Our Family Rocks + Other Things That Rock

February 10, 2015

    Not that I don’t know this already, our family rocks over here. Bath time for Rocco last night just proved that once again.  See bath time should be a family thing, so we got daddy giving Rocco a bath, Rocco playing,  me watching, and Anthony playing some tunes on the guitar. Now that […]

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Just Some Truth

November 26, 2014

TRUTH- Thanks to all who left support and understood my post yesterday. I wasn’t trying to be mean or come off angry. I have a strong personality, very sensitive when it comes to my kids/family, and was simply responding to a question I got a lot. I always want to share things with you guys […]

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Diva Spill Friday

October 10, 2014

Happy Fridayyyyy! 1. Rocco’s new favorite thing…attacking mama! He is lucky he is cute and I let him terrorize me. He tries to stick his fingers in my mouth and put toy blocks in my mouth as well. Little crazy dude!     2. This scent is SO awesome. I always forget how amazing Targets […]

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Truth Tuesday

September 30, 2014

I want to just eat these straight from the bag, no need to get all fancy and bake with them.     He looks how I feel some days, ha ha. #someoneisnothappyaboutbeingtoldno   Kindness makes my day. They guy in front of me at Starbucks paid for my drink, what a sweet way to start […]

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MIMM #117 Fall is Here + Bachelorette Party Fun

September 29, 2014

  It really felt like fall here this weekend! I loved it so much, kind of wish it could be fall like weather all year round. That would be pretty awesome! We wanted to go apple picking this weekend, it didn’t happen since we had some other stuff to do and didn’t have the time. […]

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Diva Spill Friday

June 27, 2014

1. My baby boy is going to ONE in 2 days?! Breatheeeee, Katie! I feel sad, wondering how time went so fast, and just can’t believe it will be a year since he entered the world.  Little man is growing up too fast! We went to his new daycare yesterday too, got him all set […]

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MIMM #90 with a Happy Birthday + More!

March 24, 2014

Happy MIMM! I am running on NO sleep   poor Rocco had a rough night, and bad congestion means no sleep/ I feel dead, and I feel so bad for him. Even though my little man is sick, I am kicking this week off being grateful for his health, and being grateful for life each day! […]

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Friday Favorites!

March 7, 2014
IMG 4473

Happy TGIF! I am so excited the weekend is here, and the fact that it will be above freezing this weekend too. Spring will be here soon! Switching it up today over here, no “Diva Spill Friday ” today. I got some Friday favorites instead    – Rocco has the best expressions EVER. We tried […]

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February 25, 2014
IMG 3912

  – This is breakfast, it is SO delicious. Share the recipe tomorrow. –  This is my favorite view… – We are back in the cold temperatures, bundling up again! – Loving this juice, first time trying it yesterday. ( so glad my starbucks now carries these juices ) –  Pretending I am 5 years […]

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MIMM #88 4 Word Pic Style

February 23, 2014

  Hope everyone had a great weekend! How is this month almost over already?  Time goes fast, too fast sometimes. Cherish each day, as I know we do, especially the weekends. Our weekend involved a really fun Saturday night with friends! Cassie ( my bff ) and her boyfriend came over for dinner, drinks, and […]

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Winners All Around!

February 5, 2014
IMG 2890

  Happy Wednesday! A cold and snowy one over here, winter has been a rough one. We got a freezing rain/snow combo last night, that is causing for some yucky conditions out. Anthony has a delay so far, we will see if school closes though, sine our winter storm warning is until 7pm tonight. Oh […]

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Diva Five Spill Friday

November 15, 2013
IMG 5428

  We made it to Friday, I swear this week was one of the longest weeks ever! Phew! I think maybe a combo of no sleep and a very cranky baby can make it feel that way. Well, Friday is here and I sure am happy, here is some spill today…. 1. Boys don’t like […]

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Diva 5 Spill Friday

October 25, 2013
IMG 4689

  I love Fridayyyyyyyyyyyy! After a long week with little man and just everything in between, I am so happy the weekend is here and much needed time with Mike! Mike has been working like crazy so I have not been able to really spend lots of time with him, which is how it is […]

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The Most Amazing Pumpkin Package Ever!

October 10, 2013

Morning!! Happy Thursday friends, cheers to the weekend almost being here! Speaking of cheers to the weekend, I almost had a cheers to wine yesterday afternoon, teeeeeeeeeeeeeething! Poor Rocco had a rough day, wine was almost cracked open, haha! Teething stinks! I wish it didn’t hurt him, I can’t wait for teething to be over! […]

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Diva Spill Friday

June 7, 2013
IMG 9735

 Diva Spill Friday 1.  Ok,  who knows what I am talking about? And how about the @TheZestyGuy favorited my tweet, oh yesssss! I didn’t realize he was on twitter, but he found my tweet, that made my damn week and this pregnant lady on cloud nine. I mean if the president favorited my tweet I […]

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Weekend Snaps (5-26)

May 26, 2013
IMG 9391

  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday <3 See you for MIMM tomorrow if you are joining in! Katie xo

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Two Words Wednesday

May 8, 2013
IMG 8891

  This is a fun theme post and perfect for today since I am feeling a little wordless over here, hehe! I am hoping everyone is having a beautiful day so far! Enjoy the rest of it too, almost to the weekend! 1. Portion control. 2.  Strong mama. 3. Cardio Dominated. 4.  Favorite Show. 5. […]

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