Truth Tuesday

February 17, 2015

Hey, Tuesday! Time for some #truth Truth- Rocco would have me blow bubbles ALL DAY if I could. Actually I probably would, since he is my little man and I would do anything to make him smile. But, mama might pass out if she did that all day. Oh the little things that make them […]

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Pumpkin Protein Pancake Power!

September 11, 2014

Before I say anything, please take a moment of silence today to remember those who lost their loves on 9-11-2001. Send love and prayers to those who lost loved ones that day. <3 ******* I was a little overly excited when I finally spotted the Kodiak Cakes protein pancake mix. I love the original Kodiak […]

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Diva Spill Friday

May 16, 2014

  1. Small, cute, and very giggly. Yup, that he is    2. Mamma Chia seeded my soul yesterday! A huge package arrived at my door , a box full of the two new flavors I have been wanting to try. Mamma Chia rocks, they are also one of our sponsors for “Glow Retreat” and […]

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Today You Should…

January 20, 2013
IMG 5705

  Today You Should…. Embrace happiness. You should embrace happiness and be happy every day, so many things you could be happy for and grateful for. I am embracing my bump of happiness Be lazy if you feel like you should be lazy or your body needs rest. Don’t beat yourself up if you choose […]

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Expired and Movie Opinion

January 19, 2013
IMG 5615

  Last night was low key over here, but we did have ONE exciting thing happen! We booked the baby shower! YUP! Where we live there is an awesome clubhouse you can rent for parties, since we just recently moved into the plan we actually never saw the inside and never used the pool last […]

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I Have To Tell You

January 13, 2013
IMG 5349

 I have to tell you…. Our date nights these days ( since we are old people ) include a dinner out and Target run after. We are so damn cool, you know you want to join us one time. Ice cream is the best way to end a fabulous Saturday night, or any night really […]

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Diva Spill Friday

December 14, 2012

  Happy TGIF! This Diva Spill edition is going to be a little different than the typical one I do on Friday. Basically I am going to spill my love for my family, hibachi, and a new bread I tried. Got it? OK, let me begin! Some family and dinner night out SPILL…. I love […]

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What I Love Wednesday

December 12, 2012
IMG 4061

  What I Love Wednesday… I love the chocolate raspberry and banana protein chia pudding I had for breakfast. I have not had chia pudding in so long, and it is hard to take a pretty pic of something so ugly! Ingredients – 1 cup almond milk ( i added more in morning ) 1/4 […]

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Switch up Breakfast

October 27, 2012

I try to switch things up in my life, change is good. I switched up my nails 3 times this week, last night I had to for the wedding we are attending today. I needed to paint my nails a color that would go well with my dress, done! Other things I switch up…. -workouts […]

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Marvelous in My Monday { 12 }

August 20, 2012

  Happy Marvelous in my Monday! I am SO excited that today is marvelous Monday so I can basically photo explode from this past weekend at HLS! SO get ready for lots of marvelous from HLS 2012 in Boston ahead!   Saturday Shenanigans….. Breakfast thanks to Wild Harvest! What a wonderful spread they had and […]

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What do you love more?

August 1, 2012

Ok so I started my day off with a great kick butt workout today, fitmixer full house workout with a deck of cards. It involved burpees ( hate so good ) crunches, plyo lunges, and more! Phew! I pushed through it, thanks god for my fruit punch amino, amen! I made a smoothie after to […]

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No more knocked down

July 10, 2012
IMG 3206

  Good Morning Beautiful People! Yesterday afternoon I took a much needed nap, I was having a little bit of a down day and a power nap was perfect. I woke up at 4:45 and was hungry so I decided on a early dinner, Mike was still working and Anthony was gone so it was […]

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Vanilla, Lemon, and Berry Protein {recipes}

May 25, 2012

  Hi friends! WOOT WOOT! It is Friday! Today is an awesome Friday especially because Mike is off and we are going shopping for a lawn mower, kitchen table, and some other house stuff! I know, it doesn’t seem too exciting but I am very excited to get that damn lawn mower! You know I […]

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Xagave {breakfast}

May 5, 2012

  Hi loves! Hope your weekend is going great! It has been a blast here at BLEND and super busy! We had a wonderful boot camp and a kick ass hike today, I am feeling it! I wanted to pop in and share some pics from the amazing breakfast this morning  that was sponsored by […]

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Monday {musings}

April 30, 2012

  Good Morning! I had a hunch it was going to be a somewhat not so perfect day, meaning it is just going to be a little way more off than a regular day over here. Anthony proved that right when he was at the breakfast table and spilled his bowl of cereal all over […]

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Green {pan} and easy stir fry

April 24, 2012

  Good morning! Thanks for all your comments trying to help me with tips on how to organize my pantry better! I think one idea I have is to get 2 big bins and label one with “Mike’s snacks” and the other “Anthony’s snacks”, that would make their chips and stuff look much neater on […]

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What {superfoods} are you eating?

April 19, 2012

  Good morning! Oh the mornings you are in a time crunch are not so fun, I feel rushed this morning! I woke up a little later than the usual and I have to take Mike to the T-station here soon so I am rushing to post! I specifically LOVE when breakfast is already made […]

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