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Iphone Snaps Sunday

March 17, 2013
IMG 7309

  Happy Sunday to all of my beautiful friends! See you in the morning for MIMM! I am off to NYC tomorrow bright and early, but MIMM will be up early! If I don’t happen to get to see your posts tomorrow, please understand, will be traveling and busy, but I appreciate and love all […]

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Date Night Please!

November 14, 2012
IMG 3026

  Good morning! I am just finishing off stuffing my face with breakfast as I type this post up! Thomas cinnamon raisin bagel thin with planter’s pb energy mix and banana on top. Side of turkey bacon! I would of LOVED to have cinnamon raisin pb, need to get some! Since I am done eating […]

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MIMM 19 with Wedding Fun!

October 7, 2012

The best parts of my weekend were lazy time with Mike, family time Friday night and a beautiful wedding on Saturday! We had a wonderful weekend, sadly though still iphone pics since my camera still needs fixed. I don’t mind using the iphone BUT ever since I did the color run and color got in […]

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I’m Married to a Jonas

September 6, 2012
IMG 4337

  Morning! Happy start to your Thursday!   Dinner last night was delicious and easy thanks to this new Campbell’s skillet sauce packet I picked up! All you do is add chicken and rice! I thought the creamy chipotle was a good choice and I picked up a  Uncle Ben’s ( pop in the microwave […]

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Whatttttt Wednesday

September 5, 2012

  Happy Wednesday! What does Wednesday mean for you today? For me it means 3 more days until we leave for the beach! I am really excited for it and trying not to stress getting things done! We are having a cook out here on Friday night too, Mike’s brilliant plan! Haha! I am excited […]

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You had me at {chocolate}

June 23, 2012

  Morning! Oh no breakfast buffet for us this morning like we enjoyed the past 2 mornings at Crystal Room in at Omni Bedford Springs Resort  when we were out of town on our annymoon…. The homemade granola was to die for  They had a table that offered gluten free yummies as well, I spotted […]

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A night of golf, nails, and crazy {bee}

June 16, 2012

  Good Morning! Last night when Mike got home, we all went mini-golfing and I also surprised him with his Father’s Day gift as well! I will share that later,  mini – golf domination is to be shared right now! I won, but where’s my candy? Anthony got candy from the sweet old man that […]

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Little peak {home} vlog and amazing decor found!

May 15, 2012

  I had to pee 1,000 times today…. Drinking TONS of water is what I do daily. Oh but the pee breaks can be killer when out running errands! I went out to hit up one of my favorite stores today. I seriously LOVE TJ Maxx! I do not know why I am not there […]

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Samba and Poser

May 8, 2012

  Hey loves! So glad you guys enjoyed the “Mantra May” post! There were so many amazing ones and I am excited for week 2! Get your mantra in, email me at, pb crave prize this week! I made it to the concrete jungle! Since I had an early flight, I had breakfast in […]

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Box of Love this month <3

February 13, 2012

  I always get so excited to get the monthly conscious box! I have to say each month tops the last month. This month was my favorite box yet, maybe because of the adult touch, as you will see below, haha!     These 2 bars I am excited to try! I have seen the […]

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10 ways { beauty } recipes

October 16, 2011

  Afternoon! I am full of veggies right now ! Veggie Bowl with a Quorn Meatless Burger and Red Pepper Hummus I absolutely love the quorn meatless burgers, if you never tried them,  you should  Mike, Anthony, and I all teamed together to bring more stuff to storage today! We are slowly getting this place […]

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Berry Amazing Protein { Wrap }

September 28, 2011

  Good Morning! Im blogging from Blue Horse Coffee Shop  Cute little place near us, and their wifi is SUPER fast, score! The one at Barnes and Noble was so slow , Im happy I found this place! Dinner last night was a yummy salad, different combo ( switching up salad combos is key, so […]

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Protein { stuffed } French Toast

September 17, 2011

  Good Morning ! I was SO happy to have Mike home last night! He was starving when he got here and… We have nothing here to eat really  So good old fast food it was Jimmy John’s for him  AND why does Jimmy John’s close so early here? Close at 7pm! In Chicago its […]

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Fit { friends }

September 15, 2011

  Loving the LOVE on the giveaway lovers! Thanks for all the entires so far, and can’t wait to pick a winner and get it shipped off! This is the fastest giveaway I have ever done, and with moving it has to be that way! Late morning I  had a date with my ” fit […]

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Wonder { full } Wednesday

September 14, 2011

  Today was such a great day! Every day is in my book, its what YOU make of it! How could a day not be great when you rocking a pretty color…. Outfit of the day  Hair Style of the day, Elvis Style baby  When I walked out the door today , I noticed a […]

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Pumpkin Protein { Frosting }

September 13, 2011

  Afternoon my loves! Quick Shout Out to my new readers! Thanks for stopping by, and hope you come back more! I did cardio only today for a work out, since I have major DOMS still from the medicine ball workout I was very BRIGHT with the shirt today, this pic does no justice  Seriously, […]

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Medicine Ball { BFF }

September 13, 2011

  Good Morning! Happy day ! So I am leaning towards getting that kitchen aid mixer, so many of you replied with how much you love yours! Perhaps Mike should get a blue one, we can both be kitchen aid lovers  Better late than never wedding gift, and I know I will love it! Oh […]

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