Marvelous in my Monday { 7 }


  Happy Monday! We are headed to the Wisconsin Dell's this morning, I can not wait to get there! Mike has always raved about it since we began dating and we finally got time to take a trip there. Anthony we know will love it and we are all ready for a fun and long day. I have lots of "marvelous highlights" to share from this past weekend, few words but lots of Read More »

Yoga on the {deck}


  Yoga is something I truly love and have found lots of peace in recently even more. I have been practicing yoga at home a lot lately, and once I get settled and stop traveling so much I will get back to the studio for some. I hate wasting money on my monthly membership if I can't get to the studio at least 3x a week and lately I can't because of house stuff, traveling, Read More »

Insanity Recovery and where from here


  Insanity Recovery week ended yesterday, it was 6 of the same recovery workout done all week.  Since it was called cardio recovery, it was obviously not as intense but it did make you sweat and gave you a good workout. I thought I would get bored with doing the same one, but I didn't and it was nice to have a week of not so intense workouts.   My body Read More »

5 Things I’m excited about!


  Good Morning! Happy Tuesday! Thanks for all your support on my month one insanity review, it means so much! I start recovery week today, so I am excited to see what kind of exercises I will be doing, Month 2 will be nice because it will be all new.   Dinner last night was simple and veggie filled, what I was craving.   Veggie Pizza  Read More »

Insanity Month One


  Peace out month one, its been real hell fun! How do I feel after one month of insanity? I feel DAMN accomplished and proud! I seriously had days where I was not sure if I wanted to continue on, but I found strength deep down inside and pushed through. I feel so accomplished and feel like a super diva! What is one thing I have to say about Insanity after month Read More »

7 Sunday Things


  Ok, not that I really care so much, but its almost Superbowl time and I am going to be watching with my boys. We are hoping for some funny commercials and Im hoping for no wardrobe malfunctions with the halftime show, haha! Anthony's little eyes do not need to experience that, I remember the Janet Jackson one back in the day. Im old, geeeez! Not much else going on Read More »

Insanity Week { 3 }


  How the heck does it feel like it has been longer than 3 weeks?! Well, because insanity has been kicking my butt and has not been any less of a challenge after 3 weeks! I feel stronger and more hardcore every day  :mrgreen: I notice.... - my ability to push harder  - my calves are getting more muscular - my thighs are rock solid So the past 3 weeks have been Read More »

Telling you Tuesday


  Happy Tuesday evening guys and gals! Thank you for your sweet comments on my Insanity Week 2 Review, I am really proud of my improvements and also proud I made it through 2 weeks of Insanity, haha! Cheers to week three! Hmmmmm what to say about today? I had a little going on today but not much to rave about. Telling you what I did in a couple pics on my fine Tuesday Read More »

Insanity Week 2 Review


  Well, Im done with week 2 and let me tell you, it feels like I have been doing Insanity longer than that! I do Insanity 6 days a week, my days off are Monday, and what glorious Monday's those are! How do I feel after 2 weeks so far? Haha! Yup that is how I feel  :mrgreen: Actually, I really am loving it and yes it is hardcore and challenging, but I feel so AWESOME Read More »

3 { Tuesday }


  Good Morning! What makes a great start to the morning? A great breakfast of course. I eat breakfast every single day, its my favorite meal of the day and if I do not have it, you might not want to come near me! I would be crabby as hell! Overnight Cherry Berry Protein Oats 1/2 cup oats, 1.5 cup flax milk, stevia, 1 cup of cherry berry blend fruit, 2 tbsp chia Read More »

Oh little { baby }


  He was such a sweet little baby  :-D I was organizing pictures today, and found this one from the day Anthony was born. How sweet he was and I remember that day like it was yesterday, my whole life changed in the most amazing way. I am blessed. One day I hope to have another little baby and to re-live that kind of moment again <3 Workout Insanity, and it was Read More »

Insanity Start and End


   Thank you for all your tips on the house hunting post this morning, Im sorry I could not reply to all of them, but please know I read each one and am thankful for your tips! I am spent! Today was a LONG day that started with INSANITY.... ( this one is killer, and after doing it for the third time, its still kills me! ) And ended with INSANITY.... of house Read More »

Insanity week uno


  Thumbs Up! Week one of Insanity is done and Im alive, well sort of  8-O I have to say, I have never had such a challenge in my life. Insanity really is challenging and it is also brutal at times, you just want to scream but you just push through! Bottom line, Im loving it! Cardio power and resistance was the most challenging workout from the week. I have to say, Read More »

Spicy Night


  Today was sweaty thanks to this.... Insanity oh yes. Today was a repeat of day 2's workout and it is a hard one. I found myself getting through it though better than the first time, so I know I am improving  :-D Today was a repeat lunch... Egg white and chives salad and veggies stuffed in a whole wheat pita  :-D So many of my friends in other states said they Read More »

Peanut love and a new muscle friend <3


  Glad you guys enjoyed my playlist, its fun to share songs, and maybe add a couple new ones to yours! The doctors appt went good today, the doctor was so nice and I am very happy I found a place I like. My main goal to go to the OB/GYN today was to figure out the steps to take to plan for a baby in the future. I have some little roadblocks to overcome if I plan to get Read More »

What I Love Wednesday


  Good Morning Friends! Beautiful sunrise to start a beautiful day! Last night I really tried to sleep, Insanity is hardcore and I need as much sleep at night I can get. Mike is still sleeping, he actually has a eye doctor appt, so he gets to sleep in this morning for a little. Oh he was happy about that  ;-) Breakfast Overnight Berry Chia Protein Oats 1/2 cup Read More »