Diva Spill Friday


1. We have a date night tomorrow at Bonefish Grill! Woooohooo baby! Mike and I are so excited, and it has been rough to get a sitter lately! Excited for sangria, bang bang shrimp, and time with each other! 2.  The weather has been very hot and humid over here, summer time heat flow! Luckily, we have a nice big tree in the front yard and can be in the shade underneath it for Read More »

Diva Spill Friday


1. So excited for the holiday weekend! Mike is off today, so we are kicking it off with the day together! I think him, Rocco, and I will be getting outside, going to Toys R Us, and just enjoying the day together. We have no big plans for the fourth! I will be stopping by my parents and my best friends house, and I think Mike and I are going to cookout and enjoy a safe night Read More »

Healthy Diva and Rocco Approved!


Happy Thursday! Time to share a few things that I have approved and Rocco gave the seal to as well! Always love doing these posts for you guys! I used to do them weekly and lately just found that doing them a couple times a month works best for me. You guys will like the goodies for this round up! Diva Approved     1. Silk Almond Creamer - good Read More »

Diva Spill Friday


1. I want to eat everything and anything in the world, hello pms! If you see on the news that a mad girl went to a froyo store and ate all the froyo and toppings, that will be me  8-O 2. PIYO, such a kick ass workout! I practiced the lesson 33 twice this week, trying to get ready to teach my first class soon. My goal is to start teaching it in September hopefully! With the Read More »

Diva Approved + A Yoga Video


Happy Thursday! Thursday mornings are always rushed for me due to Rocco having to be at daycare early, so I am usually rushing to post! Could I skip a day and not post? Sure. Do I want to? Nope! I truly love posting every day, well except the weekends, I like to enjoy those days post free for the most part! But, I love this little blog and all of you so much! So I like to Read More »

Important Day for Two People I Love


Today is a very important day for my little man, Rocco. He officially starts daycare today, yikes! Although I am a little stressed, sad, and worried , I know he will do great. Mike and I know as well, this is going to be so good for him socially. Rocco needs to be around other little kids his age and a break from being with mommy 24/7 will be good for both of us. So, I will Read More »

Wednesday Tidbits


  I am ready for fall and am ready to rock this daily. I love wrap sweaters and fell in love with this one when I saw it on the lululemon site yesterday as a new arrival. Someone has been picking their nose in their sleep. I have been eating chobani every day, in oats, waffles, or parfait style. I am sad one of my recent favorite trash reality shows Read More »

Things I Know Tuesday


I know this is the time I get blog work done or anything else done that is needed. Nap time  ;-) I know that overnight oats have been my favorite out of an almost empty chobani tub. I used to think oats in a jar were the best, but the jar so small and I like big! I know that it felt amazing to get my first workout in since baby yesterday! I did this on demand Read More »

How about a cho-tastic giveaway?!


  Since all of your rock and have been SO amazing with the support and love over here during this busy time with baby Rocco and my blogging not being as often as usual because of that..... How about a cho-tastic giveaway?! Chobani has rolled out some new flavors and now you have a chance to try them! They are... apricot coconut key lime black Read More »

What I Love Wednesday


  Always fun to do a loving post, since I missed out on things I love Tuesday, I am hopping to this today! I want to thank you all for the love every single day on here, I feel terrible I can't comment back like I used to, just very hard with Baby Rocco as you guys know. Just want you al to know I do read the wonderful comments and sometimes not so wonderful ones ( haha Read More »

Hashtag Happy


  I am a hashtag addict, I love using them on instagram, twitter, and now on facebook too. Some hashtags are pretty funny that I see and some are just simple. I thought it would be fun to do a post with pics and just a hashtag to fit right along with it Hashtag Happy is what I am calling it  Read More »

Diva Spill Friday


  1. Good morning! Baby G is still hanging out in the womb spa, it is super comfy I would think. Funny all this time I thought I was having a June baby and now he might be a July baby! 2. I wanted to get a pretty scent for Baby G's room, I love this scent and love that it goes with the nursery so well! 3. Random craving I picked up at the store yesterday, Read More »

I Spy….


  Beautiful roses that a wonderful husband sent as a surprise. He is a keeper I tell ya  :-D New iced coffee that looked pretty good by almond breeze... New POM drink that sounds delicious... Mac and cheese is just not regular cheese anymore... Raspberries getting eaten like candy over here... New Kashi bar flavor that just sounds Read More »

Things I Know Tuesday


Happy Tuesday friends! Got to love starting your morning off with a teenage attitude, that is how mine started here, weeeeeeeeeeee! Seriously I am going to be mentally exhausted with a teen and physically exhausted with baby g, send help and wine! Haha!   Things I Know Tuesday.... I know goat cheese makes everything better. I always buy the crumbles, the wedges Read More »

Things I Know Tuesday


  Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a fab weekend and a long one was enjoyed too if you were off yesterday! Things I Know Tuesday 1.  I know that this is my jam right now, have had this playing non stop in my car. LOVE. 2. I know that all white is what I am loving on my nails, white goes with everything after all  ;-) 3. I know that breakfast is Read More »

Diva Spill Friday


 Diva Spill Friday 1. I go through chobani tubs like whoa. Breakfast in a almost empty chobani tub is happiness, so its all good! Friday morning breakfast over overnight pumpkin oats with blueberries too! 2. I wanted to make one of the gift baskets for my baby shower that was a basket that represented me, my sisters , mom, and bff made the other ones! I am almost done Read More »

Super Kind Of Day


  You know what made my day SUPER awesome yesterday? Super Target  :-D So happy we have one around here now! When I lived in the DC area and Indiana area we had super targets, and when I moved back home to Pa I was missing them! We had no super target here until last week! Best part about a super target besides that they have a awesome grocery Read More »