Super Kind Of Day


  You know what made my day SUPER awesome yesterday? Super Target  :-D So happy we have one around here now! When I lived in the DC area and Indiana area we had super targets, and when I moved back home to Pa I was missing them! We had no super target here until last week! Best part about a super target besides that they have a awesome grocery Read More »

Things I Know Tuesday


  1. I know that this Breyer's ice cream is next on my list. Would adding it on top of apple pie be too much? Don't think so! 2. I know that I am going through nut butter jars like crazy. I used to be the girl who was scared of eating any type of nut butter back in the days, glad I got over that. Can't live without it! 3.  I know the new Lululemon holiday Read More »

Switch up Breakfast


I try to switch things up in my life, change is good. I switched up my nails 3 times this week, last night I had to for the wedding we are attending today. I needed to paint my nails a color that would go well with my dress, done! Other things I switch up.... -workouts - meals for the boys weekly, I always try to add in a new one! - my hair   One Read More »

Fig and Vanilla Cinnamon Protein Cookie Balls


  It has been a great while since I have made some protein cookies around here and I was craving some today. I was going to make just regular carob chip ones or the oh so yummy caramel vanilla but decided on a new flavor. Best thing I ever did was think up this creation! Got my ingredients ready and I was set..... the cookies were ready to be created  Read More »

Vanilla and Fig Protein Diva Cake


Microwave mug cakes are SO popular and good reason to be too! Easy to make and so many variations. I wonder who really created the microwave cake? Whoever did, thanks! I made one yesterday and it was a combo I have never seen and thought would be amazing. I was right.   Vanilla and Fig Protein Diva Cake 1/3 cup organic oat bran pancake and waffle Read More »

Marvelous in my Monday 18


  Was a marvelous weekend over here! Mikes mom was in town and we had a wonderful time with her and were so excited she got to see the house! She loved the house, neighborhood we live in, and she was just so happy to be able to come and visit. I really wish Mikes mom and family lived closer to us, it makes me sad sometimes that they don't. Mikes moms goal is to come Read More »

Caught the Deal


  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday! Today has been a good one over here and it is a beautiful day out! My fitness today was a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood. I went by myself while Mike was at the gym, was so nice out and felt good to get out. I am always amazed by how beautiful leaves are in the fall! I wish they would stay that way all Read More »

A New Whey/Way Day


  Happy Thursday! Yesterday was another wonderful day here, fun wise and weather wise! We got SO lucky on this trip, the weather has been perfect all week! The weather gods must be looking down on us. Since the weather is beautiful and since we have big decks all over at the house, I tried yoga the deck WAY yesterday. Thanks to Gaiam TV, I downloaded this yoga Read More »

What I {did} Wednesday


Good morning friends! I never got back to posting again last night due to an event I was attending, but I am so happy you guys loved the smoothie post! You can do your smoothie any way, I just wanted to share how I have been loving mine lately. I got home rather late last night, ate a bowl of cereal, and then passed out.  I still have to pack for our 3 day getaway, Mike Read More »

S stands for….


  Shhhhhhhhh! Don't let Mike know these fell into my cart! Skirt that I bought for summer, got it  in black and cream striped too. Simple bars that I got in the mail to try, pretty excited to see if they are any good  ;-) Staring down the office , unpacking had to be done but it was so nice out today. Sexy pug that I went to go visit today, Read More »

<3 Wednesday


  Good morning beautiful friends! Wednesday is here, I can't actually believe how slow the week has been going. I swear I thought it was Thursday today, I am glad it is not since I still have not packed yet for BLEND this weekend! I am going to pack light though, I heard we are getting some pretty awesome swag bags so I have to save room in my suitcase! Who else Read More »

Monday {musings}


  Good Morning! I had a hunch it was going to be a somewhat not so perfect day, meaning it is just going to be a little way more off than a regular day over here. Anthony proved that right when he was at the breakfast table and spilled his bowl of cereal all over the table. I swear I have no idea how he spills stuff all the time, sometimes I feel like HE needs to be Read More »

No more cheap-ing out


  Good morning! I woke up to a sore ass, no seriously I did. I wish i could say it was from lunges, squats, or some amazing exercise move but it was from sliding down the stairs on my bum. Yup, I relived my childhood years and slid down the stairs like my sisters and I used to do. Oh we would spend hours, we would slide down on a blanket which made us go even faster! Read More »

Wednesday {loves}


Good morning! Happy loving Wednesday! I am ready to start a day of more organizing, errands, and other stuff that comes along the way. The weather is supposed to get nicer today ( yay ) and Anthony starts school tomorrow ( double yay ) I need yoga back in my life! I will be able to go again tomorrow which will be wonderful and much needed for my body. Let's get the love Read More »

What {superfoods} are you eating?


  Good morning! Oh the mornings you are in a time crunch are not so fun, I feel rushed this morning! I woke up a little later than the usual and I have to take Mike to the T-station here soon so I am rushing to post! I specifically LOVE when breakfast is already made due to mornings like this.   Overnight berry oats with stevia, frozen very cherry Read More »

Wednesday Loving


  Good morning! I am happy to say it is snowing here, it happens in April and people freak out, lol. I have no idea why but I am used to this and snow doesn't bother me unless it interferes with my driving. Poor Mike needs some snow on his head, he has been battling a bad sunburn, I mean blister bad. ( source ) He actually got burnt last Thursday at the Read More »

{Trash }Tuesday


  Hi friends! I dislike very much when I don't get to start off my morning with a hello to all of you! I had a doctor appt and I didn't wake up early enough to be able to blog before hand. BUSY day ahead too, so I am popping in quick to say hello and to share some trash, but first breakfast! Overnight apple protein oats 1/2 cup oats, 1.5 tbsp chia seeds, 1.5 Read More »