Because, I Don’t Bake Desserts


Trader Joe's got my backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. My mom wanted me to contribute for dessert on Thanksgiving, and you bet your booty I wasn't getting in the kitchen and baking! Hey, at least I admit my non baking skills. I am just not that girl who bakes desserts or creates fantastic recipes. I like to go to Trader Joe's and buy the dessert, and bring it. Lol. Truthfully, I do Read More »

Meal Plans This Week!


First off, thanks to all the lovely people who linked up for MIMM yesterday, and thanks for all the lovely comments! I sure do adore all of you! I hope you know I read all the comments, even if I can't reply back! Thank you! And, I am happy to say the prayers worked! Thanks for those as well! I will let you guys know the details next Monday! Ok, so as I was getting ready Read More »

What I Love Wednesday


  Happy WEDNESDAY! Ok, this post maybe should of been called "Pumpkin Love" Wednesday, as you will see why  :mrgreen: Yesterday was just a chill day for little man and I, but he did look too cool for school going to daycare Monday! I had a recipe I had to create for a post tomorrow ( YAY! ) and I did nap yesterday while he napped! Phew, that felt like Read More »

Trader Joe’s Haul, Tata Update, and Fall Already?


Happy Thursday! Ummm, is it fall already? The weather the past two days has been fall like, which is fine with me. Rocco and I love the cooler weather, we don't have to worry about getting too hot on our walks!     It was nice to be outside, and little dude loves being out!   I don't want summer to end, yet I am ready for fall Read More »

What I Love “Trader Joe’s” Wednesday!


The 3 day refresh is over! YES! I get to eat lots of food again! I am SO proud of myself for sticking through it, as I was having a tough time at night with no food for a night snack. But, I survived and I feel great! I am excited I got to do some CIZE today for my workout, too! Danced my heart out!   And the not so great, still not the best news from the Read More »

What? ( Wednesday)


    Before I start this post, could I ask you guys to say some prayers for my dad? He is getting a heart procedure done today and I would be grateful. I will be at the hospital all day, I know all will be good <3 So how about we are halfway through the week? What Wednesday style kind of day over here! No hump day  ;-) -What was my favorite style from Read More »

What’s in my Trader Joe’s Bag Wednesday


    Happy Wednesday! I was so happy to get to Trader Joe's yesterday, been since before Christmas I stopped there! I actually enjoy not going weekly, I enjoy it more for some weird reason. Although I would like to get to a routine where I go weekly to get certain things that are cheaper there. But, TJ's is in not 5 minutes away and it can be a pain to go Read More »

Tuesday Rambles


  - My nails need some loving, they look horrible and I am hoping to get them fixed up today. So nice it's the middle fingers that are ruined  :lol: - I wanted to get Rocco's group of teachers at daycare some sweet treats for christmas as a thank you. I picked up these goodies from Trader Joe's to bring to them today. I know they will loveeeee. - Of course I had Read More »

What I Love Wednesday {11/14}


Happy Wednesday! As you can see here, this is what kind of Wednesday it is for me. Forget hump day, haha! Let's see what I am loving lately, shall we? Pumpkin waffles from Trader Joe's topped with arctic zero sea salt caramel protein ice cream. I have had this 3 days in a row! The arctic zero sea salt caramel is SO good! I am in loveeeee.   How cute Rocco Read More »

Diva Halloween Spill Friday


1. Happy Halloween! Rocco had his halloween party at daycare last night! We are so grateful he goes to a daycare that does fun things like this. We had a great time playing games, decorating pumpkins, and more! Big surprise that he is Mickey Mouse, haha!           They even had a little photo opp with a backdrop and Read More »

Trader Joe’s Swag


I went to Trader Joe's last week on the hunt for their new Pumpkin O's, sadly I had no luck. They sold out fast and were not even sure they were getting anymore in. I hope they do since everyone I know that has tried them loves them. I will be buying lots of boxes too, hoarding that stuff if I see it this week. But I did get a handful of my favorite stuff and some new things Read More »

Diva Spill Friday


1. If you do one thing this weekend, put buying these "pumpkin spice oreos" on your agenda. I was hesitant to buy them, not sure if they were actually good. Yeah, they are good, in fact they are dangerously good.   2. My sisters and I all went out for a fun girls night on Wednesday. We were going to go to Bonefish Grill, but my sister forgot her ID so she Read More »

Soul Sisters United + A New Fruit Yum


Early flight out yesterday morning! Thanks to some kick ass oats I found at the airport, I had a good breakfast.   Little man was SO hard to leave, but he is in good arms with grandma. I had a serious meltdown Tuesday night, I rocked him to sleep, kissed his forehead, and put him to sleep. As soon as I put him down, I went into Mikes arms and cried. Just hard Read More »

{WIAW} Trader Joe’s Style


Happy Wednesday, friends! Half way through the week, and SO much closer to the big day for Rocco! I really can't believe my baby is turning one! Ahhhhhhhh! It is nice that he is a little older though, since he is able to do more and has become my little shopping sidekick! FYI : Trader Joe's had the most beautiful sunflower bunches, and I had to get them. I love Read More »

This and That


  *** getting lots of hate and bashing on coaching, I get it. I'm doing a holistic life coaching program, but will not be certified until late June/July. I got overly excited and wanted to start it on blog early, but I do agree with the girls on waiting. I just love inspiring people and thrive on it, so I was jumping the gun. I'm sorry if I offended anyone. Happy Read More »

Lunch for One and TJ’s Goods!


Happy Wednesday! This week is going pretty damn fast, I must say! I am veryyyyyy excited for a long weekend with my loves, and a weekend of nothing planned. So weekend, get here soon, I need ya! Yesterday involved hot yoga in the morning, and solar plexus balancing  ;-) ( excuse my nails, yikes! Painting them today, weeeeee! )   A stop at Trader Joe's after Read More »

What I Got { TJ’s } Wednesday


  Before anything, breakfast was awesome. Overnight oats in a jar with some oats, oikos vanilla greek yogurt, strawberries, and almond milk. Overflowing, how it should be. Now the only sad part, I used up my almond butter, but I fixed that problem as you will see later in the post. Breakfast, I love you. Moving on from my breakfast affair ( haha ) I went to Read More »