Staying Strong, Meal Delivery & New Kicks!


Hey Hey Hey! MIMM was POPPING yesterday, as it is every week! Thanks to all of YOU, MIMM is always the best way to start the week! Thank you for all those who joined in! Lots if you seemed to share my love for Noodles and Co. too! Glad we can agree on that! Yesterday was a day that I knew would need some extra power to get through. Please no judging, just loving. Yes, Read More »

MIMM #164 Hashtag Style is My Favorite Style!


Happy Monday! You guys know I love my hashtags, so it's going to be a hashtag style Monday over here! Weekend Highlights hashtag style for MIMM!   #sangriaandsushiarethebestthingsinlife   #pfchangsfridaynightdinnerdelight #postdirtythirtyselfiecausemyshortshadtobephotographed Read More »

Diva Spill Friday


  It's Friday, I'm in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Seriously so in loveeeeeeeeeeee. Mike is working from home today, so we got two bosses doing work from home  ;-)  Time to do my weekly spillllllllllllll, as I hope you all love! 1. So nice to treat yourself to a blow dry and style, and it feels good to get pampered. Since I have been adding some extra income ( my Read More »

Decorating My Girl Boss Space!


The time has come. Now that I have two very busy businesses, I need to have a very organized and beautiful space to focus and do work at. Luckily, Rocco is ready to transition into his new room here very soon. This weekend we are going to move his crib in his new room ( he still is staying strong in a crib and hasn't tried to escape! Keeping him in that crib as long as I Read More »

Things Align So Beautifully + Happiest I’ve Ever Been!

HD_Team 2

I have never felt SO good in my life. It really all started after yoga teacher training in 2014. I swear if I never taught yoga again, that training was meant for me to go through. I was scared to do the YTT, and man am I glad I decided to. I came out a different person. It was more than just learning yoga and learning to teach, it was a total mind, body, and soul Read More »

Truth Tuesday!


    Truth? I am effing exhausted! Espresso me UP is going on today! I got errands to run ( grocery store, post office, and pedi! ) and I got lots of work to be had! But, I am SO grateful for the busy, the busy of my blog business and now coaching. Grateful I can do what I love every single day. I will never stop thanking god for that <3 But, here are Read More »

Diva Spill Friday


        I don't know why ( well, I do since I worked like crazyyyy this week) but I am SO ready for the weekend! I want to snuggle with the weekend forever. But, I do just enjoy each day in my l. Weekend or not weekend, loveeeee. 1. Girl Boss meeting with my coach at Panera yesterday was great. You know, this girl was the one that got me Read More »

Three Words Thursday!


    Thursday! You are not better than Friday, but you are still a fave of mine! I am so happy you guys love the Butter London Giveaway! Keep the entires coming! Today ( I love theme style posts ) I am doing some Three Word Thursday! It really is damn hard for me to keep words short and sweet. But, here goes nothing! My teenager Read More »

Butter London and Allure Arm Candy {{Giveaway}}


You know what? I am a pretty lucky lady. I have some really sweet and beautiful friends/readers on here and my social media channels. All because of you guys, my blog has grown into a business and has been a success. All because of you guys, my heart is fuller than I could imagine, as you are all so awesome to me daily on here and social media channels. So, I want Read More »