Diva Spill Friday

August 1, 2013
IMG 1971

 Diva Spill Friday… 1. Great Grandma just loves little Rocco to pieces, so sweet! Anthony’s great gram I have always considered my grandma ( anthony’s dads gram ) and we are so blessed to have her! She is seriously amazing and so good to us! 2. So hard to stop eating this, but I do […]

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Hashtag Happy

July 31, 2013
IMG 1924

  I did a post like this before and thought it was fun and some of you seemed to enjoy it too! Since I am short on time ( as always these days! ) I decided to do another fun hashtag post! I am off to lunch this afternoon with a beautiful friend, excited for […]

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Things I Know Tuesday

July 8, 2013
IMG 1096

Things I Know Tuesday…. These popcorn chips from target are pretty good, not the best flavor but I have demolished the whole bag. Rocco looks so comfy when he sleeps, haha! I could watch him sleep all day! I am not just wearing a clear nail polish on my nails until I actually have time […]

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Two Words Wednesday

May 8, 2013
IMG 8891

  This is a fun theme post and perfect for today since I am feeling a little wordless over here, hehe! I am hoping everyone is having a beautiful day so far! Enjoy the rest of it too, almost to the weekend! 1. Portion control. 2.  Strong mama. 3. Cardio Dominated. 4.  Favorite Show. 5. […]

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Things I Know Tuesday

April 30, 2013
IMG 8637

  Good Morning! Can’t get over the MIMM love that you guys share every single week! Thank you again, I will thank you every week because I appreciate it so much and I love reading your posts! Talk about happiness! If you are ever in a crappy mood, read some MIMM and get happy! You […]

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Sunday Snaps

April 28, 2013
IMG 8567

  Hope everyone had a great weekend so far! Ours has been busy, but today will be a relaxing day! We got our maternity pictures done yesterday and the weather was perfect, thank heaven! Today it is going to rain all day! Phew! See you in the morning for  MIMM! Katie xo

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Diva Spill Friday

April 19, 2013
IMG 8353

 Diva Spill Friday 1. I go through chobani tubs like whoa. Breakfast in a almost empty chobani tub is happiness, so its all good! Friday morning breakfast over overnight pumpkin oats with blueberries too! 2. I wanted to make one of the gift baskets for my baby shower that was a basket that represented me, […]

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Amazing In April!

April 2, 2013
IMG 7722

April is here!  I stil really can’t believe how fast the year is flying already and how fast my pregnancy is flying too! Every day is a gift, every day is a new start, and we should all make every day as amazing as we can! Here are some ways I am going to make […]

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January 3, 2013

  All you need are the necessities…. Good read, shavers, and cocoa butter lip balm.   Dinner can be a stuffed sweet potato….   Rotten e-cards are spot on…   Your nails match your shirt…   Taking time to do something so small will be so special to someone you love one day…   Chocolate […]

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What I am Loving Wednesday

October 24, 2012
IMG 2255

  Happy Wednesday! It seems the last weeks of the year will just fly by! I am not sure where 2012 went?! Time goes so fast, treasure every day and moment for sure! I treasure every day and I treasure sharing my love, so here we go…. What I am Loving Wednesday 1. I stopped […]

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Diva Approved Vlog

September 6, 2012

  Hello my beautiful friends! Guess what I had time for today? I had time to do Diva Approved vlog style! Yup and PLEASE let me know if you like it the vlog style or the style with just pics instead. Feedback is appreciated VERY much! Plussssss I would rather not waste my time looking […]

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Diva Spill {birthday included}

July 20, 2012
IMG 4966

  Happy Friday and Happy……………. BIRTHDAY to my love, husband, best friend, and the most amazing step dad! You are the best and I am grateful for you every single day <3 1. Happy Birthday to Michael today, he is 29 again  We were supposed to go to the Pittsburgh Pirate game for a work […]

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July 4th through my {iphone}

July 5, 2012
IMG 6931

  Good Morning Friends <3 I hope everyone had a fun,safe,and wonderful July fourth! We had a great one over here that included the parade, building house stuff, some vitamin d, family time, party, and fireworks. Unfortunately I had some fireworks in the family too that doesn’t involve the fireworks you see in the sky. […]

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Cookies and flowers to bring a {smile}

June 12, 2012

  Good morning! Thank you for making “Marvelous in my Monday” week 2 so awesome! I am happy that so many of you joined in, it really is an awesome way to start Monday. If you missed out, always next Monday to join in! Remember as well, I have a “MIMM” tab on my menu […]

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Fitness,Fuel, and Nail {tools}

June 5, 2012

Fitmixer boot camp done this afternoon, I fit it in after running my afternoon errands. I swear this fruit punch bff gets me pumped up to workout and fuels me through it too! I know, I know, I am always raving about it! Trust me, you would too if you tried it  I had a […]

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Glitter {nailed} it

May 30, 2012

  I was trapped in the house today like I said earlier due to the lawnmower getting delivered and our new little kitchen area table, they came! I love our new table and now we won’t kill ourselves almost bashing our heads into that lamp above it! I think it looks great, of course glass […]

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Diva Approved {4/19}

April 19, 2012

  I can’t wait for the day again where I can have time to make myself look presentable and do a diva approved vlog again! I actually got my sons video camera out of his room but it is still in the box, baby steps, haha. So I leave you friends with pics, but hey […]

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