Chobani Powered Morning


Good rainy morning here in Wisconsin! You can't really tell in the pic, but it is pouring here this morning and it was storming. Hoping the rain subsides for tonight, Mike and I are going to the Bastille Festival in Milwaukee later. Mike went to MSOE and it is their reunion, they are having an events all day, and will be at the festival as well. There was a beer cruise Read More »

July 4th through my {iphone}


  Good Morning Friends <3 I hope everyone had a fun,safe,and wonderful July fourth! We had a great one over here that included the parade, building house stuff, some vitamin d, family time, party, and fireworks. Unfortunately I had some fireworks in the family too that doesn't involve the fireworks you see in the sky.  We all have family issues, some more than Read More »

Dr.Oz says you are worth {it}


  Good morning! I slept like a rock last night, needed that sleep so much! I pretty much made dinner, showered, and passed out after a little television. Dinner Spinach topped with turkey breast, veggies, hummus, nooch, and almond accents. I love sprinkling nooch on my salad and recently love adding these almond accents on top too! I do eat salads Read More »

Easter Feast of food and love <3


  Good morning! Hope everyone had a wonderful easter, passover, or just a happy Sunday yesterday! We went to my parents house for a feast, my mom always cooks SO much! We always laugh and say "We didn't know the US Army was coming over to eat too!!" She really cooks way too much and always has, lots of leftovers packed up for Read More »

Loaded <3


  Happy Monday friends! Hoping your weekend was as beautiful as the sunrise this morning  :mrgreen: Our Sunday was a fun filled day one with family! Everyone's lives get so busy and it is hard for us ALL to be in one place at one time, but yesterday it happened! We had a birthday celebration for Anthony at my parents, my mom made too much food as Read More »

What I say kind of day


    ( source ) I say complain less, live more. You will feel better, trust me  ;-) ( source ) I say that I do sleep with my ipad but I do love Mike more, haha! I say a workout with resistance bands was a perfect little fit today. I had Insanity recovery which is all week long, and I supplemented some resistance band exercises with it. I like to keep my Read More »

Logos Fun


  Good morning! Happy Superbowl Sunday! We do not have any big plans over here today, no superbowl parties to attend, but we are watching it. I do enjoy watching the superbowl since its such a big game and the commercials are fun too. This years halftime show should be good with Madonna, I saw her in concert in Chicago in 2008, one of the best concerts I have been Read More »

Family time is the best time


  Today I headed to my parents and celebrated my sisters 20th birthday! She turned 20 on Friday, but we had to have cake for her, so my mom made a early dinner and got a beautiful cake as well. My nephews were there, so I got to spend quality time with them! I love them, and my little nephew is so fun! Donato loves Dolly, he was giving her lots of love. So Read More »

Bridesmaids { night }


  Good Morning <3 It was a movie night for us last night, and Mike was so kind to buy me a movie I wanted for so long the other day. ( source ) Mike has never seen Bridesmaids, so I was happy he wanted to watch it. He thought it was funny, but definitely more a girly movie as he said last night. I have not seen it since I went to the movies to see it with my Read More »

Tropical Dreaming


  I spotted a beautiful rainbow this afternoon, it was in the 60's here today! Crazy weather! Hope everyone had a good day, and if you did not see the fashion post, check it out here from earlier! I am going to try to do more boards, but with complete looks and reasonable prices for stuff too! { Lunch } A salad topped with cottage cheese, hummus, and Read More »

Windy City { Day }


  Good Morning! Having no internet in the condo really stinks, and I am sorry I did not get to post again yesterday. The day was full of busy and then before we knew it we had to get ready for the Blackhawks game, which was AWESOME! I switched yoga to today instead of yesterday, I was feeling a weights and cardio workout... 4 miles of cardio on the elliptical and Read More »

Workout and Wrapping


Good evening friends! Hope the day was fabulous! I wished I was in Maui today with a good cup of Hawaiian coffee  :-D Its good to have day dreams, and one day I hope to get back there again, so beautiful! { Workout of the Day }  I warmed up with 15 minutes cardio before,  much needed! My was I sore from yoga! Alternate dumbbell Curls 20lbs  3 sets of 20 Read More »



I gazed at the beautiful sunset. I will be Anthony-less and will miss him, but its nice to have  a break! I will finish the christmas decorating finally! Mike and I decided to get food for dinner on the go, a salad for me and a hoagie for him. I picked out our candy canes for the tree, sweet and sour is what we like  ;-) What does your tonight look like? Have a Read More »

Truth { Tuesday }


  Happy almost over Tuesday! I hope everyone had a happy day and maybe it was extra awesome, if so then yay! I think the truth is good, saying true things and being true is the way to live. { Truth Tuesday } Truth-  I met my sister Gina for lunch and had an awesome salad, truth is we need to meet up for lunch more. I missed her and I hope her and I do lunch more Read More »

Sweaty { start }


  Good Morning ! 6 am with my bags ready to go, early morning for me. I went to a hot yoga power flow vinyasa class, it was perfect for the rainy morning day. I was nice and sweaty! The hot yoga is my favorite, I love it . Note my awkward photo taking, its not so easy to get a pic of my back with no help, lol. I did not eat before yoga, I had a little coffee Read More »

Just a day


  Just a day, Just an ordinary day  Just tryin'  to get by Little Vanessa Carlton to start this post ! I really loved her back in the day, wonder where she went? So did anyone get any  Cyber Monday deals? I didn't , but I did add a new lululemon hoodie to my christmas list... Paris Pink Sparkle Scuba Hoodie  :-D Pink + Sparkle = Katie I did not put much on my Read More »

Friday { 5 }


  Good morning ! I hope everybody enjoyed the diva approved vlog, I need a new camera. The quality of mine is not so great. It works for now though, maybe a new one down the line some day. Yesterday I was at my moms all day helping her organize some stuff to get ready for Thanksgiving, I also made time to cuddle up with my fur friend Dolly . She is such a Read More »