Such a Tough Choice


I am not one to really get into tough topics, politics, and more touchy subjects, but this NYC Marathon just touched me a little too much. ( source ) As everyone knows, hurricane Sandy has destroyed states such as NY and NJ. Lives have been taken, homes destroyed, families in distress , no power, no food, and just complete sadness.  This makes me very sad and my heart Read More »

In September


  Morning! Mike and I had so much fun at dinner and the PITT game yesterday. I was going to share highlights today BUT decided to save for tomorrow since it is "Marvelous in my Monday" then! So instead I decided to do a post on September! How is it September already? Soon we will be waking up celebrating the holidays in winter, time goes SO fast! Here is what is Read More »

{Technogym} event with amazing trainer


  Happy Thursday friends! ( Jill's pic I borrowed ) I have been meaning to recap the wonderful event I was at in Soho, NYC the other day, technogym had an event at their showroom there and it rocked! Technogym is a italian based home and gym brand equipment that was brought to the US and is pretty amazing! We were greeted with champagne and wine when we Read More »

Damn good …


  Damn good outfit for traveling home today, cute and comfy!     Damn good to write  a love note to my love  in a card on my flight home today. Damn good bar I had on the plane to hold me over until I got home. Damn good read, I do love me some Glamour magazine. Great article about us woman judging our bodies in this Read More »

Mantra May {3} Round up and winner


Good morning friends! I am fighting a cold, yup Mike shared his sickness with me, so I am in NYC sick again! I was sick last time I was here too, luckily nothing major that interferes with me doing stuff. Dinner after the event last night at Dylan Prime helped me feel a little better. Their spring chicken dish was amazing! I loved the sweet pea puree! A glass of Read More »

Make it Marvelous Monday and winner!


  Good morning friends! I had a early flight this morning to NYC so I had to pre-write a post, thank heaven I can do that! I am probably on my way to the airport as you read this, I am driving myself since it is just a quick trip! I am excited to get there and for the technogym event that is being held that I am attending! I am also pretty excited to meet Josh Read More »

Fitness meet and tweet event {recap}


  It has been a day over here friends! Mike and I are OFFICIALLY out of our old place! So damn happy, cleaned all day and am glad to sit my butt down for a little before running errands! Lunch today was made before we headed out , simple and so good! Turkey breast, guacamole,spinach, and nooch on a whole wheat pita! Fold it over and chow down Read More »

I {handled} it


  The fro-yo loving in Colorado now  continues in NYC! As I told you guys before, I always have to try new fro-yo places when traveling and I have been dying to try 16 handles! After the Fitblog NYC event, Ashley and I went to get our fro-yo on, she was so sweet to show me the way there! This place is the ish, I am telling you! Hands down the best fro-yo Read More »

Diva Approved {fitblognyc swag}


  Happy Thursday! I have to say it has been a crazy past few days! I don't think I have slept since I left for Colorado and I leave to go back home finally today from my NYC trip! My oh my I do miss my husband and Anthony, we are all looking forward to a weekend of relaxing and spending time together! I love those damn boys I have at home, hehe! Fitness Magazine Read More »

Samba and Poser


  Hey loves! So glad you guys enjoyed the "Mantra May" post! There were so many amazing ones and I am excited for week 2! Get your mantra in, email me at, pb crave prize this week! I made it to the concrete jungle! Since I had an early flight, I had breakfast in to go form I brought with me to the airport.... Chobani, Read More »

Living in a FroYo world <3


  I adore a good cup of FroYo and the toppings I always go overboard on!  I always like to get a FroYo fix when Im traveling, its fun to try new places. So I am making a tribute to it in this post, pics of FroYo fixes I have had while traveling. Yogurtland in Maui..... I had yogurtland there pretty much every day in Maui  :-D Pinkberry Read More »

Anti-gravity Yoga


I have been wanting to blog about this amazing yoga class I took when I was in NYC! Today I remembered and have the time to do a quick little post on it,  so you guys can take a class like this if there is one near you! OM Factory Yoga Center I was very excited to take a yoga class while in NYC, and a anti-gravity one seemed so cool! Keelie and I took the class together, Read More »

Physique 57 at home


  I love finding new workouts to do, especially since I get in a funk and need to switch it up! I am pretty excited to try this Physique 57 DVD.... I am sure its going to be intense and will be a great body burner! Going to try it and of course let you guys know how it is, and maybe its something you will want to try! I loved the class I tok when I was in NYC, Read More »

Blog meet up in NYC


  Good Morning loves! I made it home last night after a fun, busy, and exhausting week in NYC! I was beyond excited to see Michael and Anthony , and they were pretty damn happy too! Its really hard being away from them, but its also good to do my own thing. I am just glad to be home, and have lots to do before christmas! Once my life gets back on schedule here, I will Read More »

Friday { 5 } NYC


  Good morning! Happy Friday loves! Today is my last day in NYC and then I get to go home and sleep finally and see my boys! I have a couple things I do want to recap still, like the blogger dinner meet up that happened last night, was a lot of fun and the girls I met up with I simply loved! A great group of girls, I hope to meet again. I will blog that recap this Read More »