Diva Spill Friday


  1. Good morning! Baby G is still hanging out in the womb spa, it is super comfy I would think. Funny all this time I thought I was having a June baby and now he might be a July baby! 2. I wanted to get a pretty scent for Baby G's room, I love this scent and love that it goes with the nursery so well! 3. Random craving I picked up at the store yesterday, Read More »

MIMM 43 with Easter Celebrating!


  Our easter was wonderful, even though we have a family member not doing well, we made the best of the day. I am hoping all my wonderful friends who celebrated easter had a wonderful one too! Instead of telling you each detail, I am going to share a butt load of pics, haha! Perfect for MIMM!   Easter egg coloring.... Breakfast Read More »

What’s in the TJ’s Bag Wednesday


  So last night I did a post with a peak into my makeup bag, glad you guys enjoyed it! Today I am going to share what was in my Trader Joe's bag yesterday, oh I love that place! I seriously save SO much money on produce there, so grateful to have one close to me. This weeks buys.... Parmesan, Garlic, and Herb Pita Chips! Mike has been obsessed with these Read More »

Scenes From Our Saturday


  Happy Sunday! Day before christmas eve, hard to believe the time is here! We are all pretty excited over here for family time and christmas morning magic! Our Saturday was pretty low key, we all stayed in and stayed warm and relaxed. Here are some scenes from our Saturday.... Baby G and I both love naps, we took a nice long one yesterday. Fact - I look Read More »

Marvelous in my Monday 21


  This Marvelous is in my Monday is going to be few words but lots of photos! I had a pretty awesome weekend that included a date night with Mike and a birthday dinner for Anthony's aunt Amy! I was very happy to spend the weekend with loved ones and am grateful! Ready, let's get MARVELOUS!     Saturday was Sweetest Day in case you didn't know  Read More »

Off To a Good Start


The weekend went off to a good start in so many ways. I simply love the weekends. Friday evening started off with a 45 minute walk around the neighborhood with Mike. The weather was a little chilly so we made sure to bundle up! Gosh I will be needing gloves and a snowsuit soon on my walks, lol. Thank heaven our elliptical will be getting built soon! I do enjoy the Read More »

S is For


  S is for ..... Surfboard! Mike cleaned his board last night in the driveway since it was nice out. I am sure our neighbors really think we are cray cray but at least they know we are nice crazy people. S is for SUSHI! Mikes mom is in town for the weekend so we ordered takeout from our favorite place. The place where Mike proposed to me, oh I will never Read More »

Scallops at Mad Crabber


  JUST got back from a fun day that included SUP which stand for stand up paddle boarding! Seriously an awesome workout and I am going to post all about it tomorrow for you guys! Right now I am going to post about amazing scallops Mike and I had at the Mad Crabber last night for dinner. Dinner there was fabulous! Dinner outfit, I was feeling beachy with the Read More »

Easy dinner kind of night and Protein filled and fast breakfast


  Morning! I see that the sun will come out to play today, that means lawn work is happening today.  We have lots of weeds and the grass needs cut too! Anyone have any recommendation on a good weed killer brand? I am just going to go to target and see what I find I suppose. Last night was nice because for dinner no cooking was involved and my mom came over to Read More »

Diva {spill} Friday


  1. I was happy that Mike decided on take out for dinner last night, no cooking for me and yummy sushi heaven! Riceless rolls are a favorite of mine, not many places have them but my favorite place here does. Mike got a stir fry dish, he went sushi-less on me! I had my seaweed salad as well, a must for me when getting sushi. 2.  I love leaving love notes in Read More »

{Rolling }


Happy Sunday! Mike is terribly sick with a sinus infection, he was up a lot last night and I felt so bad. I swear every time I turn around this man is sick! Perhaps he needs a power filled green smoothie in his life? He will be going to MedExpress today, he has to get some strong meds today. I leave for NYC tomorrow and would be feel much better if he had some antibiotics Read More »

Samba and Poser


  Hey loves! So glad you guys enjoyed the "Mantra May" post! There were so many amazing ones and I am excited for week 2! Get your mantra in, email me at healthydivaeats@hotmail.com, pb crave prize this week! I made it to the concrete jungle! Since I had an early flight, I had breakfast in to go form I brought with me to the airport.... Chobani, Read More »

Birthday lunch and shop Las {vegas}


  Morning everyone! THANK YOU so much for all the birthday love! I appreciate each and every one of your sweet comments and so glad you enjoyed the memory style post! I had an awesome birthday that kicked off at midnight in Vegas and ended last night at midnight, Mike really gave me the best 30th birthday! Thanks to all of you for making it great too! We are Read More »

Winning { NYE }


      Cheers and Happy New Year! Happy 2012! My first blog post of the new year, I thought WOW what should I do? I then thought, well every day no matter what the date or year, I just blog what my little heart desires and why change that? Im not! I do want to try to do some more things with my blog for 2012, not to change it, but to just get better, Read More »

Our { sushi } spot Chicago


  Good Morning loves! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far! Mike and I are enjoying Chicago, and last night we had an incredible dinner at one of our favorite sushi spots! We took a cab over, it was a little too far to walk  :-D Ai Sushi Lounge is a spot we love here in Chicago, and if you are ever in the area, please try it! The inside is Read More »

Seaweed Please


  Good morning ! I was thinking of sleeping in today, but sometimes I like to get up and then go back to sleep. I think today I will do just that, we don't have anything planned today, besides the gym. I have a little cardio planned and thats it! Breakfast on the weekends recently seems to be a cereal trend. Trader Joe's Fiber cereal, kamut puffs, very cherry berry Read More »

FoodBuzz { Day } 1


  Happy almost Saturday! I just have to say Im LOVING SanFrancisco so far! I had a fun and long day! We just got back from the cocktail hour and dinner, which I will be posting about tomorrow! You will LOVE the recap , so make sure you come by tomorrow to see it! Today in the day, I had a fun lunch with Gabriela from Une Vie Saine , who I have met before, so it was Read More »