I Feel Exposed


  Happy Wednesday, happy half way through the week, and happy date night tonight for Mike and I! ( much needed ) You know what makes oats so much better? Adding yogurt to them , specifically greek yogurt too! I added this greek yogurt to my oats this morning and they were extra fantastic  :-D Fresh raspberries made them awesome too! I could eat all of Read More »

Junior Mint Oats


  Did anyone else love Junior Mints when they were younger? ( source ) I did, in fact they were my favorite candy! I have memories of my mom and I each getting a box and sitting in the car enjoying every bite. My mom and dad used to work security for a company, it consisted of 8 hour shifts of just sitting in the car. I would go with my mom a lot of times and Read More »

Combos I love


  Morning! Happy Thursday! Glad you guys enjoy the "what do you love more" 10 questions, hopefully some of you do a post of your own! If you do, let me know! Always a good idea for a post if you need one! There are so many food combos out there, some I love and some I just wouldn't do. I always seem to love sweet and salty, but I am up for anything that tastes Read More »

Will work for ice cream


  Happy Sunday! Hoping your day is already off to a great start wherever you are! Waking up to the sun shining makes me extremely happy and gives me motivation to wake up and not stay in bed longer wasting the day away. No wasting of the day yesterday, after our Whole Foods trip we had lots of work to do around the yard. I weeded tons of weeds, those spikey weeds Read More »

Ways I’m winning in April


  Happy Tuesday! It's 7 am and my breakfast has already been inhaled and coffee is brewing! Pumpkin protein oats in a jar  ;-) 1/2 cup oats, 1.5 cup almond milk, 1 tbsp almond butter, carob chips, graham cracker crumbs, and some maple sugar! The maple sugar was great, it dissolved on top of the oats and was so sweet! ___________________ It is a Read More »

Mint chocolate carob chip protein cookies

My Birthday 2010 28 th 055

  I was craving some chocolate today, I think my post this morning about dairy queen and my favorite mint oreo blizzard sparked this. I could of easily ran to dairy queen and fixed that craving since it is mint oreo blizzard month, but I decided I should be a little more creative and create some mint chocolate yum. I like recipes with simple ingredients and Read More »

Did it all for the nookie { cookie }


    Yup I did  :-D Fun Fact- I saw Limp Bizkit when I was 3.5 months pregnant with Anthony, so I always tell Anthony that was his first concert  ;-)   I am not talking about that kind of nookie this morning, I do try to keep this blog as clean as possible, haha! I am talking about this kind of nookie...   PB Crave Cookie Read More »

Pumpkin love and couch shopping


  Good Morning! The sun is shining here and the weather is supposed to get in the 60's so I am loving it! Mike, Anthony, and I are actually going to go look for a new couch today for the house. The current couch we have now is going to go in the gameroom, so we need one for our living room. We will see what we find, we know what style we want though for Read More »

Diva Approved : )


  I just got done doing my Insanity for the day, which was so hard to do this late for me. I am a morning workout kind of girl, but I had not time in the day so it had to be fit in later. I survived and am now sucking down my BCAA drink that tastes so good after being a sweaty mess! Grocery shopping happened today.  I really consider that a workout as well, I Read More »

I ate what I craved


  Good Morning! Its freezing out and I can't wait for the day when I can run out with just a tank and sweats again. The sun is shining this morning though, I love when the sun shines no matter how cold it is out. Dinner last night, I was going to have a salad but then I felt the craving for a veggie style pizza so I went with that.   I spread some Read More »

{ 3 } Thankful


  Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate! I am thankful for so many things every single day. I was thankful for breakfast today, as always. Microwave Pumpkin Protein Carob Chip Muffin Mix flour, protein powder, water , and carob chips in a sprayed mug for 1 minute. You get a yummy protein muffin as a result. Perfect breakfast before yoga today. I Read More »

App Happy { cooking }


  Good Morning peeps! Beautiful fall color flowers Mike sent to me on Friday made my morning  :-D Mike sent them for our 5 month wedding anny, I was surprised when they came, and almost thought it was our 6 month anny! We talked about our 6 month coming up in December, and I knew I wanted to get him a card for that, and I was sure he would too. He thought it would be Read More »

Strength and Forgotten Breakfast


  Afternoon! Thanks for all the awesome feedback on this mornings post! It really means a lot when you guys comment back on topics I bring up, its great to hear different opinions and some stories to go along with them too. I want to respond to all the comments, I just didn't have time yet today yet, but will soon! { Workout Of the Day } Quick, Sweaty, and at Home Read More »

Protein Pumpkin and Carob Pie


  Sundays to me are..... Relaxing, rest day from gym, and being creative in the kitchen  :-D I decided to make a yummy , healthy , and protein filled treat ! Protein Pumpkin and Carob Pie Now it might not be your normal pie because.... It has no crust , but its round like a pie  ;-) Ingredients  for this "No Bake " Pie  - - 1 1/2 cups of kamut puffs - 2 Read More »

BIG is better …..


when it comes to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups :-D I did not get my beloved latte today, but I did get my Reese's on , and I had a shooting pain in my right eye most of the day, so this at least for a minute made me forget about it :-D I really didn't do much today, well of course I got my errands done and did my good deed for the day as well Dropped off about 5 bags to the Read More »

Fit Flash and { Store }


  Good Morning! Happy Pumpkin Spice Latte Release Day! This is my favorite latte ever  :-D I am going to try to stop and get one today if time, I have tons of errands to run, mostly stuff moving related ! OTHER News ! I now have a AMAZON STORE! You can see above that I added a diva shop tab  :mrgreen: I added some of my favorite Essie colors and some healthy Read More »

Peanut Flour Carob Chip { Cookies }


  Morning friends! I woke up at the crack of dawn this morning, my mind has been running a lot lately, which makes sleeping difficult I never go back to bed no matter how early I get up, but damn, today might be a go back to bed day, unless the coffee really wakes me up ! I totally agree  ;-) I really do have a lot to do today, I have to find a dress for HLS, I want Read More »