Dear Body…


Today I wanted to revisit this post from 3 years ago. I have come so far and I am SO proud. I have found a healthy relationship with my body, I get a regular period,  my body is strong, and I had a healthy baby that is now two. This road was not easy,  nothing worth it is. I have never been more confident or more in tune with my body. I don't have a certain cheat day, worry Read More »

For Two Fitness Amazing Anniversary Giveaway!


I am thrilled to partner with For Two Fitness for an amazing anniversary giveaway.  If you recall, I wore For Two Fitness apparel through my pregnancy with Baby Rocco and they quickly became my absolutely favorite maternity fitness apparel brand. For Two Fitness is running a phenomenal giveaway for their anniversary. Read the details below.  It's our anniversary month! We are Read More »

Birth Story Part One


  I finally have the time to sit down and write to share my birth story with all of you! How did Rocco arrive and did everything go as I wanted or planned it to go? Well you will find out, but let me just start out with Friday night June 28th, where it all started! The whole week I was a stressful mess and just so anxious for Baby Rocco to arrive. I went to the Read More »



  Last night was the roughest night we have had over here since Baby Rocco was born, a lot of adjusting over here. I am currently nursing but waiting for my milk to come in still and basically nursing 24/7 to help get it to come in. Last night Rocco was up the whole night, at one pint he was just crying and would not even nurse, I broke down and cried thinking he Read More »

Things I Know Tuesday


  1. We are home! The smile on my face is a smile of a mommy who gets to go home with her baby! Exhausted but so happy to be home! 2. This tasted like a million dollars last night! Sushi again for the first time in 9.5 months! Mike told me he would get me some our first night back home after baby, tasted like heaven! 3. My phone is occupied by Read More »

MIMM #56 With One Special Arrival


  Due to my very special arrival, I really don't have time for blogging today for MIMM, plus I am still in the hospital today as well. I am getting home today though, so yay and I am so ready! Hmmmm time will be scarce the next few weeks around here and I am so grateful for that. Time will be consumed by sleepless nights, exhaustion, breast feeding, snuggles, kisses, Read More »

We Are….


  Still bumping over here.... I have to admit that all good things do come to an end at times, like this pregnancy feeling great, yeah that is gone, haha! The past 2 days have consisted of no sleep, pain, and just the most uncomfortable I have ever been since being pregnant. Tears on Friday night from hip pain, no sleep due to pain, and just ready for him Read More »

Good News and Not So Good News


  Sooooo I wouldn't say the not so good news is bad, actually it is good on my part but I am bummed I should say, just being honest. FIRST, let me get to the good news that I am so relieved and excited to share.... My sister is cancer free!!! Mindy, the one on the right in the blue dress, got the good news the other day and we were all so excited! Seriously Read More »

Maternity Picture Share


  I am excited to share some of our favorite maternity pictures with all of you! We got really lucky with the weather and we really love how they turned out! These pictures will be treasured forever , as all of our family photos are always. Hope you love them as much as we do! Just a few to share.... Read More »

What Wednesday


  What workout did I do yesterday? I did a great 40 minute cardio session on the elliptical, so nice having one at home! The weather has still been poopy around here, so I have not been able to walk outside at al for cardio, soon enough though. What did I have for breakfast this morning? Lovegrown hot oats and they were SO SO good! I seriously may have Read More »

Baby G 25 Weeks!


  Baby G is growing! Look at that bump!   Look at the sweet tank I am rocking too! I am in LOVE with this tank that For Two Fitness graciously sent me! It's adorable, the fabric is amazing, and I kind of just want to wear it every day from here on out.     Please excuse the hair too, haha! I worked out in this tank and took pics Read More »

Things I Know Tuesday


  I know chocolate *specifically* dark chocolate, bigger than your head is always a good thing. I know it's  a good thing I didn't eat these chips last night or give them to my son. Hunger broke and I had these as the only eat in my purse. Have to re-stash my bars! I know I got a good workout again today, 3 days in a row baby! Rest day tomorrow for Baby G Read More »

Baby G 24 Weeks!


    A difference from 17 weeks!   I am just beaming with excitement thinking of how soon this little man will be here! I really have already been thinking about how sad I am going to be once I am not pregnant anymore, but focusing on enjoying every minute with this beautiful bump!  Baby G This Week! Over a pound! I am feeling that he is getting Read More »

Breast Friend


  I know, the title just says so much right? Haha! I am writing this post as a cry for help and hoping some of my mommy readers who have breastfed or currently do, can help me out. I am new to breast feeding and when I had my son Anthony at 17, breast feeding wasn't an option for me since I was still in high school and that would of been extremely difficult. I Read More »

Rockstar or Diva?!

baby g 3

Friends, Friends! You have been so patient, respectful, and wonderful to my family and I during this special time, thank you. I know it sucked to make you guys wait to hear the BIG news, but good things are worth the wait  :mrgreen: Rockstar or Diva?   MIMM is extra SPECIAL today!   On Thursday night we had our Gender Reveal Party at our house Read More »

Sick Kind Of Weekend


  I am so blessed, grateful, and just so happy.  Thursday was one of the most beautiful, special, and amazing days for our family over here. We have been on cloud 9 since finding out the gender and sharing that special moment with the ones we love. We wanted to celebrate all weekend , but sickness has struck. NYC was cancelled due to the blizzard, which was fate Read More »

The Answer Is In There!


  Morning! Hoping everyone is having a great week so far! Need some positive cheer and good vibes? Sending them your way! Thanks for all the comments on the Diva Bump 20 week post, loved all the guesses! Soon we will know who was right and who was wrong! Dinner I have not bought fresh salmon in forever and boy I am glad I did, so good! Salmon really is so Read More »