy how fast March is going! 2. The sun was shiningggggggggg and spring was giving us a little tease over here yesterday. Love being able to open my sunroof and feeling the breeze. All weekend is going […]


Spring Style Picks That I Love

by Healthy Diva on March 12, 2015


Spring is almost here! Not that I am counting down the days, hours, or minutes  I already have done some spring shopping after purging lots of clothes from last spring. I am more than ready to rock some cute spring style and wanted to share some picks I love. JUMP SUITS// I have some issues […]


What I Love Wednesday

by Healthy Diva on March 11, 2015


Morning! As I type this up, I am a little worn out over here from lifting weights for the first time in 6 weeks. PHEW! I got the clearance from my doctor yesterday to be able to do some light weights with higher reps, so this morning I used 8lb dumbbells to get my strength […]

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