Happiness + Cherry Vanilla Protein Cookies


  Happiness is baby feet and TOMS.... **FYI, Toms are on Zulily right now! I just ordered another pair. Obsessed. Got these and have been wanting gold ones forever! If you want to get your Toms shopping on, click here!  <--- affiliate link Happiness was an hour and a half nap with little man yesterday... Happiness is this beautiful sunrise this Read More »

Lots of loving {wednesday}


  Good morning!  Rise and shine people! I am awake but sore as hell! Major DOMS going on, I hope I survive todays workout! Lots of loving going on here, so let me share this loving with you, feel free to share your loving in a comment at the end too. Loving {wednesday} 1.  Easy dinner, stir fry is always an easy dinner and one that Mike and I both enjoy Read More »

Give me a “T”


  Almost another day gone and that means one day closer to our closing date on the house! I can not believe the day is almost here and the happiness and love I see in my sons face that day will be the one of the best moments ever! So Thursday get here soon! Lunch Crabby pita pizza  :-D I used a spinach and millet wrap for the pizza style crust, spread Read More »

Today things and a { video }


Today I  wore a casual outfit to the grocery store...   Today I bought this awesome trail mix in the bulk bin...   Today I had a pretty awesome snack .... almond milk, stevia, diced kiku apple all warmed up in the microwave and topped with cinnamon flaxseed, peanut flour, and natures path apple crumble granola. Today I forwarded an email Read More »

Kale chips, masks, and shower-less


  Hope Saturday is going well for all of you! Mine has been enjoyed by doing some little things and not leaving our place.   Shrek face mask happened, love this mask and use it twice a week.  No shower has happened yet today, I am still debating on if I am going to actually take one, so I may be known as "dirty diva" today  ;-)   I baked up Read More »

Just Facts from a Diva Friday


Good Morning! Happy Friday everyone! Thanks for the comments on the last post, house hunting is fun but exhausting! We actually are going to meet with our realtor again tonight to look at more houses. So house hunters continues! Since my camera batter died, I figured it would be fun to do a facts post, Chelsey does these a lot, and I love it! 1. Snack plates consisting of Read More »

Seven Questions Saturday


  Good morning and happy Saturday! It snowed here, but not enough to keep us locked in, thank heaven! We have house appointments today and a target run for essentials, so Im glad the snow is not holding us from doing that. Since I have nothing special or entertaining today, questions are always a fun way to share things! Seven Questions for Saturday 1. )  What  did Read More »

5 for { Charity } Gifts


  I always love the feeling of giving someone special a gift, and especially around the holiday season! I also remember that I am fortunate and I know some are not, so I always try to help those in need. Its great to give  a gift that also gives beyond  the person your giving it too, it donates to a charity as well. There are so many charitable gifts out there, but I Read More »

Turkey on the { loose }


  Hello Peeps! Hope your day is great so far! I have had a successful day, which is always a plus in my book. Got my workout in, cardio session  :-D I followed this one here, and its one I do a lot,  cardio and I are distant friends. Meaning, you will not see a ton of cardio workouts on here  :-D Crackers and Egg White Chives  :-D Frog Hollow Farm pear, which Read More »

Change of { plans } Halloweekend


  Good afternoon! As I posted earlier, we had plans to go to a Halloween Party thing.... I had my mask on and ready for halloween party time  :mrgreen: Haha, no ! I am not dressing as Shrek for halloween , I just did my weekly face mask session. We changed plans. We decided laying around, watching halloween movies, and snuggling was better  ;-) Im just not up Read More »

Baby { brain }


  Good Morning lovers ! Happy Wednesday and happy half way through the week! Last night for dinner, was another un-exciting meal.... It is a proven *fact* , you throw goat cheese in anything, and it is always BETTER  :-D I had a  spinach, veggie, and salmon salad with Annie's Lite Honey Mustard Dressing Jalapeno Honey Mustard Sticks were a bed time snack, love Read More »

Apple Pancakes and Wedding { morning }


  Good Morning loves! Happy Monday and Happy  Pancakes for Breakfast Day for me! I made some yummy Apple Pancakes with Protein Frosting layered on each one  :mrgreen: I used Chocolate Covered Katie's Recipe but Modified it  ;-) 1/3 cup soy flour 2 t oat bran 1 tsp cinnamon 2/3 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract 1 packet of stevia 1/3 cup almond Read More »

Five on { friday }


ZooKeeper was really cute, Anthony and I enjoyed it! Its a cute kid movie, not really a date night movie with your man ! Sliced Apples , Cinnamon Crisp Strips, and Peanut Flour Frosting on top Sweet and yummy! How cute are these baby TOMS?! I so need to have a little girl, or maybe someone is having one I need to get these for ! Five Yoga Moves to tone Read More »

Toms Ta – Ta- Toms


You know what Im talking about? The most comfiest and ugliest as some may say, shoes for your feet! Well Uggs are pretty damn comfy, but as in slip on shoes, these are the greatest!       TOMS! You know whats so cool about these shoes? When you buy  a pair, a pair of shoes goes to a child in need! I love that, and it makes me feel good to buy a Read More »

Life { savers }


( pre-wrote this post, Mike and I are probably in PA just now or soon )   Mike and I are headed to PA to apply for our marriage license and then come back home again tomorrow! Will be exhausting but we have to get it done to become...   Mr and Mrs Hello Kitty  ;-) haha! Im hello kitty crazy I know !   But anyways........today has been a Life Read More »