Our Family Rocks + Other Things That Rock

February 10, 2015

    Not that I don’t know this already, our family rocks over here. Bath time for Rocco last night just proved that once again.  See bath time should be a family thing, so we got daddy giving Rocco a bath, Rocco playing,  me watching, and Anthony playing some tunes on the guitar. Now that […]

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MIMM #105 Rocco’s Birthday in Wisconsin and More!

July 7, 2014

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend! We had a great past week at Mike’s moms house in Wisconsin, visiting family and celebrating Rocco’s birthday with them on July 4th! We made our way back home Saturday, long 9 hour drive back, but better than the drive in. We decided to drive in the […]

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Diva Spill Friday

April 4, 2014
IMG 3339

  1. I think perhaps, I shall pin every single thing they have on lulus. So much cute stuff! 2. I attempted, and did have some success taking Rocco’s 9 month photos yesterday.  I managed to get some cute shots before mini meltdown 90210 happened. Haha, oh that is a framer! ( 9 month post […]

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MIMM #87 Valentine’s Day Weekend!

February 16, 2014

  Hoping everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Ours was full of love, a very amazing date night out, and gratefulness. Sharing our weekend highlights with….   Rocco’s First Valentine’s Day, I think he was loving the little gifts <3 Big brother got some of his favorite treats! We did celebrate our Valentine’s Day early […]

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MIMM #66 Tradition, New Candle Love, and More!

September 8, 2013

  Happy Monday friends! I am hoping all of you had a great weekend, certainly felt like fall over here and I am excited for it to officially be here! My weekend was marvelous except for getting sick yesterday, sinus infection fun, yuck! Hoping I can kick this and get better fast, not good being […]

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Things I Know Tuesday

September 2, 2013
IMG 3149

  I know my favorite k-cup is BACK!  Pumpkin spice! Love this time of year! I know there is a NEW coffee love, and yes it is yummy!!!! I had some this morning, couldn’t resist  buying when we were at target! I know our date night Saturday was yummy… I know I stocked up on […]

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Things I Know Tuesday

July 2, 2013
IMG 0808

  1. We are home! The smile on my face is a smile of a mommy who gets to go home with her baby! Exhausted but so happy to be home! 2. This tasted like a million dollars last night! Sushi again for the first time in 9.5 months! Mike told me he would get […]

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Baby G 35 Weeks and A Baby Boutique Giveaway!

May 22, 2013
35weeks babyg

    So basically pregnancy will be over in 5 weeks or less?! WHOA! And I have this sized  fruit in there…..   YUP! I am officially towards the last weeks of pregnancy and I am going to miss this bump so much, even though at times it can be not so comfy  25 weeks […]

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Marvelous in my Monday #50 with Weekend Highlights

May 19, 2013

Happy Monday! WHOA! Big 50 for MIMM today! Pretty exciting! I am so grateful MIMM has been so successful and can not tell you guys how much I appreciate your support and love for it each week! All because of you guys, MIMM has been staying strong and it really is something I look forward […]

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Saturday Tidbits

May 18, 2013
IMG 0859

  Most of my beautiful readers have been reading a while and know lots about me, but I do have some new ones that may not know some things and I always like to share more about who I am, what makes me happy, and more!   It will be 2 years in June that […]

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MIMM 43 with Easter Celebrating!

April 1, 2013

  Our easter was wonderful, even though we have a family member not doing well, we made the best of the day. I am hoping all my wonderful friends who celebrated easter had a wonderful one too! Instead of telling you each detail, I am going to share a butt load of pics, haha! Perfect […]

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Celebration Time!!

December 21, 2012

Thank you ALL for the congrats and love on our big announcement! Baby G can feel the love already from all of you! Thank you from all of us over here! We are beyond excited and it feels good that we got to share the news with everyone now! Last night we did some celebrating […]

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MIMM with Love, Domination, and More!

December 2, 2012

  This past weekend has been lazy, filed with love, some bumps, and some wedding planning fun for my sister. Although the bumps were bringing me down, dealing with some issues with my son, I am grateful just to be alive. Let me tell you though, being a parent is the TOUGHEST job in the […]

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S is For

September 29, 2012
IMG 1221

  S is for ….. Surfboard! Mike cleaned his board last night in the driveway since it was nice out. I am sure our neighbors really think we are cray cray but at least they know we are nice crazy people. S is for SUSHI! Mikes mom is in town for the weekend so we […]

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What Do You Love More?

August 28, 2012
IMG 9448

  I am happy to report that while I was snacking away waiting at the Apple Genius Bar…. My baby is better! She just needed a new charger, phew! I seriously don’t know what I would have done if it was more serious, these things are expensive but Mac is a great product. My heart […]

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Easy dinner kind of night and Protein filled and fast breakfast

July 22, 2012
IMG 3529

  Morning! I see that the sun will come out to play today, that means lawn work is happening today.  We have lots of weeds and the grass needs cut too! Anyone have any recommendation on a good weed killer brand? I am just going to go to target and see what I find I […]

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{Rolling }

May 20, 2012

Happy Sunday! Mike is terribly sick with a sinus infection, he was up a lot last night and I felt so bad. I swear every time I turn around this man is sick! Perhaps he needs a power filled green smoothie in his life? He will be going to MedExpress today, he has to get […]

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