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What’s in the TJ’s Bag Wednesday

February 6, 2013
IMG 0159

  So last night I did a post with a peak into my makeup bag, glad you guys enjoyed it! Today I am going to share what was in my Trader Joe’s bag yesterday, oh I love that place! I seriously save SO much money on produce there, so grateful to have one close to […]

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On My Agenda October

October 2, 2012

  October is here! I meant to do this post yesterday since that was the first day of October but I didn’t want to nix MIMM! October 2nd is still early October, so here is what I have in store for the month! On My Agenda October…. 1. I am keeping up the walks and […]

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Diva Approved with Pumpkin Love

September 27, 2012
IMG 1164

  What is Diva Approved this week?  Lots of great stuff, pumpkin loves, and a VERY good lululemon look alike for half the price! Diva Approved with Pumpkin Love   Starbucks Blonde Roast K-cups My favorite starbucks coffee! I love the lighter roast and this one I keep in stock, a must have always for […]

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Try it Tuesday

August 7, 2012

  Good morning and happy Tuesday to everyone! Last night I went out to dinner with friends, was nice! No pics just good times. I did get home at 10 pm and decided it was a good time to grill up chicken, haha! The chicken I meant to grill up earlier in the day but […]

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Apple Bottom Diva

August 3, 2012

  Ahhhhhhh! Where did the day go? Hello Weekend! Hello apple bottom diva…. Not that kind of apple bottom  I do not have a booty, have to tell you that! I was sporting my green apple shorts, I kind of am obsessed with these and need to grab some more of their active wear. I […]

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Combos I love

August 2, 2012

  Morning! Happy Thursday! Glad you guys enjoy the “what do you love more“ 10 questions, hopefully some of you do a post of your own! If you do, let me know! Always a good idea for a post if you need one! There are so many food combos out there, some I love and […]

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Friday in…..

July 27, 2012
IMG 3605

  5. Romaine lettuce makes eating lettuce more fun. Salomon, veggies, nooch, and honey mustard dressing. 4. Frozen fruit, the best addition to a smoothie if you want it to be thicker and this fruit combo is delish! 3. Black dress for Vegas in 2 weeks? BOOM! This site always has me taken care of, […]

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Vanilla and Apple {protein} Stuffed French Toast

July 19, 2012
IMG 3430

  Good Morning! So happy to be back home and to be in my bed again and to have my kitchen again! Speaking of kitchen, my mom came by last night to bring our mail and she also brought us cookies from max and erma’s. So sweet of her! Well this morning I came down […]

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Home sweet { storm }

July 18, 2012
IMG 7707

We are HOME! We came home just in time to miss a BIG storm coming our way…. We missed driving in this BUT didn’t miss driving in a huge storm in Ohio, was not fun and it was a drive that leaves your amrs hurting so bad from grabbing the steering wheel with your life. […]

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10 {wisconsin family trip } Tuesday

July 17, 2012
IMG 7572

  1. Breakfast was almost done at Paul Bunyan’s but we decided against the buffet style. Anthony did take a pic though outside of there as we walked away. 2. We decided to go here instead, nothing beats it! 3. Sugar free syrup to go with my breakfast I ordered, yes please! A child with […]

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Fitmixer {bootcamp} join in!

July 16, 2012

Hi guys!  **Still enjoying sun, noah’s ark, and fun with the family! Let me just say we got LOTS of water park fun and lots of sun today. We had a blast and are off to dinner soon! See you in the morning! WOW! Love all the marvelous monday love going around, I appreciate all […]

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Marvelous in my Monday { 7 }

July 15, 2012

  Happy Monday! We are headed to the Wisconsin Dell’s this morning, I can not wait to get there! Mike has always raved about it since we began dating and we finally got time to take a trip there. Anthony we know will love it and we are all ready for a fun and long […]

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Yoga on the {deck}

July 14, 2012
IMG 3303

  Yoga is something I truly love and have found lots of peace in recently even more. I have been practicing yoga at home a lot lately, and once I get settled and stop traveling so much I will get back to the studio for some. I hate wasting money on my monthly membership if […]

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Road trip fail and success

July 13, 2012
IMG 7347

  We made it! But of course before making it, we had a long day of driving and a BIG fail on my part. I forgot my bag full of snacks, vitamins, and all that diva approved stuff I love. I was so mad at myself BUT a stop at Woodman’s made things better… My […]

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Diva {spill} Friday

July 13, 2012
IMG 3276

  Good morning friends! We will be on our way very soon to Milwaukee to have a weekend full of family, Bastille Days Festival, swimming, birthday party, and the Dells. Wishing you all a great start to your Friday!   Diva Spill Friday   1. Getting up this early will NOT be a trend for […]

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Diva Vanilla Caramel Protein {mug} Cake

July 12, 2012
IMG 3246

  SO I do not have Diva Approved tonight for you guys and I am sorry about that. We are going out of town tomorrow so things have been crazy today and I have a booked night with my family for birthday celebrating. I do want to make it up to you guys and gals, […]

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3 Style Thursday

July 12, 2012
IMG 3239

  Wake me up somebody, this diva is dragging today! It is a 2 cup of coffee kind of morning over here. It’s also a 3 Style Thursday kind of morning, I enjoy those and hope you do to! Some past 3 Thursday’s… -3 things to ditch Thursday – 3 Thursday Fun – Three Thursday […]

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