Few Words, Just Food


  Thanks for all the comments on the 24 week bump! I am really feeling good and I credit that to staying active and eating healthy. Doing what is best for me and Baby G  :-D So, I told you guys yesterday I would share my TJ's goods of the week, well I didn't fib. I got the usual favorites, gosh I need to buy that tomato basil hummus in bulk. No really I do. I also Read More »

So Far This Weekend


  I rocked some bright jeans on a beautiful fall day yesterday... Went for a 45 minute walk with Mike and then sat on our deck to relax and hydrate after... I ate my veggies... I had a relaxing night just chilling with my boys and watching PITT football... I got up early and did 20 minutes of a yoga and weight combo workout... I had a Read More »

Chic Flick and diva champ back


  Well the rain held off this afternoon so Anthony and I got to get some mini-golf in! I had a power snack before, had to get my golf mojo power..... My favorite bar in the world <3 Anthony did really well today, he has been getting better at mini-golf! BUT not good enough to beat the diva champ and her pink ball  :mrgreen: Anthony added up Read More »

Divas splurge worthy things


  Good morning! Looks like it is going to be another rainy day over here and that is great! We need the rain very much, our lawn has seen better days lately and needs some loving. Mike and I stayed home all night, we watched the Pirate's win ( 1st place baby!) built some office shelfs, cleaned, and watched some "Friday Night Lights" as usual. Did I tell you Read More »

Will work for ice cream


  Happy Sunday! Hoping your day is already off to a great start wherever you are! Waking up to the sun shining makes me extremely happy and gives me motivation to wake up and not stay in bed longer wasting the day away. No wasting of the day yesterday, after our Whole Foods trip we had lots of work to do around the yard. I weeded tons of weeds, those spikey weeds Read More »

Comfort <3 and Pantry mess


  I am pretty sure I want to be doing this right now.... ( martini in Vegas) Instead I am doing this.... Cleaning the day away! I had to go back to our apartment to get more stuff today, I am SO peed off I forgot my Vita-Mix again! I told myself to get it today, but nope, forgot again! I have been a little overwhelmed thinking I have to get each room Read More »

Oh ya know { Trader Joe’s }


  Happy afternoon beautiful people! I had success with getting our fridge and pantries full again, yay for food again! I went to the regular grocer and to my favorite Trader Joe's!   What was in the bag this week?   Trader Joe's O's Whole wheat bread Pocket full of fiber pitas ( LOVE! )   Dried Read More »

What I know today…


  Hope everyone had a great day! I was out running errands most of the day BUT I did get a great 35 minute cardio workout in on the elliptical.   I did 35 minutes and a 2 minute cool down, 5 minutes forward and 5 minutes backward switch-a-roo! Felt great and worked up a sweat. I miss Insanity but I am glad to be doing what is best. All that matters   Read More »

Insanity Start and End


   Thank you for all your tips on the house hunting post this morning, Im sorry I could not reply to all of them, but please know I read each one and am thankful for your tips! I am spent! Today was a LONG day that started with INSANITY.... ( this one is killer, and after doing it for the third time, its still kills me! ) And ended with INSANITY.... of house Read More »

Berry Stuffed


  Good Morning to my wonderful friends! It's Friday, so Im sure everyone is very happy, BUT most of all be happy to be alive! Thank you for the sweet comments on my vlog, I need to always do the diva approved vlog style and I need to make or have someone make me a diva approved button for my blog. Dinner last night was simple and was a meal Mike and I enjoyed Read More »

Beauty and the Eats <3


  Good evening! Im really glad you guys love the Trader Joe's loot post I have been trying to do weekly, its fun to hear what your favorites are and to share maybe a new thing you will want to try! I will try to do just a grocery post every week, it might get boring, so we will see! I like to keep things fun around here! I had a pretty lazy day after Insanity kicked my Read More »

Simple Lunch and Simple Boots


  Today was grocery shopping day... Grocery shopping day is considered a cardio and strength workout for me. Cardio- walking around the store Strength- Carrying all the bags up a flight of stairs   Snack before lunch     Luna iced oatmeal raisin bar  :-D Lunch Plate with whole grain crisps, veggies, tomato basil hummus, Read More »

Sunday was…


Day one of Insanity and it KICKED my butt! As I said, I will be doing weekly Insanity reviews for all of you  :-D A day to take the tree down and all the christmas decorations, packed up and ready for storage. Hello Kitty duct tape made it more fun, not really but its cute! A day for a random post workout eat, I was not hungry after Insanity but I knew I had to eat Read More »

4 T’s for Wednesday


  I almost  posted 4 T's for Tuesday, then I realized woops its Wednesday and thank heaven it is! Im excited for the weekend to be here, especially because we have my sister Melissa's birthday dinner Friday night and Mike's holiday work party Saturday! Yes, Mike's firm has their party after the holiday, I like it like that! Today was a  4  " T's " Day ! 1. Trader Read More »

Hangover { Night }


  Good morning friends! Yes my title could mean a wild night for me, but no it was a wild night with watching this... ( source ) Mike and I had a restful night in, Mike is sick so it was a good night to just be bums. We watched Hangover 2 and we liked it, of course the plot was similar to the first, but still funny! *Random Fact- Mike and I saw the first Read More »

Just a day


  Just a day, Just an ordinary day  Just tryin'  to get by Little Vanessa Carlton to start this post ! I really loved her back in the day, wonder where she went? So did anyone get any  Cyber Monday deals? I didn't , but I did add a new lululemon hoodie to my christmas list... Paris Pink Sparkle Scuba Hoodie  :-D Pink + Sparkle = Katie I did not put much on my Read More »

Trader’s { bag } today


I love seeing what other people get when they go to the grocery store. I actually am a cart stalker. Cart stalker -   looks at whats in other peoples carts while shopping  ;-) I do, no shame here! I like to see what others are getting and Im sure when people see my cart they think Im crazy. I have my healthy eats which are mostly organic, and then I have the boys food, not Read More »