Wordless Wedding Wednesday!


Follow my blog with Bloglovin  **ALT BAR Giveaway Winner is #40 Katie! Please email me your shipping info!  Happy Wednesday friends! The family and I attended a beautiful wedding on Sunday ( my dad's nieces daughter ) and I wanted to share some pics from it! The wedding took place at Chalk Hill Winery and it was so beautiful! We took a hayride to the ceremony up on the Read More »

Things I Know Tuesday


  I know my favorite k-cup is BACK!  Pumpkin spice! Love this time of year! I know there is a NEW coffee love, and yes it is yummy!!!! I had some this morning, couldn't resist  buying when we were at target! I know our date night Saturday was yummy... I know I stocked up on these babies  this past weekend at GNC.... I know someone Read More »

2 Years….


Ago I said "I Do" to the man that came into my life and that I am so grateful for and love more and more each day. Today marks our 2 year wedding anniversary, wow how time flies! A day that I still get chills thinking about, a day where I couldn't wait to kiss that man and officially call him mine, a day where we got to celebrate our love Read More »

In June


  In June..... This young man will be out of school for summer, 4 more days until summer break! Summer color  nails will be rocking.... My sister will be having a baby, my nephew will arrive any day now! Frozen yogurt and any ice cream of sort will be eaten more with the warmer weather... A color run will be done, if I am still able to and Read More »

MIMM 36 Oh Yes!


  Happy MIMM! Happy Monday! Happy to be alive day! Well, every day we are given, we should be happy and grateful for  :-D My past weekend was a little stressful due to mama as you all know, but since she is better, life is marvelous today! Ready, Set, MIMM!     Friday night after being at the hospital all day and not having a real meal all Read More »

Put On A Happy Face


  When the going gets tough, hard times arrive, your heart feels so heavy, and you are waiting for what seems like hours to hear good news or bad news..... Put On a Happy Face   :-D I want to thank you all for your love, prayers, and support the past couple days. The power of prayer is so strong, the power of faith, hope, and positivity are so strong as Read More »

Marvelous in My Monday 22 with a Wedding


  Happy Monday friends! I hope all the east coast peeps are staying safe from Storm Sandy! Thinking of all of you! Breakfast was a switch up this morning! Going to have a new breakfast every morning, not the same thing all week! Today I had a caramel pumpkin protein smoothie in a bowl. My favorite pumpkin smoothie, so good! If you have not made this smoothie yet, Read More »

Things I Know Thursday


  1. The pumpkin spice english muffin returned for breakfast today, I knew it would. Fresh apples on top this time. Yum. 2.I know every time I turn around Essie brings out a new collection, each one better than the previous. The winter collection, amazing. 3. I know this man is not happy at all due to a unfortunate event. Mike lost his wedding band Read More »

Truth Tuesday


  Happy Tuesday! THANK you all for the sweet comments on the pictures from the wedding. Thank you to all who joined in for MIMM too! I am so grateful and when I first started MIMM, I wasn't sure how popular it would get. I am glad to see so many of you enjoy it, it is a great way to start the week! Another great thing?  Truth Tuesday   1. Sometimes all Read More »

MIMM 19 with Wedding Fun!


The best parts of my weekend were lazy time with Mike, family time Friday night and a beautiful wedding on Saturday! We had a wonderful weekend, sadly though still iphone pics since my camera still needs fixed. I don't mind using the iphone BUT ever since I did the color run and color got in my phone, it has black dots on every pic. Annoying when I see a good pic and there Read More »

Diva {spill} Friday


  Good morning friends! We will be on our way very soon to Milwaukee to have a weekend full of family, Bastille Days Festival, swimming, birthday party, and the Dells. Wishing you all a great start to your Friday!   Diva Spill Friday   1. Getting up this early will NOT be a trend for me, unless it means getting on a plane to Hawaii. 2. Read More »

Color us Rad


  On August 25th, my sisters and I will be looking pretty different than this photo here.... We will be looking colorful but a little more colorful and not so proper.... ( source ) YUP! We will be colorful and awesome! As soon as I heard about the color me rad  run coming here, i knew I had to sign up AND I knew I had to sweet talk my sisters into Read More »



  K is for keeping the bar loves of my life fully stocked! A is for always doing more house stuff! It never ends folks! We got a desk, book shelf, and media rack today. Now the question is, when will it be built?! T is for taming my hunger with a simply bar before lunch. The cinnamon pecan is good! I is for I am still on a damn smoothie kick! The berry Read More »

MIMM {3}


  Good morning! I hope all the dads out there had a wonderful day yesterday! Mike sure did and so did my dad, I was able to spend time with both of them yesterday. Mike had me as his slave yesterday, I was exhausted! I love that man, so it was no problem helping him build his weight bench and going to get more weights and such, lot of work though! We will soon have a Read More »

Seven Questions Saturday


  Good morning and happy Saturday! It snowed here, but not enough to keep us locked in, thank heaven! We have house appointments today and a target run for essentials, so Im glad the snow is not holding us from doing that. Since I have nothing special or entertaining today, questions are always a fun way to share things! Seven Questions for Saturday 1. )  What  did Read More »

Hungry Yogi


  I rushed out the door at 6:00 am to head to yoga. I have been loving the early morning sessions, even though it is super cold in the morning, and I have to run out and start my car, its worth it! I sweat my butt off in hot yoga, so I get warm that way, and I love that I  go more now that I found a studio I love. I was a hungry yogi after ... Pumpkin Smoothie in a Read More »