Almond Butter

Almond Butter…

May 7, 2014

      I put that shit on everything  Lately I have been going through almond butter like crazy, thanks to putting it on everything, eating a spoonful out of the jar as a sweet pick me up, or out of the jar with my finger. ( totally cool since it is my jar, haha […]

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Dominate in December!

December 2, 2012

  Morning! Breakfast dominated….check! Banana oatmeal pancake with pumpkin protein frosting on top! I have that can of pumpkin I am using up, so I figured I would use some today with my oat pancake! Easy to make… 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup liquid egg whites, stevia, half mashed banana.  Frosting – sunwarrior vanilla, pumpkin, […]

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What I Wish Wednesday

November 7, 2012

  Happy Wednesday friends! We all have our wishes that we hope and pray for, wishing on a lucky star, and making a wish at 11:11! I wish for things every day, doesn’t mean they are going to come true, but wishing means you have hope and wishing is something I have always done since […]

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Switch up Breakfast

October 27, 2012

I try to switch things up in my life, change is good. I switched up my nails 3 times this week, last night I had to for the wedding we are attending today. I needed to paint my nails a color that would go well with my dress, done! Other things I switch up…. -workouts […]

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Things I Know Tuesday

October 16, 2012
IMG 1928

  I know that I used to be that girl that thought egg yolks were BAD for me and always did the egg whites. Dumb. I am glad I enjoy the yolks now, in fact I enjoyed them for part of my dinner and breakfast this morning. Part of dinner last night…. Breakfast this morning! […]

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Diva Spill Friday

September 7, 2012
IMG 9915

  1.  Kodiak cakes are not just for making pancakes and waffles with, behold the pumpkin cream cheese protein muffin. Yup, you heard me right and wow it was AMAZING. I used 1/3 cup kodiak cake mix,1/3 cup almond milk,2 tbsp pumpkin,stevia,1 wedge of laughing cow cream cheese, 1/2 scoop of sunwarrior vanilla protein. Spray a […]

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I’m Married to a Jonas

September 6, 2012
IMG 4337

  Morning! Happy start to your Thursday!   Dinner last night was delicious and easy thanks to this new Campbell’s skillet sauce packet I picked up! All you do is add chicken and rice! I thought the creamy chipotle was a good choice and I picked up a  Uncle Ben’s ( pop in the microwave […]

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Whatttttt Wednesday

September 5, 2012

  Happy Wednesday! What does Wednesday mean for you today? For me it means 3 more days until we leave for the beach! I am really excited for it and trying not to stress getting things done! We are having a cook out here on Friday night too, Mike’s brilliant plan! Haha! I am excited […]

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Diva glam night

August 4, 2012

  Good morning! I have to start my post off with this beautiful picture I took last night. Just too beautiful! I love when I see a beautiful sky like that, just something about it makes me really more grateful at that moment. I was out taking a walk and then playing some basketball, guess […]

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Box of class

July 1, 2012
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  Good morning! Happy July 1st! I can’t believe we are already in July, it seems the year is just going way too fast. I was excited for today, my “Healthy Diva’s in July” on instagram starts today! Are you joining in on the fun? I hope you do! Use #healthydivas for the tag! Last […]

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Wild {morning}

June 3, 2012

Happy Sunday! The weekend is already coming to a close, they often just slip past way too fast. Mike and I had another low key night, we wanted to buy a funny movie on demand so we decided on “The Sitter” . ( source ) SAVE your pennies people, this was not a good movie! […]

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The {reason}

June 2, 2012

  The reason why my husband rocks… He loves a yummy smoothie made by the vita-mix as much as I do! He made a chocolate, strawberry, and banana smoothie in it today! The reason why I was  full all afternoon… I was making up some more protein cookies and overdosed on almond butter spoons  The […]

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{Rolling }

May 20, 2012

Happy Sunday! Mike is terribly sick with a sinus infection, he was up a lot last night and I felt so bad. I swear every time I turn around this man is sick! Perhaps he needs a power filled green smoothie in his life? He will be going to MedExpress today, he has to get […]

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Lot of Love to {mom} today

May 13, 2012

  Happy Sunday but most importantly…. Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there! The hardest, most important, and most rewarding job is to be a mother. I am grateful that I am a mom to a wonderful 12 year old son who came into my life when I was only 17. I learned […]

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Three Thursday <3

May 3, 2012

  Happy Thursday! One more day until I leave for Colorado, I am really excited. I felt like death last night,  a complete nausea feeling overcame me for a while, I actually lied down on the floor with a cold cloth on my head and sucked on ice cubes. Sucking on ice cubes sometimes helps […]

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7 for Sunday <3

April 1, 2012

  Good morning loves! Hope your weekend has been amazing! It has been a good one over here but little hectic, we have a friend staying with us and that is always busy. She is staying until tomorrow so its not too bad, its just a busy weekend with house stuff and trying to entertain […]

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Cereal Day and Dirty Hair

March 7, 2012

  I can’t believe the day is almost over! The day was SO beautiful with the temps in the 60’s! I wish it could be that way every single day here, but it makes me more grateful for the days that are! I had a lovely yoga session today, it was a hard class that […]

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