I Suck at Juice Cleanses


      So I am not getting a juice cleanse award anytime soon  8-O I should of known I was not going to survive, but I also wanted to try the juice cleanse. Trying is not failing they say, right? I survived for two days instead of three, but it was also half ass style. #truth I didn't just have juice like I said I was going to do in the first Read More »

MIMM #40 Whoa!


The BIG 4-0! I am so happy I started MIMM and can't believe this is number 40 already! Thank you to all who join in every week and that have made MIMM so successful! Our weekend was pretty low key over here due to Mike having to work on Saturday and the fact that we wanted to get some stuff done around the house. There is ALWAYS marvelous in every single day, even if it Read More »

Whole {loving}


  Thank you Mike for being the best husband ever and taking the time to take your wonderful diva wife to whole foods today! I appreciate you and the fact that you did this even though you feel whole foods is hell on the weekend and hell on your wallet. I love you dearly <3   Some highlights of the stuff we got today, including the SoDelicious coconut ice Read More »

Diva {spill} DC


  Morning! I see most of you are saying diva approved should stay, so I will continue it on! Thank you for the feedback! Sara and I had a fun day in DC yesterday, I got there in the afternoon and we went out to enjoy the beautiful day right away. We headed to georgetown, a beautiful area in DC that I love so much. Mike and I used to go to georgetown when we lived in Read More »

Last of my little {blend} highlights


  I can't believe today has been one week since blend, I miss it!  Time goes way too fast I tell you! I really thought I would be sleeping in today but my butt got up early, I was hungry! I had cereal on the agenda, easy and pretty much the only thing that we really have here, haha! We are very low on groceries! I am fixing that today! Melted choco choco pb Read More »

Sold Our Souls to the Whole Devil


  Hi friends! Hope your Saturday is going good! I just sat down after a little busy day of errands around here. I did not get to watch the Whitney Houston funeral, but I recorded it, yeah I'm that girl.  I will probably watch it on Monday along with housewife reality trash tv that I recored, my guilty pleasure! Mike was so kind to drive me to happy land Read More »

Diva Facts Friday <3


  Good Morning! Two things I have to say, thank you for all the amazing comments on the post about abuse yesterday and thank you for the congrats this week on our house news! Love all of you, your support and love blows me away! <3   Diva Facts Friday    1. Breakfast had to incorporate pumpkin , not a bad thing but needed to be used up. I am Read More »

Cupcake for { dinner }


  We are alive and made it home! Yay for being back in Pittsburgh, its always great to be home and in your own bed! Mike and I are exhausted beyond belief, I am lucky I even had the energy to post  8-O Before we left we made sure to go to Whole Foods last night in Chi-Town to stock up on some Clif Bars that were needed for the trip home, we love our clif Read More »

Mike has catch { skills }


  I had a LONG and FABULOUS day today! Core Power Yoga was amazing, I took a power yoga heated class there and it was the sweatiest one ever! I will tell you guys more about it later, since I have no internet it's hard to post everything right now! Promise recap when Im back this weekend! I do have time to recap last night, which was awesome! Dinner last night had to be Read More »

Hangover { Night }


  Good morning friends! Yes my title could mean a wild night for me, but no it was a wild night with watching this... ( source ) Mike and I had a restful night in, Mike is sick so it was a good night to just be bums. We watched Hangover 2 and we liked it, of course the plot was similar to the first, but still funny! *Random Fact- Mike and I saw the first Read More »

Very exciting night!


  Good morning! I have to say, seeing the tree at night was even more beautiful.... The tree is SO beautiful! Pictures do not do it justice, it was breathtaking! I look very small next to the tree, it was pretty big! We went to Whole Foods in Columbus Circle and it was amazing! The biggest and best Whole Foods I have ever been to! We decided Read More »

Whole lot of { love }


  Hi loves! Thanks for your sweet encouraging words on mastering my crow pose, I really want to! I did master how to eat the most random lunch and  the whole tub of egg white and chives... Sometimes a random lunch mix is what I like  :-D We had to go downtown to Mike's office today, he had lots of law books he wanted to bring to his office. I made a green Read More »

Philly { fun } day one!


  Hello Loves! Today has been busy! Sara and I had fun exploring the city ! The only bummer is the rain! We hope it goes away! Sara and her starbizzle   :-D Green Iced Tea , my favorite! I sweetened it with Stevia  :mrgreen: The city  :mrgreen: We found a amazing frozen yogurt place We tried a sample, and it was so good! We are going to go back Read More »

Mamma { chia }


Hi loves! What a long day so far, and fabulous one! I met a friend for lunch and then a blog friend for fro-yo! More on that later though! I do however have time to talk about Whole Foods real quick  :mrgreen: I was happy to walk my booty over there, I needed  2 essentials that I love! Cheddar Soy Crisps and NuNaturals Stevia I adore those soy crisps , they are the Read More »

Jamba { oats } and Snack Obsession!


  Good Morning loves! Thanks SO much for all the sweet compliments on my outfit yesterday and hair, I clean up nice, but mostly I live in sweats! hehe! I still have a lot of chocolate leftover too.... Mmmmmmmmmmm! I almost had chocolate for breakfast but decided to have something different instead, I walked to get some yum! I got plain Steel Cut Oats from  Jamba Read More »

Mother’s { night }


Good Morning and Happy Monday to all my beautiful friends! I hope all the Mom's out there had a wonderful Mother's Day!   I was so happy to see my boys, they picked me up at the airport yesterday!  Fort Wayne Airport always gives you a yummy sugar cookie when you go to baggage, I gave it to Anthony  :-D   I cam home to a surprise at the table Read More »