This Past Weekend Shares!

May 12, 2015

Our air is fixed, praise the lord! I never take anything for granted in life, and am so grateful that we do have a/c. But, man it was rough having it break during temps in the almost 90 range! Yikes, it was rough over here. Let’s just say I kept my hair at fro style. […]

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Diva Spill Friday

May 8, 2015

( Thank you for all the sweet love and prayers in regards to my aunts passing, meant so much to me. Thank you all so much <3 ) 1. Oh hot yoga, I missed you after being apart for almost 4 months. I took a hot yoga class yesterday and it felt so great to […]

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Diva Spill Friday

April 4, 2014
IMG 3339

  1. I think perhaps, I shall pin every single thing they have on lulus. So much cute stuff! 2. I attempted, and did have some success taking Rocco’s 9 month photos yesterday.  I managed to get some cute shots before mini meltdown 90210 happened. Haha, oh that is a framer! ( 9 month post […]

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MIMM #91Marvelous Moments of the Weekend

March 31, 2014

  Since the weekends I have YTT are crazy busy, and meaning it is just ALL yoga. I really don’t have time for anything else besides yoga, sleep, family, eat, repeat. I am enjoying yoga teacher training so much, but it is also a weekend where there is only that going on, and other time […]

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Diva Spill Friday

March 21, 2014
IMG 5008

  1. Red Robin is brilliant. Milkshakes made JUST for moms, ummm you have to see this! I will take one or two please  2. I am sore as ever today, especially after yesterdays power flow yoga class and the sculpt your asana class the night before. I am loving that I get to practice […]

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What Wednesday

March 19, 2014
IMG 4914

  What did I eat for a quick and easy lunch yesterday? This TJ’s salad. ( love this salad, just need to add more chicken! ) What was the best dollar I spent in a while? Bunny ears at Target, these will be cute to take some pics in  ( well, Rocco may not agree, […]

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Wednesday Tidbits

August 13, 2013
LW4B92S 011774 3

  I am ready for fall and am ready to rock this daily. I love wrap sweaters and fell in love with this one when I saw it on the lululemon site yesterday as a new arrival. Someone has been picking their nose in their sleep. I have been eating chobani every day, in oats, […]

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I Feel Exposed

March 20, 2013
IMG 0816

  Happy Wednesday, happy half way through the week, and happy date night tonight for Mike and I! ( much needed ) You know what makes oats so much better? Adding yogurt to them , specifically greek yogurt too! I added this greek yogurt to my oats this morning and they were extra fantastic  Fresh […]

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Diva Approved with Food, Beauty, and More!

October 18, 2012

So I think the Diva Approved 3 style is going to stick around for a while, unless I have tons of amazing food to share in one week! Our food budget is tight around here so no impulse buys can happen. If I was able to impulse buy I would of bought this spread, oh […]

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Trader Joe’s Goods and Casual to Workout

October 9, 2012
IMG 1670

I went from casual out the door style…. to workout style today  Usually I roll with going fitness wear always because I live in fitness clothes, but I do wear regular clothes a lot too. Fitness stuff is just so more comfy especially when it gets colder around here in PA. My fitness today was […]

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Fitness Fashion Board Fun

September 28, 2012
Gym Bags

  Some fitness fashion board fun I decided to have fun with today!  Always fun to wear cute gear when working out! Hope you guys enjoy the boards, I am off to spend the rest of the day with Mike and his mom! Gym Bags by healthydiva31 featuring nylon handbags NIKE tote handbag Puma […]

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Diva Approved with Pumpkin Love

September 27, 2012
IMG 1164

  What is Diva Approved this week?  Lots of great stuff, pumpkin loves, and a VERY good lululemon look alike for half the price! Diva Approved with Pumpkin Love   Starbucks Blonde Roast K-cups My favorite starbucks coffee! I love the lighter roast and this one I keep in stock, a must have always for […]

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A New Whey/Way Day

September 13, 2012
IMG 4490

  Happy Thursday! Yesterday was another wonderful day here, fun wise and weather wise! We got SO lucky on this trip, the weather has been perfect all week! The weather gods must be looking down on us. Since the weather is beautiful and since we have big decks all over at the house, I tried […]

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Pooped and Popped

September 5, 2012
IMG 4334

  Afternoon friends! I have been doing lots of emailing, blog stuff, and of course twitter pimping today. I bounce all day and work on my posture too, thanks to my stability ball as a chair. Like my cool socks? I wear my heart on my feet   I have been pooped today, not sure […]

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Whaaaaaaaaaaat {Wednesday}

July 11, 2012
IMG 3230

  Happy Wednesday, half way through the week and we are all still alive! Got to be thankful for that! I am never good at joining in on the WIAW link up, I wish I was because it’s fun and makes for a great post! Oh well, instead I will just do a little Wednesday […]

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3’s in my Tuesday

June 26, 2012

Good morning and thanks to all of you who joined in for “Marvelous in my Monday” week 4! I really am glad I decided to start #MIMM, it is a fun way to start the new week and to share lots of great things! I do have a post that I wanted to write today […]

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Cho berry {good}

May 30, 2012

  Afternoon! I kicked ass with the boot camp workout today, hello snowboarders and knee slappers! Those moves were killer and my legs were dying, but damn I feel awesome after each work out! Bright, booty shorts, and BCAA fruit punch <3 Just how I like it, haha! Want to know something that I had […]

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