She Said Yes!


  Yesterday went by fast! Grocery shopping took up a hour, I always have to roam the aisles, never fails! Carrying all these bags upstairs is getting a little harder with my growing bump, but glad I still have the power to. A good workout I must say  ;-) A quick and delicious lunch was on the agenda, thanks to a quinoa power salad mix I got at whole foods the Read More »

That Never Happens


  Yesterday, I am not sure to blame pregnancy fatigue or day light savings time, but this happened and it never does..... I went back to bed for 2 hours after eating breakfast. Yes it was glorious and I slept like a baby, but I have to tell you I never go back to sleep! Guess Baby G was telling me I needed to  ;-) Once I was up, I was ready to workout and Read More »

Diva Spill <3

Diva Workouts

  1. A quick little workout with some punch! Did this the other day before my little walk around the neighborhood.   2. So yeah, about that mini-golf game the other night....I look happy here in the beginning of the game. Yeah that smile turned to a frown, I lost! Boo! 3. Yup that is a surfboard in that box, nope we don't live near an ocean. Lawn Read More »

Easy dinner kind of night and Protein filled and fast breakfast


  Morning! I see that the sun will come out to play today, that means lawn work is happening today.  We have lots of weeds and the grass needs cut too! Anyone have any recommendation on a good weed killer brand? I am just going to go to target and see what I find I suppose. Last night was nice because for dinner no cooking was involved and my mom came over to Read More »

Mango Banana Protein Smoothie


  I got a smoothie sweet for you this afternoon, please enjoy it and please try it soon....   Mango Banana Protein Smoothie   Ingredients - 1/2 cup oats, 1.5 cup almond milk unsweetened vanilla, 1 cup frozen mango chunks, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 scoop of vanilla milkshake fitmixer protein powder, stevia, 1.5 tbsp chia seeds. Was delicious Read More »

Will work for ice cream


  Happy Sunday! Hoping your day is already off to a great start wherever you are! Waking up to the sun shining makes me extremely happy and gives me motivation to wake up and not stay in bed longer wasting the day away. No wasting of the day yesterday, after our Whole Foods trip we had lots of work to do around the yard. I weeded tons of weeds, those spikey weeds Read More »

3 things to ditch {thursday}


  Good morning! I officially found a great window to take photos, the great room in our house has perfect lighting. I have been just taking pics in the kitchen, I also have been using my iphone for pics way too much. Hey, I am not trying to be a professional food photographer but it is nice to have nicer pics! Breakfast Overnight oats in cup style, I Read More »

{Trash }Tuesday


  Hi friends! I dislike very much when I don't get to start off my morning with a hello to all of you! I had a doctor appt and I didn't wake up early enough to be able to blog before hand. BUSY day ahead too, so I am popping in quick to say hello and to share some trash, but first breakfast! Overnight apple protein oats 1/2 cup oats, 1.5 tbsp chia seeds, 1.5 Read More »

Make these oats and prized posessions


  Good morning everyone in the world! Yesterday was super busy and today is going to be the same, house stuff again all day! We will be out of town next weekend so we really want to get a lot done! I slept like crap which stinks, but coffee will save the day on that! Oh and that crystal light appletini mix is AMAZING! I drank it last night and it tasted like there Read More »

My Kind of Morning


  My kind of morning is waking up to a beautiful sunrise...   Drinking my warm water with freshly squeezed lemon, a daily ritual of mine.   ( source )   Taking vitamins is essential and I take them in the morning right before breakfast.   Eat my favorite meal of the day, breakfast! ( chia seeds stuck in my teeth Read More »

Snow and Zoo kind of morning


    Good morning! Hopefully everyone had a great Friday night! Mike and I watched the last two episodes of Walking Dead Season 1 last night. We really are loving it, at first I was not sure if I liked it but now I am addicted.  I make sure not to be eating when watching it though, lol! So much zombie guts and such, yuck!   I had this tea last Read More »

What I learned Wednesday


  Good Morning! Hope everyone had a fabulous Tuesday and cheers to a even better day today! I had the best sleep I have had in a while last night, thanks to tylenol sleep aid. I do not like to take it very much, but sleep was much needed last night! I like doing "What I love Wednesday" and I wish I took enough food photos to do "What I ate Wednesday" but I am bad Read More »



Good evening! Who is ready for some goods of the week? I am going to get back to Diva Approved vlogs next week, my son actually got a video camera for christmas from my parents. Im going to steal it from him and do diva approved vlogs, and some other vlogs if you have suggestions! {Diva Approved}  Kind Apple Cinnamon Nut Bar I think this is one of my favorite kind bars, Read More »

Tropical Chia morning


  Good Morning! Sunrise can look so cool some days, today it did! Love how beautiful the sky looks. Last night I was going through my pantry and found a protein powder packet that I never used. I received thisVega Tropical Tango from my swag bag at HLS in August. I forgot all about it, as it is easy to forget other protein powders when you are a Sunwarrior Read More »

{ 3 } moves, candles, and beauty


  Good morning sweet peeps! Hope you all made it through Monday and here is to a great Tuesday! Today I will be doing some at home exercises for my workout . I will be incorporating some booty moves into my workout , which I love! I try to do booty moves 3 times a week. { 3 } Booty Moves  - Squats, of course, the most famous booty move!  I like to do squats sumo style Read More »

travel posting { blogger }


  Afternoon friends! We are at Barnes and Noble  and Anthony just got a cookie BIGGER than his head  8-O I have been trying to find somewhere *not a pain to get to* place to blog Today I found Barnes and Noble  5 min from our new place, YAY! I was trying McDonalds, but their wi-fi was down, and so went to my moms yesterday, but it is a little pain in the butt Read More »

Quick Workout and { signs }


  Good Morning! I just spent most of the morning getting back to your wonderful comments on yesterdays posts! I always like to comment back to each and everyone of you, it makes me happy! Thank you for the comments, or else I would be a lost soul if I did not have them ! I woke up this morning, and decided to do a QUICK workout, and quick was the KEY word Quick, Get Read More »