HIIT It Review + Breakfast Cookie Dough Cereal

by Healthy Diva on January 7, 2015


You know what’s great? When you see good things happen to good people and when you see someones dreams come true. Well,  my friend Gina is one of those good people who just had a dream come true. Gina who is the beauty behind www.thefitnessista.com, had her first book released this week! A dream she […]


I Am…

by Healthy Diva on January 6, 2015


I am in love with this “little guy” more and more each day.   I am excited to see these Thomas English Muffins, back! One of my favorites!   I am loving Taboo! We played it for a family game night Sunday, it is fun! Can’t believe I never played! Oh, Heads Up is a […]


MIMM #131 My Favorite Winter Workout

by Healthy Diva on January 5, 2015

Disclosure: This post was sponosred by Target ® C9 through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Target ® C9 all opinions are my own.   Happy Monday, guys! I am excited to share with you guys today, my favorite winter workout for MIMM!     Now, where […]


A Fishy NYE 2014

by Healthy Diva on January 2, 2015


Brilliant title, haha! But, it was a fishy NYE over here. We had a quiet night, wine, and a delicious meal! We were debating between sushi at our favorite place or Bonefish Grill, and Bonefish won. I wanted us to have a fancy dinner in since we couldn’t go out to dinner. Plus, I was […]


In 2015…

by Healthy Diva on January 1, 2015

- I see a fresh start to a beautiful new year. I am not a resolution style girl, I just live day to day and live to the fullest. But, daily goals and plans, yes! -I want to deepen my yoga practice and hopefully find a job teaching again somewhere! -I want to manage my […]



by Healthy Diva on December 31, 2014


Was pretty awesome. The new year we rang in with a date night at our favorite place Juniper Grill, sangria included. ( technically December )     Rocco was 6 months and so little!   February… Rocco had his first valentines day!       We celebrated valentines day with sushi and froyo. Yessssss.   […]


Truth Tuesday

by Healthy Diva on December 30, 2014


Happy Tuesday! Last Tuesday of 2014, woot woot! Tomorrow is NYE and I will be ready to ring in 2015 and ready to use my new Lorna Jane diary. I have been SO excited to use it. Truthhhhhhh. Other truths… – Truth…my sons got me  the BEST gift in the world for christmas! I can’t […]


MIMM #130 Christmas Highlights

by Healthy Diva on December 29, 2014


Happy Monday! Can’t believe christmas is here and gone! One thing not gone, Rocco’s sickness. He is still fighting it over here, although he is much better. We have been laying low all weekend since he isn’t feeling well. Mike built some of his new toys, we cleaned lots, I got old toys stored up […]


Diva Spill Friday

by Healthy Diva on December 26, 2014


Hope all my friends who celebrate…had a Merry Christmas! I want to do a full recap of ours on Monday, since I am short on time today and have a sick little man on my hands. Christmas was a little rough over here. But, we made the best of it and are praying maybe tomorrow […]


We Wish You…

by Healthy Diva on December 25, 2014


A Merry Christmas! Hope your day is filled with love, happiness, and peace!   Love, Mike, Katie, Anthony, and Rocco xo    


All Ready!

by Healthy Diva on December 24, 2014


Merry Christmas Eve! Can’t believe the time is here already! All Ready! Got my christmas red nails going on….   Got tape and some more wrapping paper at target. Of course, I got sucked in for something else, too. ( the sea salt caramel one was the win )   Wrapped all the gifts while […]


Tuesday Rambles

by Healthy Diva on December 23, 2014


  – My nails need some loving, they look horrible and I am hoping to get them fixed up today. So nice it’s the middle fingers that are ruined  – I wanted to get Rocco’s group of teachers at daycare some sweet treats for christmas as a thank you. I picked up these goodies from […]


MIMM #129 Silent Weekend Highlights

by Healthy Diva on December 22, 2014


Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday today! I can’t believe christmas is this week, I am so excited to see my boys open gifts christmas morning and just to be with my loved ones. Mike has been SO sick since Wednesday, finally on the mend. So things have been quiet over here due to that. […]


Diva Spill Friday

by Healthy Diva on December 19, 2014


1. It’s FRIYAY! How excited are we all? Last weekend to do christmas shopping and 6 days until christmas! I finished up my christmas shopping yesterday, except for two things I have to still pick up. SO happy to be done and I am so ready to spend a beautiful holiday with all of my […]


Diva Approved (12-18)

by Healthy Diva on December 18, 2014


Happy Thursday! I am up bright and early over here and got in a 20 minute strength training session to start my day off strong. Excited to share some “Diva Approved” things with you today. I really need to make a diva approved widget, maybe one day! Diva Approved – Quest vanilla milkshake protein powder. […]


6 Things YTT Taught Me

by Healthy Diva on December 17, 2014


I became a yoga teacher this past June, after graduating from my 200 hour yoga teacher training. I knew going in it would be a hard and long 3 months of training with LOTS if yoga. But, I didn’t realize how MUCH the training would change me in an amazing way beyond yoga. I could […]


Two Word Tuesday

by Healthy Diva on December 16, 2014


-Sweetest moments.   – Finally hung!   – Christmas productivity!   – Toddler approved!   – Favorite sneakers!   – Chicken legs! ( gets em from his mama, haha! )   –  Those curlssssssssssss!   – Mat love!   -True words!   Happy Tuesday, friends! I am definitely trying to get the last of my […]

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