Marvelous in My Monday { 12 }

Marvelous in My Monday { 12 }


Happy Marvelous in my Monday!

I am SO excited that today is marvelous Monday so I can basically photo explode from this past weekend at HLS! SO get ready for lots of marvelous from HLS 2012 in Boston ahead!


Saturday Shenanigans…..

Breakfast thanks to Wild Harvest! What a wonderful spread they had and congrats to the winner and finalists of the wild harvest breakfast showdown contest!

Reebok hosted a fun crossfit class after breakfast. Lots of hot crossfit instructors I must say  😀 I should of took some pics, seriously great branding to use good looking men, lol.

Great speakers all day long! I sat in on a couple panels, my favorite was “Blogging with Brands” and it featured Kelly Olexa! I did not snap any pics on my camera since I was way in the back! It was a full house for that presentation!

Lunch was awesome in the afternoon. I am not sure who the lunch was sponsored by, it did not say on the agenda. Thanks to whoever did sponsor it though!

I had a salad with some delicious chicken and some fruit that is not pictured.

Lots of fun sponsors had booths set up! I had fun going to each one and meeting the wonderful people who represented the brand!

Chia peeps are my favorite peeps! I love the group of people who represent the drink chia, all wonderful and fun people! I was happy to meet Ronni and Gideon! I met them for the first time this year and I miss them already.

Weird how you just click with people and I clicked with all of them and hope to see them again soon!

I have to get drink chia here in the burgh!

Other sponsor booths that were fabulous….

I am missing a couple, thanks to all the sponsors I want to say! <3

Dinner Saturday night was a big group of lovelies including 3 crossfit guys from Reebok that joined too!

We had such a big group we had to split between two tables!

Sushi was fabulous but not enough for me!

Since I was still hungry, I had room for some Pinkberry!

Fabulous night that ended with fro yo  😀

Sunday morning was a great breakfast again. I had some yogurt with lovegrown cocoa goodness granola and my own alomnd butter I brought.

Some fruit and a egg bake thing that was delicious!

After breakfast we said good byes and then headed to our rooms to pack up our stuff. I had lots of HLS12 swag to fit in my suitcase!

My roomie Sara who I love to pieces, gifted me with a new essie polish, sweet card, and this….

So cute! I will look really hot sleeping now  😀

I have more pics from HLS, more pics I have to steal from my roomie too! I will be doing a post on lost photos from HLS this week!

I had a great time in Boston for HLS12 and I am hoping to attend next year again as well! Wonder what city it will be held next?!

Happy Marvelous Monday!





What do you love more?

What do you love more?

Ok so I started my day off with a great kick butt workout today, fitmixer full house workout with a deck of cards.

It involved burpees ( hate so good ) crunches, plyo lunges, and more! Phew! I pushed through it, thanks god for my fruit punch amino, amen!

I made a smoothie after to fuel my muscles, I added something in my smoothie that is a great addition when making chocolate smoothies….

Coco Cardio <3

Love adding this to my oats, smoothies, or even protein mug muffins!

I made a chocolate strawberry and banana protein smoothie today, yum!

1/3 cup oats, 1 scoop of fitmixer chocolate protein powder, 1 scoop of coco cardio, stevia, frozen banana, frozen strawberries, 1 cup almond milk, 1.5 tbsp flaxseeds.

Topped with some TJ’s strawberry yogurt o’s for the crunch!

After my smoothie I did a couple things around the house and CRASHED OUT! I was sooooooo tired and not even sure why, but I was feeling so exhausted I sat in bed on instagram and next thing you know I am passed out.

I guess I really needed that nap, 2.5 hours later I am up and lucky I didn’t have anything important to do. I think maybe since Anthony is away my body is telling me to enjoy it and to sleep a little more  😀

Sooooooooo since I have no major highlights of the day except for working out and sleeping ( dork alert ) I figured I would do a fun question thing…..

What do you love more?

1. Strength training or cardio?

Tough! Although I do love my cardio ( been loving my walks) I have to say strength training is my favorite!

2. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

BREAKFAST! Anyone that reads my blog knows that breakfast is always my favorite meal and I always put more effort into it!

3. Dress up or workout clothes?

As much as I love getting dolled up for nights out or events, I do live in my workout clothes! I love lululemon and love pink sweats! You can find me in the workout wear most of the time!

4. Wine or beer?

Never have I ever liked beer! I think I had beer one time and it was a sip, not a beer girl at all! Wine is my bff!


5. Peanut butter or almond butter?

Hmmm toughie, of course I love both but I do buy almond butter way more around here!

My favorite for oats in a jar  :mrgreen:

6. Heels or flats?

I rocked heels SO much in my early to middle 20’s, loved wearing them all day every day. I did not like how my feet felt after wearing them for long hours, that’s for sure! I still wear my heels here and there for nights out and such, but flats I adore! So much easier on my feet, plus flats can still be cute  😉

7. The actual cake or the frosting?

FROSTING all the way, live for it!

8.  Spring, summer, fall, or winter?

I love living in PA where I could always experience all the seasons, I do have a liking for all. Fall really has my heart, I love the scent of fall, pumpkins, boots, leaves, and halloween!

9.   Real animal or stuffed animal?

As much I would love to have a family pet over here, the stuffed kind is best for now and I do love hello kitty!

10.  Bright or light?

Bright all the way baby, oh and PINK!

Fun little way to end the Wednesday! If you do this, let me know!

Have a great rest of your day! See you tomorrow friends!

Diva Says…..

Pick one of the 10 and answer it for me!


Fun, boring, and special errand kind of day

Fun, boring, and special errand kind of day

Today Anthony and I just hung out, we ran some errands that were fun….

Gamestop for a new game, Anthony has SO many gift cards from there so we used one up today.

A boring errand as Anthony would say, dropping off boxes….

We  packed up the car and dropped a load of stuff off at the house  😉

A special stop at Starbucks for a green/passion tea and then to a special place…

We visited my gram, was a beautiful day and we wanted to say hello to her <3

Snacking today on some new chips that I LOVE…

These are fabulous! If you see these out, try them!

Have a fabulous rest of your day wherever you are friends! I am going to relax, make dinner, and suck down some more theraflu. This cold is not going away, might need to go to the doctor this week  😐

Oh and how cute is my husband, little things he does that makes me smile so much….

He had hello kitty holding easter baskets and in one of them was an essie polish, haha! I thought that was super cute, he is just the sweetest man  😀


Easter Morning {pics}

Easter Morning {pics}


Hope your Easter is wonderful so far, we are still enjoying ours over here. Today has been wonderful, full of family, food, and love!

Here are some pics from our easter basket exchange this morning <3


Packages, photo shoot breakfast, and loose dogs!

Packages, photo shoot breakfast, and loose dogs!


Good morning!

My morning consisted of being up WAY too damn early for a Saturday, why is it that I never sleep in but on days I really want to I have to get up early? SOML

I now have a beeping noise in my head, thanks to my sons alarm that has been going off for the past hour and finally just stopped, you think HE would of heard it, but no. I am now wondering how he does hear it during the week when he has school? Oh its because he doesn’t stay up until 3 am on those days, BAM!

Breakfast I could not decide on, wanted something simple and fast, cereal would of been the answer if I did not eat 10 2 bowls last night before bed.

Oh and guess what, I was NOT in the mood for a little photo shoot with my breakfast today either. The sun was shining, perfect lighting,  a BLOGGERS DREAM DAY for photos, but I was not in the mood to play around out on the balcony and take 1 million pics to get that ONE perfect pic.

Seriously do you guys really care if my food pics are not food gawker worthy? Well I don’t!

Breakfast was a pocketful of fiber pita toasted up, topped with protein frosting, granola, and very cherry berry blend fruit.

Easy and was what was calling out to me, actually pancakes were but I was not willing to make them.  Oh the times I wish I was a millionare and had my own chef  😉

A pancake vending machine would be awesome even, just pick what kind you want and it pops out! Wouldn’t that be sweet?!

Coffee was consumed and still is being, on my second cup! As you can probably tell by my writing that i am hopped up on caffeine!

Starbucks Blonde Roast I love you!



Who loves them? Not the packages involved with men, dirty minds people  😉

Packages in the mail, I got 2 fabulous ones to share. I love packages even MORE now since it means more boxes I can use for the MOVE!

First up was Sephora, I had a 50 dollar gift card I got for christmas so I decided to use it before I lose it.

Nail polishes, because you can never own too many. I am a nail polish whore to put it bluntly  😉

Dior mascara, they no longer have my beloved Dior Show ( skinny tube they had ) one and this is the new one that is taking its place, hope it is just as awesome.  I am also a mascara whore, I like to use 2 different kinds when applying. I will use this one with my Kevyn Aucoin one that I love.

Second package is from some really awesome girl who has two  really bad  cute dogs that I am surprised didn’t get into the granola she sent me before she could mail it, haha!

So sweet of her, she was supposed to only send me granola but of course had to bring hello kitty into the package  😀

Hello Kitty pasta and it’s organic, my life is now complete!  She sent a cute HK shirt and that amazing love crunch granola I love in a HUGE bag, wonder if that will last long? I give it 3 weeks, Mike loves it too!

The best part…..

A strawberry slicer! I have never seen one and it is SO cute! I love strawberries and now I can slice them up  :mrgreen:

Oh there are so many little kitchen gadgets in this world, love it!

Thanks again to Janetha and thanks to my mom for that sephora gift card  😀

Ok I am ready to go do something productive, like watching the  Bethenny Ever After marathon on Bravo!

I might take a walk after too, such a pretty day out! Hoping there are no dogs running leash-less, yesterday there was and the one dog was growling at me. The guy runs out and says oh my dog won’t bother you, he is really nice. Ummmmm excuse me? Your dog is giving me the look of death and growling at me, where is the NICE?!

Seriously people put your dogs on a damn leash! It is a law here, I know this because my mom is a Animal Control Officer and you can get a fine for it.

YES I know there should be laws for some people to be put on leashes, but sadly its not, haha!

Thanks, I prefer not to get chased today or my leg be some dogs chicken winner dinner  😉

Katie xoxo

Questions of The Day…

Any fun packages come your way this past week?

Have you ever been chased by a dog while out taking a nice walk or run?



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