Little Surprise and a New Pregnancy Workout


  Yesterday Mike had a little surprise that was so sweet, he knows the girly movie lover in me and what a perfect fit for right now..... What To Expect When Your Expecting on dvd! We watched it last night, it was a cute and funny movie! I am hoping that I have a labor like the lady who Brooklyn Decker plays, haha! She sneezed and babies were out, got to LOVE Read More »

Sunday Tropical Dreams


I already started switching up breakfast! Today I had this smoothie combo, so good and so tropical! Vega tropical tango protein powder is delicious, I should just buy a big bag of it. I topped this tropical mango and berry smoothie with coconut butter, always such a yummy topping idea and healthy fat addition too! The tropical smoothie had me dreaming of Read More »

Just Facts Friday


  Fact 1..... I enjoyed a long and beautiful walk this morning. Thank you goes out to Bruno Mars, I swooned when that song of his came on. Just love him, that is a fact. Fact 2.... I love the strawberry chocolate and cherry protein smoothie so much, I had it again today. I topped it with coconut butter and millet puffs too! Coconut butter is so good for Read More »

Pooped and Popped


  Afternoon friends! I have been doing lots of emailing, blog stuff, and of course twitter pimping today. I bounce all day and work on my posture too, thanks to my stability ball as a chair. Like my cool socks? I wear my heart on my feet   :-D I have been pooped today, not sure why because I got a great night sleep, but I am. Fitness today.... Yoga Read More »

Rocker Diva


  I am up at the butt crack of dawn, eating my smoothie in a giant mug. Chocolate cherry protein smoothie  ;-) Highlights include maca powder, cocoa powder, fitmixer chocolate milkshake protein, frozen cherries, silk almond milk unsweetened vanilla, coconut butter, and trader joe's o's. I am surprised I am up this EARLY! You might ask why? Well because I Read More »

What Do You Love More?


  I am happy to report that while I was snacking away waiting at the Apple Genius Bar.... My baby is better! She just needed a new charger, phew! I seriously don't know what I would have done if it was more serious, these things are expensive but Mac is a great product. My heart is happy and gratefu! Shout out to the great peeps at the genius bar! Since Read More »

I Heart Hemp


  Morning! I had another early morning wakeup call this morning, not as early as 3 am like yesterday though. I woke up at 5 am this morning, Mike had to be at work early and I had to make his breakfast. I now hold 'Wife of the Year' and 'Daughter of the Year' so I am pretty awesome I suppose! Hehe, at least I think that. I have been on a serious hemp kick ever Read More »

What Wednesday?!


Every day I am sure we all say this... WHAT?! So I do this fun little post to share some of my what going on. Please feel free to think "What is wrong with this diva?" as you read on, haha! What Wednesday What seasoning have I been using on my veggies and will be using on stir fry too? Bragg Liquid Aminos seasoning, good stuff! I pocked this up a couple weeks Read More »

Try it Tuesday


  Good morning and happy Tuesday to everyone! Last night I went out to dinner with friends, was nice! No pics just good times. I did get home at 10 pm and decided it was a good time to grill up chicken, haha! The chicken I meant to grill up earlier in the day but never got the chance to. Better late than never and now I have some for the next couple days  Read More »

Pick me UP


  I had a quick 20 minute workout today, light weights and a 2 minute plank after the 20 minute workout too. Still keeping it light over here, lots of yoga, walks, and light weights here and there too. Smoothie for lunch kind of day..... Strawberry, banana, mango, peach, and pineapple protein smoothie. Magic shell style coconut butter on top and Read More »

Running from { zombies }


  Afternoon! I got the grocery shopping done AND I think I have the birthday dessert on lockdown! Simple, easy, small portion, and delicious it will be! Mike didn't want a cake, he wanted something small that he could enjoy and have no leftovers of, and I think I figured it out. I just have to find one more thing to put it all together! Lunch came fast, after Read More »

Diva {spill} Friday


  Good morning friends! We will be on our way very soon to Milwaukee to have a weekend full of family, Bastille Days Festival, swimming, birthday party, and the Dells. Wishing you all a great start to your Friday!   Diva Spill Friday   1. Getting up this early will NOT be a trend for me, unless it means getting on a plane to Hawaii. 2. Read More »

Mango Vanilla Protein Smoothie


  Well, no cookies were made today BUT I did make a new smoothie! It's hot as hell outside, I had frozen mango chunks, I wanted something filling and fruity, BAM! Mango Vanilla Protein Smoothie Ingredients - 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup frozen mango chunks, 1 scoop of fitmixer vanilla milkshake protein powder, 1.5 cup almond milk, stevia. Topped with coconut Read More »

Some “om” Time


  Afternoon guys! I knew I wanted to get some yoga in this week and this morning was the perfect time to. I needed to de-stress and it was thunder storming outside, so I was going to wait until the storm cleared to run errands. Candle lit and some "om" time happened <3   I did a power yoga flow with Bryan Jones that I found on youtube while Read More »

Box of class


  Good morning! Happy July 1st! I can't believe we are already in July, it seems the year is just going way too fast. I was excited for today, my "Healthy Diva's in July" on instagram starts today! Are you joining in on the fun? I hope you do! Use #healthydivas for the tag! Last night dinner was sweet style, I am really trying to up the carbs and fat so sweet Read More »

Still the champ


  Last night I held my title! I am still the golf champ! Healthy Diva Champ Mike says! We had a family fun night of mini-golf, we love golfing and always make it a little competition between the three of us!     Fun time last night even though it was HOT as ever! I know lots of states have been having extreme heat like we are Read More »

A smart {mug} and package overload


  We made it home! We came home to a door step full of goodness.... Lots of packages! No I didn't go a shopping spree  ;-) These were all food packages except for one thing for Mike, he got a new jacket! Sadly my dreams of the other jacket disappearing is not happening, I asked him if this meant the old one can be burned and he said no! Damn it! What do Read More »