Sweet and Stuffed Sunday


I love breakfast. The best meal of the day. I love weird combos. I am weird. I love sweet and savory. Good combo. I love this breakfast combo that I have not had in a while and changed that today. Stuff a sweet potato with greek yogurt, maple almond butter, and granola. Really do it NOW! I love this combo, I have a feeling it will be breakfast,lunch,or Read More »

Pick me UP


  I had a quick 20 minute workout today, light weights and a 2 minute plank after the 20 minute workout too. Still keeping it light over here, lots of yoga, walks, and light weights here and there too. Smoothie for lunch kind of day..... Strawberry, banana, mango, peach, and pineapple protein smoothie. Magic shell style coconut butter on top and Read More »

Chobani Powered Morning


Good rainy morning here in Wisconsin! You can't really tell in the pic, but it is pouring here this morning and it was storming. Hoping the rain subsides for tonight, Mike and I are going to the Bastille Festival in Milwaukee later. Mike went to MSOE and it is their reunion, they are having an events all day, and will be at the festival as well. There was a beer cruise Read More »

Box of class


  Good morning! Happy July 1st! I can't believe we are already in July, it seems the year is just going way too fast. I was excited for today, my "Healthy Diva's in July" on instagram starts today! Are you joining in on the fun? I hope you do! Use #healthydivas for the tag! Last night dinner was sweet style, I am really trying to up the carbs and fat so sweet Read More »

Banana PB and Morning Habit


  Good Morning! I woke up later than usual due to the spring ahead, it might take me a week to get used to. I was hoping to be up at 6 like always but that didn't happen, I am just glad Anthony had no trouble getting up and he was already gone when I woke up. I was worried he would sleep through his alarm, but thankfully he didn't! The birthday gathering yesterday Read More »

Pumpkin { pancake }


  Morning! Some days I just can't think of a great title for a blog post and I will sit here and think and think! I figured what the heck, just title it what you had for breakfast today, easy and done! I have to take Mike to the T-Station in about 20 minutes, thats how he gets downtown every day, better than driving. I am headed to go with my mom today after, helping Read More »

Great Toppings


  Good morning and happy Sunday! Last night was a family movie night, we watched "Puss in Boots" and it was very cute. Anthony saw it already at the movies but he was happy to watch it again with Mike and I. I am glad Anthony is still at an age where he wants to still do family movie nights, when that stops I will be so sad! Dinner for me was quick and easy, I Read More »

Soy Flour Berry Heart {pancakes}


Good morning! How can it not be a great morning when you see a beautiful sky like that? I have an obsession taking photos of beautiful sunrises, the most beautiful ones I have seen of course were in Maui, but the ones here in PA are not too bad  ;-)   Today is Pancake Day! Oh, but not here, in the UK. We have Fat Tuesday here and in the UK they have pancake day Read More »

Sweet potato breakfast


  Good morning! Mike and I finished season 4 of "Its always Sunny in Philadelphia" and we are ready for season 5. Thanks to gift cards for christmas, we will be getting season 5 this week. Gift cards come in handy when saving money and budgeting! We got so many gift cards for christmas, the best gift ever.   This past weekend I have thought about how Read More »

Box of Love this month <3


  I always get so excited to get the monthly conscious box! I have to say each month tops the last month. This month was my favorite box yet, maybe because of the adult touch, as you will see below, haha!     These 2 bars I am excited to try! I have seen the wine time bars before but never wanted to buy one because I figured it would be a Read More »

Spicy Night


  Today was sweaty thanks to this.... Insanity oh yes. Today was a repeat of day 2's workout and it is a hard one. I found myself getting through it though better than the first time, so I know I am improving  :-D Today was a repeat lunch... Egg white and chives salad and veggies stuffed in a whole wheat pita  :-D So many of my friends in other states said they Read More »

Hungry Yogi


  I rushed out the door at 6:00 am to head to yoga. I have been loving the early morning sessions, even though it is super cold in the morning, and I have to run out and start my car, its worth it! I sweat my butt off in hot yoga, so I get warm that way, and I love that I  go more now that I found a studio I love. I was a hungry yogi after ... Pumpkin Smoothie in a Read More »



  Why was this pink loving girl rocking all purple to yoga today? It was a purple day I suppose, change is good they say. Why was cereal the best post hot yoga eat? Its what I was craving, so I ate it. Why is granola so damn good? It just is, and I wish I had another sample of this kind, so damn good! Why is strawberry protein frosting so good, especially Read More »

Sweaty { start }


  Good Morning ! 6 am with my bags ready to go, early morning for me. I went to a hot yoga power flow vinyasa class, it was perfect for the rainy morning day. I was nice and sweaty! The hot yoga is my favorite, I love it . Note my awkward photo taking, its not so easy to get a pic of my back with no help, lol. I did not eat before yoga, I had a little coffee Read More »

5 { how } Tuesday


  Good morning and happy Tuesday! I know for some of you, its like a Wednesday since you are on a 3 day week! Mike is extremely excited that he is off on Thursday and Friday, he never usually has Friday off too. Im excited for him to be home too ! { Breakfast } Overnight Pumpkin Oat Bran with Granola  I need to add granola on top of my oats more, its a great Read More »

{ Hello } Halloween


  Morning loves! Pumpkin protein frosting with granola and apple slices for breakfast   :-D I used a pumpkin bowl that used to be filled with candy corn, but ummmm it disappeared! I am not naming names, but we have candy corn monsters in our house  ;-) Did anyone guess what I was for halloween? One person got it right! I was Hello Kitty  :-D I wore Pink Uggs Read More »

A red kind of { day }


  Hello loves! Did you know today is National Apple Day? Well, now you do  ;-) I am a apple lover, so everyday is apple day for me, so of course I celebrated . I had to get in a workout first though, before any apple action went on  :-D { Workout } *warm up with some stretches, here are some good ones  ;-) - Dumbbell curls 15 lbs 3 sets of 20 - Sumo Squats with Read More »