Trader Joes

{WIAW} Trader Joe’s Style

June 25, 2014

Happy Wednesday, friends! Half way through the week, and SO much closer to the big day for Rocco! I really can’t believe my baby is turning one! Ahhhhhhhh! It is nice that he is a little older though, since he is able to do more and has become my little shopping sidekick! FYI : Trader […]

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This and That

May 22, 2014

  *** getting lots of hate and bashing on coaching, I get it. I’m doing a holistic life coaching program, but will not be certified until late June/July. I got overly excited and wanted to start it on blog early, but I do agree with the girls on waiting. I just love inspiring people and […]

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Lunch for One and TJ’s Goods!

May 21, 2014

Happy Wednesday! This week is going pretty damn fast, I must say! I am veryyyyyy excited for a long weekend with my loves, and a weekend of nothing planned. So weekend, get here soon, I need ya! Yesterday involved hot yoga in the morning, and solar plexus balancing  ( excuse my nails, yikes! Painting them […]

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What I Got { TJ’s } Wednesday

April 30, 2014
IMG 6529

  Before anything, breakfast was awesome. Overnight oats in a jar with some oats, oikos vanilla greek yogurt, strawberries, and almond milk. Overflowing, how it should be. Now the only sad part, I used up my almond butter, but I fixed that problem as you will see later in the post. Breakfast, I love you. […]

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{WIAW} Sinful Sweet Potato + More!

April 9, 2014

  I’m joining the party today. I like parties, and I did have some yummy eat highlights to share. Perfect to link up for…  Yesterday started with this bad ass waffle I shared with you guys on yesterdays post.   Pre – yoga I did have a snack of a mini mojo bar and banana. […]

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What Wednesday

March 19, 2014
IMG 4914

  What did I eat for a quick and easy lunch yesterday? This TJ’s salad. ( love this salad, just need to add more chicken! ) What was the best dollar I spent in a while? Bunny ears at Target, these will be cute to take some pics in  ( well, Rocco may not agree, […]

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Diva Approved through my Iphone

February 13, 2014
IMG 2623

 **Had to pick another Quaker winner! #242 Carol Anne, please email asap! Diva Approved is going to be through my phone style today, switching it up! Some things I am approving of lately…. –  Cascadian Farm’s new products, Rocco approves too! The graham cereal rocked, and the protein bars are yum too! – Vosges Chocolate, […]

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Trader Joe’s Haul Highlights

August 8, 2013
IMG 2163

  I finally made it to Trader Joe’s yesterday after not being there for over a month! How I missed it and missed some of my favorite things I buy there! I was happy to get there yesterday, brought Rocco along with me and he slept the whole time, as always, haha! I stay away […]

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Happiness Is….

August 7, 2013
IMG 2145

  Seeing Rocco smile at his big brother, melts my heart! Seeing my favorite halloween candy out already! A family walk last night with my love. I am seriously so thankful for him, we have had some rough times the past few weeks, completely normal with a newborn baby in our lives. We have our […]

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Things I Know Tuesday

June 4, 2013
IMG 9695

Happy Tuesday friends! Got to love starting your morning off with a teenage attitude, that is how mine started here, weeeeeeeeeeee! Seriously I am going to be mentally exhausted with a teen and physically exhausted with baby g, send help and wine! Haha!   Things I Know Tuesday…. I know goat cheese makes everything better. […]

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Just Some TJ’s Swag

April 30, 2013
IMG 8135

  Not a lot of words today, just feeling a little overwhelmed over here! The house needs more cleaning and I have been non stop all day, so here is a post with just pics of some TJ’s swag I got today. Hope you guys enjoy and see you in the morning! Oh and GO […]

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Returns and My Daily Do

April 23, 2013
IMG 8472

  PHEW! I really do not know where my energy went today, but I had to pull through and get errands done and our food stash replenished even though I dreamed of sleeping all day! First stop was… you know where? Got some essentials like hummus, fruit, veggies, and trail mix. Didn’t take pics, because […]

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Diva Approved Picks of the Day

March 28, 2013
IMG 0927

  What got my approval today? Some of these things I buy every week ( trader joe’s stuff ) and there was one new thing, the asparagus! Diva Approved  Tomato basil hummus, get it. I buy this stuff all the time. Microwave asparagus, thank you TJ’s! Roasted turkey breast! This stuff is always sold out, […]

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Few Words, Just Food

March 6, 2013

  Thanks for all the comments on the 24 week bump! I am really feeling good and I credit that to staying active and eating healthy. Doing what is best for me and Baby G  So, I told you guys yesterday I would share my TJ’s goods of the week, well I didn’t fib. I […]

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March 5, 2013
IMG 7048

  I craved a Trader Joe’s run today, I don’t go there every week but like to go every couple or every other. I will share my TJ’s goods tomorrow! I craved the weirdest sandwich combo for lunch today… Crab, chunky guacamole, tomato and spinach. I craved some outdoor cardio today since the weather was […]

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TJ’s Highlights Tuesday

February 19, 2013
IMG 0434

  Been a little busy day over here, so I don’t have much to say, but I do have some Trader Joe’s highlights to share! I found a couple new things to try and some regular loves were picked up too! I didn’t post all I bought, since it seems repeated every week and that […]

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The Answer Is In There!

February 7, 2013
IMG 0202

  Morning! Hoping everyone is having a great week so far! Need some positive cheer and good vibes? Sending them your way! Thanks for all the comments on the Diva Bump 20 week post, loved all the guesses! Soon we will know who was right and who was wrong! Dinner I have not bought fresh […]

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