Iphone Snaps Sunday


  Happy Sunday to all of my beautiful friends! See you in the morning for MIMM! I am off to NYC tomorrow bright and early, but MIMM will be up early! If I don't happen to get to see your posts tomorrow, please understand, will be traveling and busy, but I appreciate and love all the support you guys give to MIMM every week! Read More »

Date Night Please!


  Good morning! I am just finishing off stuffing my face with breakfast as I type this post up! Thomas cinnamon raisin bagel thin with planter's pb energy mix and banana on top. Side of turkey bacon! I would of LOVED to have cinnamon raisin pb, need to get some! Since I am done eating my breakfast, it is time to share some...... DATE NIGHT Read More »

MIMM 19 with Wedding Fun!


The best parts of my weekend were lazy time with Mike, family time Friday night and a beautiful wedding on Saturday! We had a wonderful weekend, sadly though still iphone pics since my camera still needs fixed. I don't mind using the iphone BUT ever since I did the color run and color got in my phone, it has black dots on every pic. Annoying when I see a good pic and there Read More »

I’m Married to a Jonas


  Morning! Happy start to your Thursday!   Dinner last night was delicious and easy thanks to this new Campbell's skillet sauce packet I picked up! All you do is add chicken and rice! I thought the creamy chipotle was a good choice and I picked up a  Uncle Ben's ( pop in the microwave style, love! ) Whole Grain Santa Fe Rice packet. Delicious it Read More »

Whatttttt Wednesday


  Happy Wednesday! What does Wednesday mean for you today? For me it means 3 more days until we leave for the beach! I am really excited for it and trying not to stress getting things done! We are having a cook out here on Friday night too, Mike's brilliant plan! Haha! I am excited for our 1st cook out party but we leave for the beach the next morning and hoping we Read More »

You had me at {chocolate}


  Morning! Oh no breakfast buffet for us this morning like we enjoyed the past 2 mornings at Crystal Room in at Omni Bedford Springs Resort  when we were out of town on our annymoon.... The homemade granola was to die for  :-D They had a table that offered gluten free yummies as well, I spotted some of my favorite protein cereal Read More »

A night of golf, nails, and crazy {bee}


  Good Morning! Last night when Mike got home, we all went mini-golfing and I also surprised him with his Father's Day gift as well! I will share that later,  mini - golf domination is to be shared right now! I won, but where's my candy? Anthony got candy from the sweet old man that works at the mini-golf place, I got  nothing  :-? Haha, I won though Read More »

Little peak {home} vlog and amazing decor found!


  I had to pee 1,000 times today.... Drinking TONS of water is what I do daily. Oh but the pee breaks can be killer when out running errands! I went out to hit up one of my favorite stores today. I seriously LOVE TJ Maxx! I do not know why I am not there more often trying to find little gems! I went there today to try to find some bed sheets on clearance Read More »

Samba and Poser


  Hey loves! So glad you guys enjoyed the "Mantra May" post! There were so many amazing ones and I am excited for week 2! Get your mantra in, email me at healthydivaeats@hotmail.com, pb crave prize this week! I made it to the concrete jungle! Since I had an early flight, I had breakfast in to go form I brought with me to the airport.... Chobani, Read More »

Box of Love this month <3


  I always get so excited to get the monthly conscious box! I have to say each month tops the last month. This month was my favorite box yet, maybe because of the adult touch, as you will see below, haha!     These 2 bars I am excited to try! I have seen the wine time bars before but never wanted to buy one because I figured it would be a Read More »

10 ways { beauty } recipes


  Afternoon! I am full of veggies right now ! Veggie Bowl with a Quorn Meatless Burger and Red Pepper Hummus I absolutely love the quorn meatless burgers, if you never tried them,  you should  :-D Mike, Anthony, and I all teamed together to bring more stuff to storage today! We are slowly getting this place cleaned up and I am happy about that ! It Read More »

Berry Amazing Protein { Wrap }


  Good Morning! Im blogging from Blue Horse Coffee Shop  :-D Cute little place near us, and their wifi is SUPER fast, score! The one at Barnes and Noble was so slow , Im happy I found this place! Dinner last night was a yummy salad, different combo ( switching up salad combos is key, so it doesn't get boring! ) I topped this salad with a Lemon Peppercorn Read More »

Protein { stuffed } French Toast


  Good Morning ! I was SO happy to have Mike home last night! He was starving when he got here and... We have nothing here to eat really  8-O So good old fast food it was Jimmy John's for him  :-D AND why does Jimmy John's close so early here? Close at 7pm! In Chicago its open til 2 am! Wish they were open later here I got a salad at Salad Club, its a place Read More »

Fit { friends }


  Loving the LOVE on the giveaway lovers! Thanks for all the entires so far, and can't wait to pick a winner and get it shipped off! This is the fastest giveaway I have ever done, and with moving it has to be that way! Late morning I  had a date with my " fit friends " Great friends to have for sure  ;-) I have been randomly making up workouts lately, and I did that Read More »

Wonder { full } Wednesday


  Today was such a great day! Every day is in my book, its what YOU make of it! How could a day not be great when you rocking a pretty color.... Outfit of the day  ;-) Hair Style of the day, Elvis Style baby  :mrgreen: When I walked out the door today , I noticed a little friend, he scared me at first! A Praying Mantis  He is STILL there too! I heard they are Read More »

Pumpkin Protein { Frosting }

Lady Gaga 2

  Afternoon my loves! Quick Shout Out to my new readers! Thanks for stopping by, and hope you come back more! I did cardio only today for a work out, since I have major DOMS still from the medicine ball workout I was very BRIGHT with the shirt today, this pic does no justice  ;-) Seriously, if someone that had a hangover saw me, they would not be happy with the Read More »

Medicine Ball { BFF }


  Good Morning! Happy day ! So I am leaning towards getting that kitchen aid mixer, so many of you replied with how much you love yours! Perhaps Mike should get a blue one, we can both be kitchen aid lovers  :mrgreen: Better late than never wedding gift, and I know I will love it! Oh the breakfast cake in a mug came again today, but it was a cherry coco Read More »