Diva Spill Friday


1.It was SUNNY and PRETTY outside yesterday, and I enjoyed it while it lasted. Well, before the 50mph winds arrived, yikes! Roxie almost blew away outside! 2. Chug it like I mean it, all dayyyyyyyyyy. Especially this week! 3.  Pretty much the best package that could arrive at your door, besides wine. Thank you, Brookside! omg, the clusters are Read More »

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Ladies!

holiday gift

  1. Super adorable and fun initial mugs from Nordstrom.  I love what it says on the inside of the mug, too!   2. Infinity scarves are a fashion accessory must have in my opinion. This tan one is cute and would go with any outfit! 3.  This wall calendar would be a great gift for someone who has a home office or needs a little more organization in Read More »

Diva Spill Friday


1. Ummmm, bye bye Sephora, or buying makeup anywhere again. Seriously, is this a glimpse of how the future is going to be? Who knows, but technology is just going to keep getting better, that's for sure. 2.  I finally took Rocco's 10 month photos yesterday, and you can tell it was easy  :lol:  He doesn't sit still anymore, or want anything to do with a sticker on the his Read More »

Some Fun Finds on a Lazy Sunday


Good morning and happy Sunday! We had a great Saturday night over here and did new things we NEVER had to do, cover the A/C and our grill! Since we are homeowners now, we have lots of new responsibilities that we never had. Some not so fun things either like when there are problems, we can't just call the leasing office, we have to call someone ourselves and pay for it Read More »

Diva Approved with Boots,Nails, and More!


Ready? I know some of you love Diva Approved and guess what? I love doing it  :-D I have some diva approved boots, essie holiday nail collection, and food of course to share with you! Hope you enjoy this weeks goodies! 3 Diva Approved Eats This heart goodness omega 3 egg carton mix! Always good to get your omega 3 intake and I have been loving eggs SO much lately so Read More »

Diva Approved 3 Style


  I had so much fun doing Diva Approved 3 style last week, so I am going to do it again! Let me know if you guys are liking it this way please! Sometimes there are weeks where i don't have many or any new diva approved items in my fridge or pantry, especially when I am on a food budget. I like to switch things up and I think it's fun to do more than food! Your Read More »

Some Sunday Fashion Fun


Some days I just can't stop online browsing, today was one of those days. I love looking at sites such as forever21, aldo, and modcloth to see what cute new stuff they have. It cost no money to online browse, plus it is fun to share what kind of style you like. Here are a couple boards i put together just for fun today! Enjoy! Cute shoes by healthydiva31 featuring Read More »

Friday in…..


  5. Romaine lettuce makes eating lettuce more fun. Salomon, veggies, nooch, and honey mustard dressing. 4. Frozen fruit, the best addition to a smoothie if you want it to be thicker and this fruit combo is delish! 3. Black dress for Vegas in 2 weeks? BOOM! This site always has me taken care of, oh and if you need a blue dress this one is Read More »

Things of the {day}


  Afternoon! I am rushing off here, mini-golf is on the agenda! Mike just called and said he wants to go play and re-claim his title, oh my! We will see about that! Fitness of the day... Tunes of the day..... Some eats of the day.... Food find of the day... Dog love of the day.... Gemma! My sister's dog Read More »

Flats { Friday }


  I used to wear heels all the time,  out with my girlfriends, modeling, and just any day really. I have learned to love flats though for 2 reasons - - Better for my feet, heels can be a killer! - I married a man who is only about a inch taller! I shared some high pumps the other day, but today its all about cute flats! Here are some cute patent pink flats with Read More »

Gifts for Gals under { 30 } bucks


  Sometimes its hard to find a gift, and one that is cute and at a reasonable price range. I found some cute ones for girls to share, in case you need to some ideas! Some cute gloves for a cupcake lover  ;-) Urban Outfitters $19.00 Rose bud lip balm tin set, one of the BEST lip savers! Urban Outfitters $16.00 For the bride to be, a cool wedding book for DIY Read More »

Friday { 5 }


  Good morning ! I hope everybody enjoyed the diva approved vlog, I need a new camera. The quality of mine is not so great. It works for now though, maybe a new one down the line some day. Yesterday I was at my moms all day helping her organize some stuff to get ready for Thanksgiving, I also made time to cuddle up with my fur friend Dolly . She is such a Read More »

Hello { love } bag


  Who wants to look at some pretty bags for a break in their day? Well, I have some for you to check out ! Your welcome ! I spotted two from lulus.com that are really cute and a great size... Ivory beauty bag, love the gold hardware accents! $42.00 Brown color in this style as well, and I think its pretty cute too. They also have a black one. $42.00 A favorite Read More »

Changs Baby


  Morning loves! I have to start off by saying Happy 21st Birthday to Amy! I love you and am excited to be celebrating with you later! Amy is my son's aunt! She is such a wonderful girl , and she was a bridesmaid in my wedding! She is on the end to the right in the blue  :-D Love her! Happy Birthday again Amy! { Date Night Wear } Last night it was cold! I Read More »

Knit { Head } Love


  Its that time of year again for boots, legging, mittens, scarves and..... HATS! Knit Hats to be precise ; ) Coal Beanie in Black $28.00 from karmaloop.com A knit hat you will be not be missed in! ha! Bright  :mrgreen: Burton brand $27.00 from karmaloop.com Cute lilac knit hat  :-D Burton Brand $22.00 from karmaloop.com Emerald Green Read More »

Nude { shoe } Show


  Ahhhhh yes that title could draw some creepers, haha! I rolled with it though and I have some nude shoes that I have found Pretty cute ones, I think every girl should own at least one pair of nude pumps ! These are not pumps but cute nude platforms with a bow  ;-) found on lulus for $44.00 Lace and pretty Found at modcloth.com $129.99 Studded Nude Read More »