Marvelous In My Monday

MIMM #91Marvelous Moments of the Weekend

March 31, 2014

  Since the weekends I have YTT are crazy busy, and meaning it is just ALL yoga. I really don’t have time for anything else besides yoga, sleep, family, eat, repeat. I am enjoying yoga teacher training so much, but it is also a weekend where there is only that going on, and other time […]

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MIMM #90 with a Happy Birthday + More!

March 24, 2014

Happy MIMM! I am running on NO sleep   poor Rocco had a rough night, and bad congestion means no sleep/ I feel dead, and I feel so bad for him. Even though my little man is sick, I am kicking this week off being grateful for his health, and being grateful for life each day! […]

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MIMM #89 Non Stop Namaste + Best Husband Ever!

March 17, 2014

  This weekend was one of the busiest, blessed, and exhausting weekends I think I have had since the first week Rocco was born. Phew! Seriously, I don’t think I sat once, or slept. I never sleep well anyways, so no big surprise there! Yoga Teacher Training started this past weekend, and all I can […]

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MIMM #89 Weekend with Date Night, Sister Time, and More!

March 2, 2014

  Happy Monday! My favorite post of the week is here, marvelous start to the week always! We had a really awesome weekend, sharing out highlights with….     Rocco marvelous pic highlights of the weekend… Marvelous workouts…. Marvelous date night… Juniper Grill with my love, one of our favorite dining spots! Date night dinner […]

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MIMM #88 4 Word Pic Style

February 23, 2014

  Hope everyone had a great weekend! How is this month almost over already?  Time goes fast, too fast sometimes. Cherish each day, as I know we do, especially the weekends. Our weekend involved a really fun Saturday night with friends! Cassie ( my bff ) and her boyfriend came over for dinner, drinks, and […]

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MIMM #87 Valentine’s Day Weekend!

February 16, 2014

  Hoping everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Ours was full of love, a very amazing date night out, and gratefulness. Sharing our weekend highlights with….   Rocco’s First Valentine’s Day, I think he was loving the little gifts <3 Big brother got some of his favorite treats! We did celebrate our Valentine’s Day early […]

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MIMM #86 with Silence & Lots of Weekend Love

February 9, 2014

  Happy Monday friends! I actually have a meeting with a nanny this morning, a little nervous. We have been pondering the nanny idea for a while, and I finally bit the bullet to find one. With upcoming busy things for me, we are going to need care for Rocco one day a week, which […]

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MIMM #85 Collages of the Weekend!

February 3, 2014

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Congrats to Bruno Mars on the Super Bowl win, hehe! No, really. If you follow me on twitter, you know how I felt last night. But really, congrats to Seattle! On to the main highlight…. Sharing our weekend highlights collage style, something different and fun! We had a great […]

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MIMM #84 Snowed In Kind Of Weekend!

January 26, 2014

  Happy Monday! Enough with the small talk since I have no time for that right now at the moment.  Weekend was, well in all weekend due to snow! Yup, winter has been very white and cold over here, in fact we are getting frigid temps again this week. Yuck! So weekend was just lots […]

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MIMM #83 Hashtag Style!

January 19, 2014

  Happy Monday! Happy Martin Luther King Day too! I know some of you may have the day off, Anthony was supposed to be off school, but snow make up day! My sister Jennifer’s boys are off school, so Rocco and I are going to meet them at Panera for lunch! We had an awesome […]

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MIMM #82 Holiday Party + P.F. Changs Yum!

January 12, 2014

      Had a wonderful weekend, wishing all of you did too! I have to say one thing, I am exhausted as ever. Send lots of coffee my way pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee. Mondays do always seem to be the hardest days for me in the “energy” department, cheers to obsessive amounts of coffee to fix that […]

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MIMM #81 Sister Birthday + More!

January 5, 2014

Happy Monday! Lovely weekend with a sister birthday celebration, and lots of love to little man who had shots. The shots were no fun, Rocco was very unhappy for 2 days, and finally he felt better Sunday. Sharing some marvelous from my weekend….. This beautiful baby boy who passed out right after his shots, he […]

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MIMM #80 Post Holiday Relaxing + A Half Birthday!

December 29, 2013

  Really it’s Monday again? Christmas flew by, now new years eve is upon is tomorrow! Holy crap it’ almost 2014?! No resolution posts coming from this girl, well I do have one resolution style post I am going to share tomorrow. Not a typical one, but I think you guys will like it. Really, […]

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MIMM #79 Weekend Stuff and a Yummy Giveaway!

December 22, 2013

Short and sweet with the marvelous over here today! The day before christmas eve is a busy one, getting last minute things done and I have some dessert baking on the agenda! Wishing all of you a wonderful day and for those who celebrate christmas, hope you are ready for it! MIMM Weekend Highlights….   […]

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MIMM #78 with Date Night In and Meeting Santa!

December 15, 2013

  Happy Monday everyone! Can you believe that christmas is 9 days away?!  I really am excited for christmas, I think I have all my shopping done, yikes! Our weekend was pretty sweet, sharing the highlights with …. Friday night movie was Despicable Me 2, such a cute movie! Dinner date night in was Outback, […]

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MIMM #77 My Sisters Beautiful Wedding and Birthday Celebrations!

December 8, 2013

Happy Monday! The past few days have been super busy, but super amazing and blessed! My sisters wedding festivities kicked off Thursday night and it has been crazy over here since then! My sister had the most beautiful wedding day ever, it really was the perfect winter wedding and it ended up snowing in the […]

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#MIMM #76 Hashtag Style

November 24, 2013

Happy Monday friends! Wishing all of you a marvelous start to the week, a short week it is to for those who celebrate Thanksgiving! Only three days of work for Mike this week, so excited about that! MIMM is hashtag style today for me!   #wearingsomethingbesidesyogapantsforonce #studalldressedupforholidaypics #21weeksold #cheers #neededthewholeboxsaturday #saturdaynightdatenighteat #abouttimeiupgraded #hibestfriend #identitytheftwasacutemovie #mysisterleftagiftinmydoor […]

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