Truth Be Told….


Truth Be Told , I had the best BREAKFAST in the world today........   A Pumpkin Apple Oatmeal Breakfast Bake ( based off  recipe here, love Ashley's amazing recipes! ) I followed her recipe pretty much the same, except I used egg white, no banana, and I added dried cinnamon apples inside!   I topped it with some caramel protein frosting and Read More »

Juice , Glitter, and Bridal Shower { Dress } Sunday


Hi peeps!  :mrgreen: I like the name Peeps but I am not a fan of the candy to much   :-P   They are cute though  ;-)   I had a amazing salad today, I love the dressing that I used to make it somewhat of a summer salad! I wish the weather was like summer  :-?   Annie's Mango Dressing , I like this dressing, not my favorite one, but it Read More »