Our Merry Little Christmas Highlights


Christmas eve and Christmas day went very fast, but we had a wonderful two days with loved ones and lots of wrapping paper everywhere! Rocco had a very good first christmas, he is now set on toys for 3 years ( grandma went overboard ) and Anthony was grateful for a new laptop. Best gifts of all though, you can't wrap those. Well, you could wrap a family member and you may Read More »

He’s Been Good…


Merry Christmas Eve to my friends who are celebrating christmas, someone has his first christmas , and he's been good....     Really, I think that face gets presents good or bad  :mrgreen:   And your welcome for the pic overload, can't help myself. Rocco's First Christmas!   I used to be able to torture Anthony when he Read More »

Diva Spill Friday!


1. This face, lights up my days! Little man is still teething, all I want for christmas is his two bottom teeth!  So excited for his first christmas too, we all are over here! Anthony can't wait to see Rocco try to open gifts christmas morning, I am so blessed with 2 beautiful boys! 2. Tonight we are venturing out for a celebration dinner, Mike got a raise and we think Read More »

Wednesday Loving


    -Seriously, did I just die and go to hot chocolate heaven? -Oh the excitement and joys of christmas, I want to wrap up these moments and have them forever. Christmas makes me so happy, it is so exciting to see christmas through a child's eyes. I miss when Anthony was little and got so excited for Santa to come, but now I can relive it all again with Read More »

Our Holiday Tradition


*Disclosure : this post is sponsored by target.* Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.   Target is is kicking off their holiday campaign, #MyKindofHoliday , where they want people to share unique or special traditions that they do for the holidays. I was asked to join in and celebrate, so I am sharing with you a special tradition that we have Read More »

Getting it Done Early


Early is a good word to describe me when it comes to certain things, like the morning perhaps, I am a very early riser! I love the morning, plus breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so it makes getting up so much better! Speaking of breakfast, I had OIAJ with the best jar ever this morning....   I like to be early for appointments, parties, or dates! Read More »

Marvelous in My Christmas Eve Monday


  Merry Christmas Eve to those who celebrate! I am going to be celebrating, so lots of christmas cheer over at our house and throughout our whole family! I was debating doing Marvelous in my Monday since I know most of you are off the internet and enjoying family time, vacation, and a break, but I decided to anyway! So happy Marvelous in my Monday with some Read More »

Scenes From Our Saturday


  Happy Sunday! Day before christmas eve, hard to believe the time is here! We are all pretty excited over here for family time and christmas morning magic! Our Saturday was pretty low key, we all stayed in and stayed warm and relaxed. Here are some scenes from our Saturday.... Baby G and I both love naps, we took a nice long one yesterday. Fact - I look Read More »

Favorite Parts of Christmas


  Afternoon! Holiday shopping officially done... ( I say next year we nix the gifts and just give the gift of extra family time and fun ) Laugh of the day done, thanks to my sister Angela for texting me this... Dad is the cookie monster  :mrgreen: Lunch of the day, cereal happens and its what I was craving... Birthday gift 9 months late Read More »

What Wednesday?


  ***If you missed it, check out the chobani giveaway going on! Ends on Sunday! What Wednesday? What did I eat for breakfast? Chocolate and strawberry overnight protein oats. 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup silk almond milk, stevia, strawberries, 1 scoop of pure matters chocolate pea protein powder, and coconut butter. What did I listen to yesterday that Read More »

MIMM with Family Fun!


  The weekend was FULL of family fun! My family and I had fun on Sunday and on Saturday we had fun with Anthony's side of the family! Marvelous was the family time, more cookie baking, and just fun all around! See all the details in this weeks.... We picked out or special ornaments for the tree on Saturday in the day. Every year we each pick out a special one for Read More »

MIMM 28 with Holiday Cookie Madness!


  Monday is here?! How did that happen so fast?! Weekends just fly by, hell the whole year has flown by! I swear every time I turn around it is time for MIMM again, nothing wrong with that! I look froward to MIMM and seeing all your wonderful posts you have to share! My MIMM post today involves lots of COOKIE madness, so get ready to be craving some sugar and Read More »

Dominate in December!


  Morning! Breakfast dominated....check! Banana oatmeal pancake with pumpkin protein frosting on top! I have that can of pumpkin I am using up, so I figured I would use some today with my oat pancake! Easy to make... 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup liquid egg whites, stevia, half mashed banana.  Frosting - sunwarrior vanilla, pumpkin, water, and almond Read More »

My Plans in December


  Last night was a leftover night, mexican taco salad for me again! Thank heaven I love it so much! We all bummed around and watched some tv. Chopped was the choice, we had another one recorded that we watched last night. Dessert was SoDelicious vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream with sunflower butter, carob chips, and graham cookie Read More »

MIMM 26 with Thanksgiving, Christmas Decor, and More!


What a beautiful past 4 days it has been in my life! I was blessed with lots of family time with my sisters, son, husband, and parents, which I treasure more than anything! These past 4 days have flown by, Mike goes back to work today! I am sad, but grateful he had time off to spend with us! Anthony is still home, goes back to school Wednesday! I am happy to spend a couple Read More »

Stocking Stuffers for the Girls!


Since the holiday shopping season is upon us, I figured a fun holiday style post for gifts would be fun! Stocking stuffers are always fun to get, great ideas besides the typical candy! I searched for some stocking stuffers I thought would be cool. You could give a stocking to someone as a gift and fill it with goodies instead of wrapping stuff! Hope you enjoy the fun Read More »