- This is breakfast, it is SO delicious. Share the recipe tomorrow. -  This is my favorite view... - We are back in the cold temperatures, bundling up again! - Loving this juice, first time trying it yesterday. ( so glad my starbucks now carries these juices ) -  Pretending I am 5 years old drinking my mango kombucha out of this last Read More »



  -Rocking the black and pink nails, love the way this looks. - Laughing at this, and swooning too over that pic of Bruno. It's true, his concert was the main event. - Burning this, oh sweet lord. <3 - Dealing with a very cranky man, the teething wars continue. Yesterday was rough, only one tooth slightly popped through so far, praying it breaks Read More »

Things I Know Tuesday


 Things I Know Tuesday... I know that now my keurig will be even more awesome, soup k-cups! Pretty damn awesome! I know I miss Maui, Mike and I talk about Maui weekly, we need to get there sometime in the next couple years! I know that I love my mom, she is my best friend. I know my mom is not that great at texting either, haha! Love her! You should tell your Read More »

Hashtag Happy


  I did a post like this before and thought it was fun and some of you seemed to enjoy it too! Since I am short on time ( as always these days! ) I decided to do another fun hashtag post! I am off to lunch this afternoon with a beautiful friend, excited for her to meet Rocco for the first time! The rest of the day, we will see where it takes us! For now the morning Read More »

Things I Know Tuesday


Happy Tuesday friends! Got to love starting your morning off with a teenage attitude, that is how mine started here, weeeeeeeeeeee! Seriously I am going to be mentally exhausted with a teen and physically exhausted with baby g, send help and wine! Haha!   Things I Know Tuesday.... I know goat cheese makes everything better. I always buy the crumbles, the wedges Read More »

Diva Spill Friday


  1. Hello swollen ankles, yikes! There are some things you can't prevent in pregnancy no matter how fit or active you are, guess my swollen ankles are one! Need to put my feet up more now, the extra weight is getting to them!   2. A pedicure was much needed yesterday, a treat that is worth splurging on to me. Plus, I want my feet to look decent when I do Read More »

Things I Know Tuesday


  Things I Know Tuesday.... I know I love trying new things, especially new yogurt. Gosh this stuff is good and how have I never seen this before? I know my blog readers are so sweet and make my heart warm! A blog reader sent a little gift for Baby G and I know he will love it! Thank you! I know that overnight oats make me and my tummy quite happy. A Read More »

Best Part Of Waking Up


Is not Folger's in my cup  ;-) The best part is waking up to a love note from my love... Had to cover some of the note, Mike and Katie eyes only, haha! Oh and overnight oats are a best part to wake up too as well... I added the sunbutter last night, so yeah it looks a little weird, but oh so good! I did a overnight oat combo with cottage cheese again, but didn't Read More »

Have Some Cake on Cake


  Last night was perfect. I love nights where we have no set plans, not time limit to get ready, and we can just go with the flow.  Anthony was out with my parents at a fundraiser spaghetti dinner, so we didn't have him. We knew we wanted to do a date night at home and wanted to just relax and have some quality time together, so we decided on a dinner we were both Read More »

What Wednesday


  What Wednesday is happening today instead of WIAW. I did have fun joining in on WIAW last week, but it is hard for me since I am not a person that takes pics of all of my food, maybe next week I will hop on the bandwagon again! What did I eat for breakfast? Overnight protein vanilla oats with strawberries, carob chips, and sunflower seed butter. What made Read More »

Love in My Oats!


  Happy Valentine's Day friends! We all know the BEST day is really tomorrow, right? Haha!   I happen to not mind Valentine's Day, even when I was single I still liked it, maybe not loved it like I do now. I have 3 valentines this year so I am pretty lucky! Mike, Anthony, and Baby G <3 Dinner last night was brinner which was just what Read More »



  What is the first thing I did this morning when I woke up? Had my warm water with lemon, do this every morning! What did you have for breakfast? Overnight oats with strawberries, raspberries, stevia, and greek yogurt! What is one thing you are grateful for today? I am happy my mom is ok <3 What is one thing you are addicted Read More »

Diva Spill Friday


  1. There are so many good bars on the market and lots I love, but you can guarantee one bar you will always spot in my house, a luna bar. Clif mojo bars as well! Oh I love this luna flavor, haven't had it in a while, perfect afternoon snack yesterday. 2. I want to thank you for the awesome comments on my blog design! I am so grateful for Joe and Cory at zesty Read More »

Things I Know Thursday


  1. I know that chunky guacamole and eggs go together like YUM. 2. I know that Kohl's has some pretty comfy, cute, and awesome prices on active wear. My mom got me this yoga pant and tank set from there, these pants are soooooo comfy, I need to get another set! Comfort is key when it comes to being pregnant woman over here  :-D 3. I know you might Read More »

Massage Love and Celeb Dream Massuese


  Hope everyone is having a great day so far! If you missed out on the posts earlier, there were two pretty good ones.... * Diva Bump 16 Weeks! * What I am Loving Today! Thanks for the Diva Bump love today for those who commented, I am feeling great, especially after my prenatal massage I had. Get to the later in the post Breakfast A bowl of oats, but Read More »

Marvelous in my Monday in Pics


  Happy Monday! Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend, we sure did over here! A little busy and lots of organizing since we have our elliptical being set up today! We got the office all organized and the cable is getting hooked up in there today as well, I am pretty much stuck home all day. I have to wait on cable and then the guy on the elliptical, got to love the Read More »



  Happiness is getting snowed in and enjoying a day of nothing but time with your husband, catching up on Chopped, and getting cleaning done. Happiness is a scuba hoodie to keep you warm on winter days like this! I love this scuba hoodie the best, has roses on it and reminds me of my gram. My grams name was Rose, so this is why I love anything rose. One of my Read More »