Trader Joes

Diva Spill Friday

October 3, 2014

1. If you do one thing this weekend, put buying these “pumpkin spice oreos” on your agenda. I was hesitant to buy them, not sure if they were actually good. Yeah, they are good, in fact they are dangerously good.   2. My sisters and I all went out for a fun girls night on […]

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Soul Sisters United + A New Fruit Yum

August 21, 2014

Early flight out yesterday morning! Thanks to some kick ass oats I found at the airport, I had a good breakfast.   Little man was SO hard to leave, but he is in good arms with grandma. I had a serious meltdown Tuesday night, I rocked him to sleep, kissed his forehead, and put him […]

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{WIAW} Trader Joe’s Style

June 25, 2014

Happy Wednesday, friends! Half way through the week, and SO much closer to the big day for Rocco! I really can’t believe my baby is turning one! Ahhhhhhhh! It is nice that he is a little older though, since he is able to do more and has become my little shopping sidekick! FYI : Trader […]

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This and That

May 22, 2014

  *** getting lots of hate and bashing on coaching, I get it. I’m doing a holistic life coaching program, but will not be certified until late June/July. I got overly excited and wanted to start it on blog early, but I do agree with the girls on waiting. I just love inspiring people and […]

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Lunch for One and TJ’s Goods!

May 21, 2014

Happy Wednesday! This week is going pretty damn fast, I must say! I am veryyyyyy excited for a long weekend with my loves, and a weekend of nothing planned. So weekend, get here soon, I need ya! Yesterday involved hot yoga in the morning, and solar plexus balancing  ( excuse my nails, yikes! Painting them […]

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What I Got { TJ’s } Wednesday

April 30, 2014
IMG 6529

  Before anything, breakfast was awesome. Overnight oats in a jar with some oats, oikos vanilla greek yogurt, strawberries, and almond milk. Overflowing, how it should be. Now the only sad part, I used up my almond butter, but I fixed that problem as you will see later in the post. Breakfast, I love you. […]

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{WIAW} Sinful Sweet Potato + More!

April 9, 2014

  I’m joining the party today. I like parties, and I did have some yummy eat highlights to share. Perfect to link up for…  Yesterday started with this bad ass waffle I shared with you guys on yesterdays post.   Pre – yoga I did have a snack of a mini mojo bar and banana. […]

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What Wednesday

March 19, 2014
IMG 4914

  What did I eat for a quick and easy lunch yesterday? This TJ’s salad. ( love this salad, just need to add more chicken! ) What was the best dollar I spent in a while? Bunny ears at Target, these will be cute to take some pics in  ( well, Rocco may not agree, […]

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Diva Approved through my Iphone

February 13, 2014
IMG 2623

 **Had to pick another Quaker winner! #242 Carol Anne, please email asap! Diva Approved is going to be through my phone style today, switching it up! Some things I am approving of lately…. –  Cascadian Farm’s new products, Rocco approves too! The graham cereal rocked, and the protein bars are yum too! – Vosges Chocolate, […]

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Trader Joe’s Haul Highlights

August 8, 2013
IMG 2163

  I finally made it to Trader Joe’s yesterday after not being there for over a month! How I missed it and missed some of my favorite things I buy there! I was happy to get there yesterday, brought Rocco along with me and he slept the whole time, as always, haha! I stay away […]

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Happiness Is….

August 7, 2013
IMG 2145

  Seeing Rocco smile at his big brother, melts my heart! Seeing my favorite halloween candy out already! A family walk last night with my love. I am seriously so thankful for him, we have had some rough times the past few weeks, completely normal with a newborn baby in our lives. We have our […]

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Things I Know Tuesday

June 4, 2013
IMG 9695

Happy Tuesday friends! Got to love starting your morning off with a teenage attitude, that is how mine started here, weeeeeeeeeeee! Seriously I am going to be mentally exhausted with a teen and physically exhausted with baby g, send help and wine! Haha!   Things I Know Tuesday…. I know goat cheese makes everything better. […]

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Just Some TJ’s Swag

April 30, 2013
IMG 8135

  Not a lot of words today, just feeling a little overwhelmed over here! The house needs more cleaning and I have been non stop all day, so here is a post with just pics of some TJ’s swag I got today. Hope you guys enjoy and see you in the morning! Oh and GO […]

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Returns and My Daily Do

April 23, 2013
IMG 8472

  PHEW! I really do not know where my energy went today, but I had to pull through and get errands done and our food stash replenished even though I dreamed of sleeping all day! First stop was… you know where? Got some essentials like hummus, fruit, veggies, and trail mix. Didn’t take pics, because […]

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Diva Approved Picks of the Day

March 28, 2013
IMG 0927

  What got my approval today? Some of these things I buy every week ( trader joe’s stuff ) and there was one new thing, the asparagus! Diva Approved  Tomato basil hummus, get it. I buy this stuff all the time. Microwave asparagus, thank you TJ’s! Roasted turkey breast! This stuff is always sold out, […]

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Few Words, Just Food

March 6, 2013

  Thanks for all the comments on the 24 week bump! I am really feeling good and I credit that to staying active and eating healthy. Doing what is best for me and Baby G  So, I told you guys yesterday I would share my TJ’s goods of the week, well I didn’t fib. I […]

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March 5, 2013
IMG 7048

  I craved a Trader Joe’s run today, I don’t go there every week but like to go every couple or every other. I will share my TJ’s goods tomorrow! I craved the weirdest sandwich combo for lunch today… Crab, chunky guacamole, tomato and spinach. I craved some outdoor cardio today since the weather was […]

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