Marvelous in My Monday { 12 }


  Happy Marvelous in my Monday! I am SO excited that today is marvelous Monday so I can basically photo explode from this past weekend at HLS! SO get ready for lots of marvelous from HLS 2012 in Boston ahead!   Saturday Shenanigans..... Breakfast thanks to Wild Harvest! What a wonderful spread they had and congrats to the winner and finalists of the Read More »

What do you love more?


Ok so I started my day off with a great kick butt workout today, fitmixer full house workout with a deck of cards. It involved burpees ( hate so good ) crunches, plyo lunges, and more! Phew! I pushed through it, thanks god for my fruit punch amino, amen! I made a smoothie after to fuel my muscles, I added something in my smoothie that is a great addition when Read More »

Fun, boring, and special errand kind of day


Today Anthony and I just hung out, we ran some errands that were fun.... Gamestop for a new game, Anthony has SO many gift cards from there so we used one up today. A boring errand as Anthony would say, dropping off boxes.... We  packed up the car and dropped a load of stuff off at the house  ;-) A special stop at Starbucks for a green/passion tea and then Read More »

Packages, photo shoot breakfast, and loose dogs!


  Good morning! My morning consisted of being up WAY too damn early for a Saturday, why is it that I never sleep in but on days I really want to I have to get up early? SOML I now have a beeping noise in my head, thanks to my sons alarm that has been going off for the past hour and finally just stopped, you think HE would of heard it, but no. I am now wondering Read More »

What I know { Wednesday }


  Good morning loves! I seriously slept horrible last night, between house stuff and Anthony having a mini meltdown, sleep was not on my agenda at all. Anthony is SUCH a deep thinker, and had himself all worked up and crying, I actually would like to do a post on it and see if anyone has dealt with this issue I had with him. Im just not sure if its sharing too much, but I Read More »

What I Love Wednesday


  Good Morning Friends! Beautiful sunrise to start a beautiful day! Last night I really tried to sleep, Insanity is hardcore and I need as much sleep at night I can get. Mike is still sleeping, he actually has a eye doctor appt, so he gets to sleep in this morning for a little. Oh he was happy about that  ;-) Breakfast Overnight Berry Chia Protein Oats 1/2 cup Read More »

Sunday was…


Day one of Insanity and it KICKED my butt! As I said, I will be doing weekly Insanity reviews for all of you  :-D A day to take the tree down and all the christmas decorations, packed up and ready for storage. Hello Kitty duct tape made it more fun, not really but its cute! A day for a random post workout eat, I was not hungry after Insanity but I knew I had to eat Read More »

Windy City { Day }


  Good Morning! Having no internet in the condo really stinks, and I am sorry I did not get to post again yesterday. The day was full of busy and then before we knew it we had to get ready for the Blackhawks game, which was AWESOME! I switched yoga to today instead of yesterday, I was feeling a weights and cardio workout... 4 miles of cardio on the elliptical and Read More »

Stocking { stuff } love


  I have to say, one of my favorite things about christmas morning is seeing what is in my stocking. I was always so excited when I was little to see what santa stuffed in there! I still to this day get excited! I had 3 stockings, because Mike said I needed all three for the little stuffers he got me  :-D I think Santa mike stuffed my stockings VERY well  Read More »

Post Christmas Blues


  Good Morning friends! Hope everyone had a wonderful christmas! I can't believe its here and gone! Mike, Anthony, and I  have post christmas blues, we feel a little better today. We were all just sad the day was over last night. It just goes too fast, and its wonderful the family time we had the past 2 days because of christmas. I am excited to recap the holiday with Read More »

Yoga { Kitty }


Evening friends! I wanted to do the giveaway today BUT it will be now hosted tomorrow, so I hope you forgive me! Time just got the best of me and I didn't want to post the giveaway tonight, so tomorrow morning get ready! { Workout } Yoga , haha! Yup thats me  ;-) So I really love Hello Kitty even more now, she rocks the yoga too. Can you imagine someone dressed up like Read More »

5 , 4, 3, 2, 1….


  5 miles done on the elliptical today  ;-) 4 types of wrapping paper is what we got tonight at Target  :-D I got Hello Kitty, Snoopy for Mike, and Anthony picked out a reindeer one. 3 special ornaments  :mrgreen: We each pick out one every year, can you guess whose belongs to who? 2 things I will be enjoying tonight  ;-) Diet crack and peppermint Read More »

What I wish { Wednesday }


  Morning friends! I was stirring ideas for a blog post, as I am running to head out the door to head to the hospital. My dad is getting knee surgery today, so I have to head up there early! Just minor surgery, but always good to be there.  { What I Wish Wednesday  } I wish that everyone could find happiness and have it forever. Happiness is a wonderful thing, I Read More »

{ Hello } Halloween


  Morning loves! Pumpkin protein frosting with granola and apple slices for breakfast   :-D I used a pumpkin bowl that used to be filled with candy corn, but ummmm it disappeared! I am not naming names, but we have candy corn monsters in our house  ;-) Did anyone guess what I was for halloween? One person got it right! I was Hello Kitty  :-D I wore Pink Uggs Read More »