Just What We Needed

green smoothie

  Yesterday a good 30 minute cardio workout was fabulous, but I also felt exhausted after. I think pregnancy fatigue has returned this week and I am sure as I get into my third trimester it will be happening more. Post workout I made a microwave cake that was delicious! I got the recipe off an instagram friend @tastyhealth , she has so many great recipes! I Read More »

Expired and Movie Opinion


  Last night was low key over here, but we did have ONE exciting thing happen! We booked the baby shower! YUP! Where we live there is an awesome clubhouse you can rent for parties, since we just recently moved into the plan we actually never saw the inside and never used the pool last summer since Anthony is older now and is too cool for the pool Well last night Read More »

Vanilla and Apple {protein} Stuffed French Toast


  Good Morning! So happy to be back home and to be in my bed again and to have my kitchen again! Speaking of kitchen, my mom came by last night to bring our mail and she also brought us cookies from max and erma's. So sweet of her! Well this morning I came down and saw the box on the kitchen island not closed all the way and I looked in there to find Read More »

Fitness meet and tweet event {recap}


  It has been a day over here friends! Mike and I are OFFICIALLY out of our old place! So damn happy, cleaned all day and am glad to sit my butt down for a little before running errands! Lunch today was made before we headed out , simple and so good! Turkey breast, guacamole,spinach, and nooch on a whole wheat pita! Fold it over and chow down Read More »

Couch success and pug love <3


  Hope your day has been wonderful friends <3 Ours was pretty busy with errands and some pug loving! Mike had to get his haircut this morning and I went to my moms to take Timmy for a nice long walk! He was so well behaved and enjoyed the beautiful day  :-D After walking Timmy I stopped by our house to meet mike there so we could measure for the couch, Read More »

Telling you Tuesday


  Happy Tuesday evening guys and gals! Thank you for your sweet comments on my Insanity Week 2 Review, I am really proud of my improvements and also proud I made it through 2 weeks of Insanity, haha! Cheers to week three! Hmmmmm what to say about today? I had a little going on today but not much to rave about. Telling you what I did in a couple pics on my fine Tuesday Read More »

Tropical Dreaming


  I spotted a beautiful rainbow this afternoon, it was in the 60's here today! Crazy weather! Hope everyone had a good day, and if you did not see the fashion post, check it out here from earlier! I am going to try to do more boards, but with complete looks and reasonable prices for stuff too! { Lunch } A salad topped with cottage cheese, hummus, and Read More »

No fruit {memory} Monday


  Good Monday Morning! How can you not be grateful for a morning sky that looks like this? So beautiful! The sun is shining today! Im also grateful I do not have to see a certain person today... Shaun T, its a rest day from Insanity today! Oh I am so happy  :-D I did do a week one recap of Insanity as well, in case you missed it! Breakfast Overnight Banana Read More »

Spicy Night


  Today was sweaty thanks to this.... Insanity oh yes. Today was a repeat of day 2's workout and it is a hard one. I found myself getting through it though better than the first time, so I know I am improving  :-D Today was a repeat lunch... Egg white and chives salad and veggies stuffed in a whole wheat pita  :-D So many of my friends in other states said they Read More »

Yoga { Kitty }


Evening friends! I wanted to do the giveaway today BUT it will be now hosted tomorrow, so I hope you forgive me! Time just got the best of me and I didn't want to post the giveaway tonight, so tomorrow morning get ready! { Workout } Yoga , haha! Yup thats me  ;-) So I really love Hello Kitty even more now, she rocks the yoga too. Can you imagine someone dressed up like Read More »

Whole lot of { love }


  Hi loves! Thanks for your sweet encouraging words on mastering my crow pose, I really want to! I did master how to eat the most random lunch and  the whole tub of egg white and chives... Sometimes a random lunch mix is what I like  :-D We had to go downtown to Mike's office today, he had lots of law books he wanted to bring to his office. I made a green Read More »

Kitty on { toast }


  Good evening friends ! Its almost Thanksgiving Day, and I really can't believe it! I can't believe mike lets me make him Hello Kitty toast either , haha! The Hello Kitty toaster is the only toaster we have , so I guess he has no choice  ;-) { Lunch } I had a veggie bowl with a boca burger planted on top, and I had hummus on there as well. I think it took a Read More »

Friday { 5 }


  Good morning ! I hope everybody enjoyed the diva approved vlog, I need a new camera. The quality of mine is not so great. It works for now though, maybe a new one down the line some day. Yesterday I was at my moms all day helping her organize some stuff to get ready for Thanksgiving, I also made time to cuddle up with my fur friend Dolly . She is such a Read More »

My { first }


    After a long day of waiting, I am happy to say my dads knee replacement went well! I was glad I could be there, and when we saw him after he woke up from surgery, the first thing he said, was "Im hungry ! " Good to know he is feeling good ! ha! I was hungry for sure when lunch time rolled around, of course I was prepared with 2 loves  ;-) Luna Read More »

Change of { plans } Halloweekend


  Good afternoon! As I posted earlier, we had plans to go to a Halloween Party thing.... I had my mask on and ready for halloween party time  :mrgreen: Haha, no ! I am not dressing as Shrek for halloween , I just did my weekly face mask session. We changed plans. We decided laying around, watching halloween movies, and snuggling was better  ;-) Im just not up Read More »

Gram and Popples


  Hope everyone had a beautiful Tuesday so far ! It was a perfect fall day here, and I of course kept it comfy while running errands. Wore my new pink shirt and sweats that I posted about earlier on the recent buys post  ;-) As I said earlier, it marked 1 year today that my gram passed away. Thank you for all the sweet words too, it is hard to lose someone you love, Read More »

Moving { mojo } Giveaway


Good morning lovers! It has been a CRAZY past two days ! We crashed after yesterday  ;-) ( Anthony being silly on couch cushions in hotel room) On Thursday, all that was left in our old place after the movers left was my Mamma Chia to drink! I saved my last Mamma Chia for moving day  :-D I kept *important * things in the car that I didn't want the movers to Read More »